When Do Babies Sit Up From Lying Down? Know the Magic Number!

One of the developmental milestones that parents are waiting for is seeing their baby sitting up. By now, you may be expecting that your baby can already do this but it doesn’t seem like he is going to do it anytime soon and it makes you wonder—when do babies sit up from lying down?

Making sure that their babies are right on track of the developmental process is one of the responsibilities of parents, and I am here to help you out! I have compiled the information below you need about this topic so continue reading!


When Do Babies Sit Up From Lying Down?

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The age when babies sit up may vary from one baby to another, but the typical age range when babies sit up from lying down is between 4 and 7 months. Before he can be able to sit up, your baby must already be done with the following milestones-- tummy time, reaching objects, and rolling.

If your baby still hasn’t performed this milestone at the 7th month, just be patient. All you have to do is give him plenty of chances to practice his sitting skills. But if he has already hit the 9-month mark and he is still not able to sit up on his own, it is best that you talk to a pediatrician about it.

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The Signs to Look Out For

By the third and fourth month, your baby will be able to raise his head and may also be able to hold that position during his tummy time. That’s because his neck and head muscles are starting to develop strength.

During the fifth and sixth month, he may already be able to sit up with his back straight and head in an upright position but can only do with your assistance. At times, he may be able to sit up on his own and hold that position but may topple down after a few seconds.

Once you have seen your baby do the above-mentioned movements, you can expect to see him sit up from lying down on his own but of course, he may still need a bit of prodding and training from you.

How to Help Your Baby Sit Up?

Yes, you cannot force your baby to start sitting up on his own, but you can, however, encourage and assist him to do it. After all, that’s what parents are for, right? There are actually plenty of ways on how to help a baby sit up. These are as follows:

Use a boppy pillow


You can place your baby in a sitting position and surround him with plenty of pillows so he can be able to maintain the position. But if you want a safer and more hassle-free alternative, just simply buy a boppy pillow.

This is a C-shaped pillow wherein you can place your child in the middle section, and the pillow can give him the support he needs to sit up on his own for a few minutes.

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Give him plenty of tummy time

As mentioned above, tummy time is a precursor to sitting up because staying in this position helps him to strengthen his back, neck and shoulder muscles. During tummy time, you can encourage your baby to look up (to develop his neck muscles) by holding his favorite toy over him.

Enjoy a mock sitting session with your little one

This is probably the most enjoyable training method for your little one. In this method, you will let your baby sit on your lap or your legs (if you prefer the Indian sitting position) and let your baby use your body as his backrest.

Since your baby tends to get bored easily, you should keep him entertained with the use of toys so he can be able to maintain such position for a long time. This method can help to develop his back muscles and at the same, allows him to be accustomed to the sitting position.

Let him perform muscle-strengthening activities


The more your baby moves, the more he can develop muscle strength. And when your baby has strong muscles, he can be able to sit on his own a lot faster.

First, you can massage him on a regular basis so you can stimulate the muscles. Also, you can also encourage him to crawl and roll more as these activities use up the upper body muscles.

Keep your baby entertained

As you let him practice sitting, you need to keep your baby entertained so he can hold that position for long. You can do this by letting him watch a TV show, play with toys or play ball. You can also sing a song to him.

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After Sitting Up, What’s Next?

After lots of practice and plenty of training and prodding, your baby is finally able to sit up on his own. And I know that you will be celebrating this milestone when this time comes. But of course, you will also be wondering—what’s next?

Since your child has already developed his upper body strength, sooner or later, he will be able to crawl and stand up. And after his first year, you can already expect him to take his first steps. Now, these are amazing things to look forward to!


Sitting up is one developmental milestone that requires upper body strength but when do babies sit up from lying down? Most babies achieve this milestone in between 4 to 7 months.

It is recommended that you spend time and effort in training and encouraging your baby to sit up on his own and you can do that by following the simple tips that we have mentioned above.

If you have questions or suggestions, please head to the comment section below. Let us have a conversation there!

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