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Everything about my life changed when our first son, Andrew, was born. I was used to having a comfortable life, but my world turned 360-degrees when I became a parent for the first time. Suddenly, it wasn’t just all about me or my husband and our marriage. It’s now also about this little bundle of joy whose smile I couldn’t resist. I adored our new baby so much and cherished being a mom, but reality hit me when I realized I wasn’t much prepared for what lay ahead.

I enjoyed the bliss of being a parent, but with it came other emotions including self-doubt and fear of the future. I was always worried that I wasn’t fit to be a mom and feared that I would not be able to give the best to my son. Reading the work of other moms like me and writing my own blog gave me a sense of peace and perspective.


I had my husband to support my fully, and after our second child was born, and after almost a decade of working in the corporate world, I decided to be a full-time mom. Today, I spend most of my time helping other people overcome the challenges so commonly faced by first-time parents. When I’m not sitting in front of my computer brainstorming for a new project, I’ll be in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes that I hope my husband and my four kids would enjoy.


The Impressive Kids


The Impressive Kids was born one afternoon while I was having coffee with two friends, Brian and Katie, who just had their first baby a couple of months earlier. They were sharing their story of how as first-time parents, they struggled with the daunting demands of parenthood. Yes, they loved being parents to their adorable child, but along with the pride and joy that they felt was the problem of sleep deprivation, work pressure, and frantic scheduling.

My heart was touched by what they confessed. I understood this young couple and could relate to what they were sharing. I knew I had to do something. From then on, I committed to helping new parents like Brian and Katie and make life a little less complicated for them.

The Impressive Kids is not your regular parenting/kids website. It uses a holistic approach and provides information that any new parent might need. From knowing when to stop swaddling your baby to knowing when to put him in his own room. From finding out how many diapers your little one will use in a day to knowing what the best teething toy is for babies - almost everything you need to know about parenting, child health, and child development is provided here.

To make things easier for you, we also provide product reviews, as well as recommend products for the specific needs of your child. After all, our goal is to help your child grow to be nothing but the best - to be nothing less than impressive!

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Contact person: Mary Ross

Business mail ID: mary@theimpressivekids.com