Not Know When Can Baby Sit in Bumbo? This Post Will Help You!

When I was browsing a catalog last week, I came across a photo of a baby sitting on a cute little chair, similar to a potty seat. Then, I read the description and saw that it was called a Bumbo.

I was amazed at how the Bumbo looks! It makes babies look like they have a little throne to sit on. But, before I jumped on my seat and rush to the store to buy one, I did my research to know more about the product.

First, I want to know when baby can sit in Bumbo. Second, I looked for its benefits on my baby. Third, I researched for tips on how to buy the right one.


What is a Bumbo?


A Bumbo is a baby seat. It is a soft chair, made of low-density foam that can accommodate children weighing up to 22 pounds.

The primary use of Bumbo is to help babies who are not able to sit down on their own. It is designed to add support to the body of a child, so he can easily sit down without anyone holding him. For some parents, the Bumbo can also be used as a feeding chair. Some babies feel calm when sitting on their Bumbo, so feeding time is easier.

Other parents also use Bumbo as a booster seat in the car. They even bring it along when going to the park or dining at a restaurant so the baby can stay in place while they can freely move around.

The Benefits of Using a Bumbo

Bumbo seats are attractive not only to the parents but also to the babies. These seats come in different colors and design hence a good buy for parents who want to give their children cool things to use.

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Apart from the physical beauty of a Bumbo, there are also other benefits that babies can get out of using one.

  • It can be an alternative option to floor play. Kids who do not know how to sit and stand tend to crawl on their tummies or lie down on their backs. A Bumbo can give the little ones another position or activity they can do.
  • It aids in promoting leveled interaction with the baby. Now babies can see anyone eye-to-eye when they are interacting. Even if they cannot speak yet, children are entertained when they exchange glances or smiles with an older sibling or a playmate at an eye level.
  • ​It helps babies learn how to sit. The Bumbo can add support to the pelvis and lower limbs thus holding them upright and maintaining their position in the seat. Babies can be placed into a sitting position without any help from anyone.
  • ​It gives babies a new sight perspective. Instead of focusing their attention on one angle all the time, allowing your child to sit on a Bumbo can offer him a different area from what he used to see. His eyes can spot new things he can learn and see faces in a new perspective.

When Can Your Baby Use a Bumbo?

At the age of 4 months, babies can grasp on things, which is supportive in holding on to the sides of the Bumbo seat. They can keep their head more steadily and can even bear the weight of their arms. By the age of 6 months, a few kids can already sit without needing support. Most of them will be able to recognize sounds and voices and will turn to them when heard.

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Most babies will then gradually sit without assistance at the age of 7 months old. They can reach for things and begin to lunge forward.


It is important to take note that babies can use Bumbo when they can hold their heads without any assistance. While the normal developmental milestone of babies is at three months, it is better to evaluate it yourself to see if your child can already hold his head steadily. Otherwise, it would be too risky to put your baby in the Bumbo while his head keeps falling to the sides.

Also, considering the weight and size of your child is also crucial when using Bumbo. Children must fit in the seat at their comfort level to prevent injuries or getting stuck.

Your baby must not be too small inside the Bumbo with extra spaces in between. At the same time, children who are already big enough, such as with wider hips and thighs, may no longer be able to sit well.

Tips on How to Properly Use Your Bumbo

Just like any product, proper use can lead to maximum functionality, longer life and safety of your child. Use your Bumbo properly, so it remains a sound investment.

  • Use Bumbo on a flat surface. It will ensure that your baby does risk an uneven elevation at the bottom that might let him fall.
  • Always clean your Bumbo. Never allow your seat to become a breeding ground for bacteria just because it is not cleaned regularly.
  • ​Check your Bumbo regularly for any signs of damage. A part of the bottom surface may already be tearing.
  • ​Never use your Bumbo on an elevated surface. Even if it is on a flat surface, if you leave your baby on a Bumbo and a higher position, it adds to the dangers of falling off.
  • Do not leave your child unattended in the Bumbo. Even if they are only sitting on the seat, it is best not to take your eyes off them.
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Buying baby accessories that can aid in our children’s development while giving them extra fun is fulfilling. It is a joy to see them enjoying the things that we provide them. But, bear in mind to also think of the perfect times our babies can use these things and how they can affect them. It is crucial for us to choose safety, good quality, added benefits and likable appeal to our children.

My baby loved her Bumbo, and she remained relaxed and without any trouble when sitting on her seat. Fortunately, she fits well in her seat, so the comfort makes her want to stay longer. I even had a great time playing with her eye to eye without straining myself from holding her for too long.

I hope this article has helped you! Have you already bought your Bumbo? Tell me about your experience!

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