Advertising with The Impressive Kids

Who Are We?

We are Expert Parents/ Bloggers who always bring huge value to our audience. We exist to inspire and equip families to thrive and we do this through a range of nationwide programmes, events and resources, including the very best online content.

Our readers are interested in becoming better parents and for that they look for services, parenting related courses and expert advice which means more targeted visitors to your site, more clients and leads to your business.

Here is a snapshot of my stats (Updated on Nov 1st, 2020 ) :


" What ? Am I seeing Triple traffic the following month? ” - You are asking yourself.

The Answer is Yes, You are.

Then …

Why You Should Advertise With Us Now?


Because of the Reasons above and One More Reason: The Price. I get triple traffic every month, and triple advertising request every month. Beside promoting your brand, I have to service my audience too. Creating more and more high quality content, providing more and more solutions, advice to my audience are what I do every day. That’s Why The Price becomes higher every month. The Sooner you contact and make a contract, The Better Price you get.

Advertising Options:

  • Sponsored Post/ Content.
  • Banner Ads on Sidebar.
  • ​Product Review
  • ​Newsletter Ads
  • Freelance Writing
  • Others Options: Contact to Discuss

How To Partner:

Include the “Advertise Request” in your subject line and send it to email: We receive tons of emails per day, so every email with different subject line will be considered as SPAM and go to our Trash without a thought.