What Age Do You Stop Burping Babies? We Found The Best Answers Right Here.

Feeding time is a bonding time. But feeding time with your baby is a task that requires more focus, especially when helping them get rid of the air they swallowed. When this air is not released, this often makes your little one cranky.

At times, this may result in spitting up and gassiness. There comes a time when you also need to stop burping babies. The question that most mothers want to know is: “What age do you stop burping babies?” Read on to know the answer.


What Is a Burp?

Burping is new to many first time moms. In my case, I am glad to have friends who are already moms themselves. Burping was the very first thing they told me when I was pregnant with my first born. Although I heard a lot of the burping thing, it never really crossed my mind as to how important it is.


A burp pertains to the discharge of gas bubbles from the esophagus to the mouth. Normally, these gas can be released through the anus, resulting in a noise and strange smell. Burps are also known as erps or wet burps. When burping, sometimes some stomach contents are also discharged. Hence, it is vital to utilize a burp cloth when letting your baby burp.

Why Burping Is Necessary?

This is one of the most neglected aspects of feeding a baby. Some cases of infants’ deaths are mostly due to failure to have babies burped. What is more, some mothers tend to just leave their babies in the crib while sucking on their milk bottle. This results in regurgitation. If your child fails to burp, most experts would tell you to seek medical advice right away.

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When burping is not successful, gas bubbles can get suspended in the stomach of your little one. This leads to a sense of discomfort and fullness, which frequently makes babies cry or squirm. When something is wrong, your child would usually let you know through his crying.

Whether they are wet, bored, hungry, or tired, babies are great announcers. As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is vital to make burping a regular habit, even if your little one does not present any discomfort. Feeding and burping go hand in hand. With feeding always comes burping.

And with feeding, there is always air that gets stuck in the stomach and needs to be released. So, even if your baby is not fussy, let him burp.

The Ways to Make Your Little One Burp

My pregnancy taught me a lot of things when it comes to handling babies. One of the things I mastered is the art of burping. Yes, you read it right. Burping is an art per se. It involves proper positioning and skills.

In burping, there are two common positions applied. The first position is placing your baby over your shoulder and the second position is letting your little one sit on your lap. Which position is best? It depends on your baby. Experiment with the two positions and see which one is the most comfortable for you and your little one, the one that makes burping most effective.

Baby Over the Shoulder

In this position, you simply hold your little one over your shoulder. One hand should be holding the baby while the other one assists in burping, making sure that the head of the baby is carefully supported.

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Baby Sits on Your Lap

To perform this position, let your little one sit on your lap. Support the baby’s head and body using your hands and arms and use the other hand to assist your baby in burping.

In my experience, I find “over the shoulder” position to be more comfortable and effective. Nevertheless, it still depends on you and your baby since mothers and babies are all unique in their own rights

Here is a video that shows some ways on how to make your baby burp:

At What Age Do You Stop Burping Babies?

So now, let me give you all the information and facts I gathered to answer the question: “What age do you stop burping babies?” What I found are varied answers from mothers and experts

With burping, there are milestones too. When your baby is three weeks old, he will need to burp after drinking half of the content of his milk bottle or halfway through breastfeeding. It is also during this stage when your baby can finish his formula milk or even finish breast feeding without having to be burped halfway through the session. What other mothers sometimes do is that they burp their babies before switching to the other breast.


Your ultimate guide in deciding to stop burping is your child. Some experts suggest stopping burping when your baby is about two or three months old because it is at this stage when they can burp independently. Most parents cease burping their little ones when they reach their fourth month.

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For other mommies, they find it safer to stop burping their babies at their sixth or ninth month. At other times, your little ones may begin burping on their own; hence, it would be beneficial for you and them to have that sense of trust and freedom to burp independently. Just keep an eye on them as they release those gases.

If you observed your baby to be burping after consuming his milk, that’s one of the best indicators that you should now stop burping your baby. Sometimes, when babies gain independence in sitting, you can also start letting go of burping them. Babies who have tendencies to have a reflux will need burping until they are a bit older.

With my baby, I continued to burp him until he was two months old. But when he reached three months, he started to burp on his own. But what I noticed was that sometimes he didn’t burp. So, what I did, I helped him burp just to release the gas. Certainly, I didn’t want my baby to feel any discomfort or get into a bad mood.

Final Words

At what age do you stop burping babies is entirely up to you. Two things are important to note: You can stop burping your baby when he starts to sit unsupported or when he starts to burp on his own. But for most experts and mothers, at four months old, you can already stop burping your baby.

At what age did you stop burping your little one? Share your happy mommy experience with us.






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