Know the Perfect Time When Can Baby Use a Jumperoo

The first time I saw a jumperoo, I drooled over it for my baby. The colors are so bright and attractive, the toys all around make it an eye-candy, and the jumping mechanism makes it functional in helping my child stand on her own.

But, as I was checking the device, I suddenly realized, “When can Baby use a jumperoo?” Yes, it is fun and surely ideal for the little ones. Still, the thought of leaving my child in there needs to be done at the right time to avoid accidents.

I was glad that I found the perfect time to buy a jumperoo for my kid and this post will tell you more about what I know.


What is a Jumperoo?


Have you ever seen a baby walker? If you do, add elastic straps all around the seat and a handle for these straps, and it becomes a jumperoo!

Jumperoo or also called a baby jumper is a jumping device babies use to amuse themselves while jumping on the floor. It includes a hoop in the middle and suspended by an elastic strap. Children can sit down in the circle and stand or jump.

A jumperoo also includes themed toys to entertain the child while in it. Some jumperoos include lights, sounds, and music for alternative distractions. There are also others with added fixtures for more functionality such as a removable toy tray and a fixed snack tray.

Purpose of Using a Baby Jumperoo

Many parents would love to see their babies starting to walk or stand on their own. It is a delight to see them more independent and can be left to amuse themselves.

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On an early age, babies are still trying to figure out the other ways of life including standing up. For some parents, utilizing supporting devices such as a baby walker or a jumperoo is a good solution.

Benefits of a Jumperoo

  • It can help your child develop his leg muscles. The standing and jumping position can condition the muscles for a long walk and stand sooner.
  • It gives your baby a taste of independence. After many months of being carried around or placed in a crib, babies love it if they try something new and exciting. A jumperoo can give them such feeling while being on their own.
  • ​It amuses your child while maintaining better hand-and-eye coordination. Babies can learn through the toys accompanied in the jumper while at the same time entertaining themselves with all the colors and sounds.
  • ​You can leave your child in there for a few minutes. This benefit is actually for the parents. When babies are left in their jumperoo, mommies or daddies can have several minutes to do their work.

Signs That Your Baby is Ready for the Jumperoo

The use of a baby device depends on the developmental milestone of your child. For instance, children who are in their 4th month can already lift their heads, but there are some who still fails to do so.

Ideally, the right age to start using a jumperoo is between 3 to 4 months. During this time, your baby can tilt his head or lift it without any support from you. It will allow him to maintain a balance while on the jumper without falling off his head.

Other Signs You Need to Consider Before Using a Jumperoo

 Is it Safe to Use a Jumperoo?

The safety risk involving a baby jumper is still debatable. Some parents are claiming that a jumperoo significantly helped them in the progress of their kids. Other parents argue on the risk of using a baby jumper due to its hindrance in their child’s development.

To give you an idea of the risks involving a jumperoo, here are some examples:

  • It can give problems to their proper posture and leg control. The body of your baby is pushed forward thus making him lean to the front and not in an upright position.
  • Babies are not mature enough to control their trunk and legs. They will push off with their toes when inside the jumperoo and may not control how their legs and body move when they are bouncing.
  • ​Their walking skills may be delayed. Staying inside the baby jumper can hinder the normal tendencies of his body to start walking.
  • ​Poor establishment of parts can lead to injuries. Their head may be bumped to objects due to mechanical failure. They may even trap their fingers in poorly designs devices.

Safety Tips When Using a Jumperoo


Safety is a primary concern when it comes to our babies. Choosing a device or anything they will use or take in must be thoroughly checked and evaluated for risks and overall wellbeing. However, despite buying a sturdy and reliable baby jumper, how we use it can also make and break precautionary measures applied to the device.

Follow these safety tips to ensure that your child is away from potential dangers when inside the jumperoo:

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  • Place your jumperoo on a flat and clean floor. Make sure that there are no spills, sharp objects or anything that can endanger your baby when bouncing.
  • Avoid adding more toys using strings on the baby jumper. There are toys installed on the jumperoo that are designed for amusement and safety of your child. Strings can risk strangulation.
  • ​Read the manual first before using. Various models come with different mechanisms. Understand how each function works before putting your baby in.
  • ​Know how to maintain and clean your jumperoo properly. Good maintenance can lengthen the life of your baby jumper and minimize degradation of parts that can be risky to your child.
  • ​Stop using the baby jumper when your child exceeds weight, height and age limit.
  • Do not leave your child alone when he is on the jumperoo.

Choose What is The Best for Your Baby!

Our baby deserves all the best in everything. However, not everything in the market or applicable to others may also be ideal for our children. Always know what your baby needs at the moment so you can make a sound decision when investing in baby products.

I wanted my baby to enjoy her every waking moment, and the lovely designs on our jumperoo keep her smiling all the time. But, I see to it that I only allow her inside the baby jumper for at most 15 minutes. Then, she can start playing on the floor with her other toys.

Did your baby ever use a jumperoo? When did he start using one? Tell me more about it!

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