Play Quiz Games with Kids to Improve Their Mind Health

Play Quiz Games with Kids to Improve Their Mind Health

Adults, kids, teenagers, and even senior citizens today are opting for legal drugs to calm their nerves. People opt for these drugs to enjoy a peaceful sleep or just to get that high feeling. Previously, individuals were into CBD products. But with Kratom being legalized, Red Thai Kratom has become quite popular among everyone.

Although the drug is legalized, it is still like an opioid, which makes it highly addictive in nature. When you ask someone what is Kratom tea, the person would simply respond by saying it is a soothing tea. But that is not the case. It is only good for you if you consume it in a controlled dosage. But if you begin to consume it regularly, you are in danger of getting addicted to it.

With all the mental health problems going on today, most people believe that teenagers and adults are the only ones affected. But that isn’t true. Kids these days tend to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders due to poor mental health. So, the question is, how can you engance your kid’s mental health?

Play Quiz Games – A Secret to Mental Health

There are inestimable ways in which you can improve a kid’s mental health, but the best and the most effective out of all are quiz games. Similar to how playing trivial games promote a sudden release of dopamine in your brain, it has the same effect on a kid’s brain. Dopamine is a happy hormone that helps you relax and puts you in a good mood without the need for any drugs.

The feeling of winning or knowing the answers to all the questions asked gives the same feeling to your mind. According to John Kounios, Ph.D., “You get a rush or a neuro reward signal or a dopamine burst from winning,”.

Playing quiz games helps with the development of your kid’s mind and also integrates the process of learning from an early age. Most parents believe that the kid’s brain won’t be able to retain the information supplied, but that is not the case. Your baby learns everything from you. For instance, how to laugh, how to speak, how to move, and everything else that you can imagine is something that your kid learns by copying YOU!

He doesn’t come with an inbuilt processor or anything. You need to feed him the information for his mind to retain it. The more you teach him, the healthier the brain gets. According to a study, a kid can learn up to 7 languages by the age of 10. Cool, right?

So why water your kid’s time when you can start educating him on different things within months even. Talk to your kids, let them pick things, and make choices on their own. Teach them the difference between different objects and ask them to pick them right away. Within days, your kid will develop an understanding and will know things by heart, which will stick with him for years to come.

Most Popular Quiz Games

Just like machines, your body parts get rusted when not used. So don’t leave your child’s brain to be rusted. Instead, try out these amazing popular and quick games to help them learn new things in an easy and fun way and also promote a better kid’s mental health.

  1. Multiple Choice.

  2. True/False.

  3. Fill-in-the-Blank.

  4. Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks.

  5. Multiple Answers.

  6. Multiple Drop-down

  7. Matching

  8. Numerical Answer.

Start simple and slow. For young kids, start with alphabets, numbers, colors, objects, etc. As your kid ages, move on to a more academic approach such as nouns, verbs, animals and birds, fruits, and vegetables, etc. The more you put your kid’s brain into action, the smarter your kid will get in the long-run. There is an endless collection of such games, and the best thing is that you can play them anywhere. Whether that be at your home or at the birthday party for your child.

When to Play Quiz Games with Your Kids

You can play quiz games with your kids at any time. Although many parents suggest that the morning tome after they take their nap is the best time to teach them various things, but each kid is different, so choose the timing that suits your child.

Plus, as your child grows, keep adding new quiz games to the list. The feeling of knowing the right answers and you rewarding them on every correct answer will help them with their mental health. It will help build self-esteem, confidence, intelligence, develop problem-solving skills, and courage from a young age.


Since their mind would be trained to retain information from a young age; thus, he wouldn’t have much problem at school. A quick game every day will help you bond with your child and preserve their mental health. So, he doesn’t end up indulging in something boring, bad, or unnecessary.

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