When Can Baby Eat Rice? Here’s the Astounding Truth

One of the many things I looked forward to when my baby started achieving developmental milestones was the day I could finally feed him foods. I witnessed some six-month-old and nine-month old infants eating solid foods and I wondered how it would be like to feed my son with some rice cereals, and other rice varieties too.

However, there was some conflicting information as to when baby can rice. I started to delve deeper into this topic and discovered the astounding truth!


Is Feeding Baby with White Rice Good?

Rice is a staple food that brings a lot of health benefits to your baby. You can serve the rice with milk or with vegetables or meats, or you may also serve it plain. Other than white rice, brown rice is also a healthier option. Rice is easy to prepare.


You can cook it in a larger batch then reheat it whenever you need to. However, bear in mind that cooked rice is not sustainable. Even f you put the rice in a refrigerator, it can still spoil. Hence, when you cook, it should be just enough for the people at home.

Rice has a small size. Because of that, you may consider putting only a small amount on your baby’s plate. If you serve the rice with a big scoop, your baby may try picking up the whole rice and bring it into their mouth.

Also, when giving your baby rice, see to it that it is fully cooked. Cooked rice is soft and easy to mash. Feeding your baby with plain rice is fine, but serving the rice with milk, sauce, or butter is also great.

Is Feeding Baby with Brown Rice Good?


Brown rice is one of the healthiest foods and the least likely to cause allergies to your baby. Versatile and packed with nutrients, brown rice can be used in combination with other foods preferred by your baby. Brown rice is healthier compared to white rice because it is not stripped of its nutrients nor it is highly processed.

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Brown rice is easy to make and is very cheap. You get to save more money when you prepare brown rice cereal. Moreover, you get massive nutrients that won’t have any additives or fillers that usually cause allergies to your baby.

When Can Baby Eat Rice?

Most experts suggest feeding a baby with solid foods, such as rice, when the baby is between four and seven months old. However, there are some moms who start giving rice to their babies as early as three months.

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While mothers did not observe any negative physiological responses from their babies with the application of this practice, doctors are strongly against this because of the possibility of allergic responses showing up later on.

Some babies who are four months old are reading to start taking in solid foods. Since brown rice is digestible and not likely to give rise to an allergic reaction, it can be best served to your infant. However, brown rice is best served when it is processed or cooked as porridge.

Initially, rice will only serve as a supplement to the baby’s formula or breast milk. Thus, if your baby has not started eating rice yet, don’t fret. First thing first, before feeding your baby with rice, check if he is ready to take in solid foods.

Signs That Baby Can Eat Rice

  • Absence of tongue-thrust reflex - Tongue-thrust reflex is a natural reflex responsible for preventing babies from choking. It likewise helps them to bring the food out of their mouths.
  • Ability to support head independently - As soon as your baby develops head support, he can already begin eating rice or other solid foods. If your baby cannot sit up independently, he still needs to have the capacity to hold his head up before he can be given rice and other solid foods.
  • Develops interest in foods - Has your baby been watching you eat lately? Has he been eyeing the food you put into your mouth? You will know if your baby is developing an interest in foods when he tries to reach out to get your food or lick his lips each time he smells foods, or he tries to look at you intently while you take your bites.
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Is Homemade Rice Porridge Good?

As mothers, being inventive and creative when it comes to the foods we serve to our little ones is a must. One example is the rice porridge. Have you ever tried making homemade rice porridge for your little one? I have, and it is so easy to prepare! To make homemade rice porridge,

I used brown rice. Using a blender, simply grind the brown rice. You may use a spice grinder or a clean coffee grinder. I used a spice grinder, and I did it for two minutes. By grinding, you will be able to pulverize the rice and turn it into a fine powder. Then, use a quarter cup of brown rice powder and sprinkle that into a cup of hot water.

Whisk it constantly for ten minutes. Your four-month-old baby may start with this meal. Use a teaspoon or two teaspoons of cooled porridge as well as a formula or breast milk to certain liquid consistency.

Concerns about Allergens

Although rice is not recognized as the ultimate factor that causes allergies to your baby, some individuals do not experience these allergies. When you introduce rice to your baby the first time, it is best to serve it plain or serve it with another food such as meat or vegetables for your baby to enjoy it best.

Wait for at least three days before feeding your baby another type of foods. In this manner, your baby does not encounter allergic reactions.

Final Words

Your baby can eat rice once he develops head support, reduced the tongue-thrust reflex, and develops an interest in foods. But brown rice, white rice, or cereals are not replacements to formula or breastmilk.

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For a four-month-old infant, formula or breastmilk offers all the nutritional value needed by your baby. These nutrients are in digestible form. Once the baby is ready, you may add porridge or rice cereal to his feeding routine.

When starting feeding your baby with brown rice, start with a small amount. As your baby reaches six months, rice and other solid foods are now an important part of your baby’s diet.

When did you start feeding your baby with rice? Share your experience with us.

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