What Size Shoe Does a 4 Year Old Wear? The Perfect Fit Will Make You Want to Buy Now

I always want to wear comfortable shoes. It makes me feel like I can do anything or go anywhere without the pain in my feet. That is why, when my child started walking and wearing her shoes, I want to make sure that it is in the right size and is easy to walk on.

Now, that she had turned four, I wanted to make sure that I am buying the right kind of shoes for her. So, what size shoe does a 4-year-old wear? I have done a bit of research about kid’s shoes, and I am sharing these facts with you.


Children’s Shoe Size Chart

The first thing we do when it comes to buying shoes is to know the right size. A shoe size chart can be used as a basis indicating the size of shoes and the age of the child.

Average Children’s Shoe Size Chart



US/ Canada



3 years





3.5 years





4 years​





4.5 years





5 years





6 years





Different Factors Affecting Children’s Shoes

An average shoe size may not always fit every child at the right age. Some kids have feet that are too small or too big for an average shoe. Consider these factors below in knowing the perfect fit for your child.

  • How tall your child is – Taller kids may require larger sizes in clothing and shoes. For instance, kids who are a few inches taller than the average may fit the next bigger size. It works too for smaller children.
  • How wide or narrow his feet are – Some kids may have wider feet than the usual thus may not fit in the average size. If not shoes are not fitted well, it will affect the overall comfort of the child when running, walking and playing.
  • The country it originates – Shoe sizes may vary in different countries. The number size in the US may not be the same as in the UK.
  • The brand or the manufacturer – Some brands are one size bigger than the average shoe size. Other brands are also following the guidelines but may be too narrow in the front.
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Methods to Identify the Right Size of Your Toddler’s Shoes

Knowing the right size of shoes is important so your toddler can freely move around without feeling any pain. One way to make sure that he is wearing the right shoes is to identify his shoe size.

Here are some simple methods on how you can determine your child’s shoe size:

  • Use the shoe size chart as a guideline. Based on the age of your child, determine the size indicated in the different countries.
  • Measure his feet from toe to heel. Get a measuring tape and try to know the length from the tip of his toe to the tip of his heel.
  • ​Determine the size by doubling his age and adding 1 or 2. If he is a boy, add 1 and 2 for girls. For instance, a child at the age of 4 years will get an average size of 9 or 10: (4 years old x 2) + 1(boys) or 2 (girls)
  • ​Outline the feet of your child on a clean sheet of bond paper. Allow your child to stand on the paper with his socks on. Then, using a pen or a marker, follow the shape of his feet. Use it to buy his shoes.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Shoes

When it comes to buying shoes, it is also important for us to pick the right kind. There are certain advantages our children can get out of good shoes.

One is to prevent blisters in the feet. Children are using shoes for many hours, and constant use can lead to sores and blisters due to continual rubbing on the feet. The right shoes allow space between the shoe and the feet, so these are not rubbed together at all times.


Two is to protect the feet. Nerves and bones are consisting in the foot need to be protected from water, dirt, and bacteria. The right shoes will not allow these elements to get inside and harm our feet. 

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Three is to help maintain fresh and healthy feet. Foot odors are problems that children need to avoid. Some materials trap in moisture and contribute to the build-up of bacteria that causes foot odor. The right shoes give the feet room to breathe so air can circulate and maintain the proper moisture. 

Four is to make our kids feel good. Children who feel uncomfortable with their shoes tend to become cranky and in a bad mood. They are not able to play well or even walk around. 

Tips for Buying the Right Kind of Shoes

  • Bring your child along when shopping. Try the shoes on him so you can really see if it fits. It can save you time in going back and forth for an item exchange.
  • Squeeze between the front of the shoe and his longest toe to see if there is enough room. There should be a distance of a thumb-width between them. Also, check the heels and the side of the shoes and see if you can squeeze your pinky in between.
  • ​Consider soft and lightweight materials. It will be easy for your toddler to carry the shoes on his feet. Soft materials are breathable too hence allowing air circulation around his feet.
  • ​Choose a non-skid shoe. Avoid sliding and slipping with shoes that are designed to protect your kid from it.
  • ​Do your shopping in the afternoon or evening. Feet usually swell later in the day. Doing your shopping at this time will help you determine the maximum size of his feet.
  • ​Mind the extras. Trendy accessories may look cute but sometimes, they can bloat a price even if they are not needed. If you consider these things, make sure these do not affect the way your child is walking.
  • ​Make your child wear socks. It is best to try shoes with a sock on since he will be wearing a sock when putting the shoes on
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Choose the Right One Now!

Children will appreciate a good pair of shoes especially the ones with good support on their feet whenever they are running or walking around. They may not say it directly to you, but the happy smile you get from them says it all.

I gave my child a pair of soft and sturdy shoes when she was four years old, and I can see how glad she is with those shoes. She does not want to take it off, and she would strut around the park as if the time stopped around her. From then on, I see to it that I will buy the perfect fit for her.

Have you got any kid’s shoe stories to tell? I would love to hear more about it!

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