9 Best Exciting Sports Movies For Kids (#5 Will Surprise You)

I remembered the first time I joined a sports team. I was in fourth grade, and all my teammates range from the fourth to the sixth grade. I was intimidated because I was one of the smallest yet overly excited to know how it feels like to be on the court and play.

Sports are important for our children. Not only do they get to have fun and learn an active skill, but they can also value teamwork and experience what it is like to do their best for others.


Showing them how it looks like for people to be on a sports team can encourage them to try out for themselves. So, here is a list of a few best sports movies you and your kids can watch together.

1. Air Bud Gives Dogs a Chance to Play

Air Bud 1997 Hindi Dual Audio 720p BRRip 1GB

Air Bud is a 1997 basketball movie about a golden retriever helping a boy cope up with the loss of his father. Because of loneliness, Josh, a 12-year-old boy becomes shy in making friends and trying out on the basketball team.

Meeting Old Blue or Buddy, the golden retriever, his life changed. Buddy can play basketball and encouraged Josh to try out for the team.

The film features a real-life basketball player pooch named Buddy. Kids will love how Buddy will bounce the balls off his nose and scores while also teaching the importance of sportsmanship. 

2. Mighty Ducks Showcases Teamwork And Dedication

Mighty Ducks

“Quack, quack, quack” this will be the first thing you will hear after you and your kids watched the movie. Featuring an ice hockey team, Might Ducks will give you a fair shot of an underdog experience and what it is like to go up.

Mighty Ducks is a 1992 film about a successful attorney sentenced to coach a hockey team as community service. He remembered his past life as a star player in the hockey team, only to fail them on a missed shot. Now, he has to train and coach a group of under-practiced kids towards the championship.

Seeing the film will encourage children to try sports despite their lack of skills and equipment. The only thing that mattered is to play a fair game and to enjoy playing. Kids will have fun watching the players playing jokes while also strengthening their sense of teamwork.

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3. Space Jam Lets You Enjoy the Game While Fighting Monsters

Space Jam

Have you ever wondered if there is a life beyond our world? For basketball superstar, Michael Jordan, he never did until he was sucked into a golf hole and found himself helping the Looney Tunes characters fight outer space aliens in a game of basketball.

Fun, quirky and exciting, Space Jam will give your kids laughter all throughout the movie. The film was set in 1996 to feature an alternate life of Jordan after his retirement in 1993. Michael Jordan becomes the star player in Tune Squad basketball team to save the characters from being taken into outer space as a new entertainment for a new world.

Kids will enjoy the classic Looney Tunes stunts and jokes while learning how to give their best in achieving their goals. It also gives parents little laughs themselves.

4. Little Giants Tells Even the Small Ones Can Win

Little Giants

How cute is it to see little kids playing on the field and winning their game! If you are into these kinds of movies, then Little Giants is the perfect film to watch. The movie is a 1994 football movie about two teams, each coached by two brothers, separated by pride and the desire to play it fair.

Two brothers are into football, but when the coach decided not to accept his niece on the football team, her father decided to create his team with his daughter and a few little ones. As the movie progresses, you can witness a lot of dedication, fun things kids do and a love for the game no matter who you are.

Little Giants will give you and your children a whirlwind of laughter as you ride on the experiences of the players on their way to the championship. There are good messages to watch out for such as perseverance, hope, teamwork and a lot of enjoyment in the game.

5. Thunderstruck Gives Everyone a Chance


A high school basketball team waterboy soon becomes the star player because of magic. Thunderstruck offers you this magical experience all throughout the movie featuring one of the famous NBA players, Kevin Durant.

This 2012 tells of a switch between an ordinary high school waterboy, who dreams of becoming a basketball player, and a professional NBA player. The movie revolved at the time when the switch happened and how it affected both their lives.

Be careful on what you signed up for because it might transform your life upside down. In the movie, Durant’s energy and skills had transferred to Brian, the waterboy, when he signed the basketball during the half-court shot. Brian becomes the star player of his basketball team, losing Durant all his talents.

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Thunderstruck will be your kid’s favorite sports movie if he loved basketball and dreamed of becoming a star player. It teaches us that if talent fails to work hard, we should push hard for it ourselves.

Children will be entertained of the magical side while adults will also enjoy the positive messages of the movie.

6. Everyone’s Hero Demonstrates How Help Does not Only Comes Inside the Court

Everyone’s Hero

Heroes come in different sizes. Famous people may seem qualified to become heroes, but ordinary people can also be a hero at some point.

Everyone’s Hero tells a story of a young boy who sets out on the heroic quest to save a baseball team and the job of his dad. A most-prized baseball bat by a star player was stolen to destroy the team and lose their game, causing the young boy’s father to lose his job as the stadium’s cleaner. Despite being a young kid, he set out to look for the bat and saved the day.

The film is a 2006 animated movie that talks about family, sports and dreams. Throughout the movie, you can see how the young boy was influenced by the love of sports and by his dad. It gives the audience an optimistic glimpse of working hard, doing your best for the family and not giving up on your dreams.

Children will realize that even if they are small or least talented, it does not follow that they cannot achieve their goals. Even if they fail or lose on the first tries, they will just have to keep swinging and not give up. 

7. The Game Plan Shows Family Is Important

The Game Plan

Via Amazon.com

Madison Pettis and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson star in this family comedy sports movie, The Game Plan. The film was released in 2007, and it has become a staple movie for families who love football.

The Game Plan talks about a quarterback who has it all in his life, from fame to fortune. He enjoys his independence until one day, an 8-year-old girl appears in his life. Soon, his life became topsy-turvy and had gone from being a bachelor to a loving father.

Kids will love the action and energy in football shown in the movie while also relating to the need of attention the little girl desires from her father. It is a feel-good movie showcasing how family always comes first in our life.

The Game Plan also showcases positive parenting skills and what the priorities parents must always set. Parents can relate to the situation of the father where he needs to juggle his time with his daughter and his career. 

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8. The Sandlot Will Make You Miss Your Friends

Friendship is valuable for children. They love to spend time with their buddies, playing sports and talking about the things they like.

The movie The Sandlot tells a story of a new kid in the community trying to adjust to his new life. Soon, he found new friends who play baseball and taught him how to play. They also found friendship with an old man and his dog they called The Beast, who happens to be feared by all the kids in the community.

Kids will relate to how friends will have your back. The movie will also feature what it is like to face your fear and the consequences of doing so. Overall, the film showcase fun and light scenes about kids being kids. 

9. Ice Princess Gives Girls a Shot to Sports Fame

Ice Princess

Who said only boys could succeed in sports? Girls can too if they set their minds to it.

Ice Princess is all about a girl and her love for ice-skating. Filmed in 2005, the film revolves around a girl tries to apply Physics and theory into her favorite childhood activity, ice-skating. She soon realized how she loved the sport and continued to work for it, despite the pressure she has in school.

Girls who are into sports will relate to the struggle the main character has when it comes to pursuing her passion and studying hard. Parents will understand what kids are going through and realize how their children need their support.

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Watching sports movies with your kids can create a bonding moment that will last in your memories for a lifetime. The different plots and messages can inspire them to never give up on their dreams and keep on pursuing. Aside from enjoying the jokes, funny stunts and how is it like to be a kid, we can also get something valuable to learn in life.

Did you enjoy the list above? What are your favorite family sports movies? I would love to hear about them especially the most enjoyable part. Comment your stories below.

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