Not Know How to Use a Wipe Warmer? You’ll be Amazed How Easy It Is

It Is I am an avid wipes user! If you ask me how many wipes I used every week, I could not count it in my fingers. Having fresh wipes on hand makes cleaning anything a breeze with my baby.

But, there was a time when she started to screech when I cleaned her bottom. I did not know the reason why until it happened again when I use a fresh wipe. The wipes are cold for her skin, and she feels uncomfortable every time she comes in contact with it.


I wanted to put an end to this dilemma, so I looked for a solution and found the answer with a wipe warmer. I was excited! But then, I wanted to use it the right way to maximize its full benefits. I also realized that improper use could lead to serious incidents like overheating and burning.

How to use a wipe warmer? I know you have been asking the same question thus I came up with this post to tell you the details about wipe warmers and its proper use.

Before Anything Else


A wipe warmer is another breakthrough technology in keeping babies happy. The goal is to provide a comfortable temperature for baby wipes, so these do not feel cold when used.

Babies love the feeling of warmth just like us enjoying a warm soak in the bath. Clean up and changing will be a relaxing experience for them if they feel nothing prickly on their skin. As for parents, it would be a gratifying moment if their babies will not create any drama during the process.

Also, wipe warmers can enhance the hygienic properties of the wipes. A higher temperature kills off bacteria that may breed due to high moisture. It can even maintain the freshness of the wipes, keeping it clean always.

Things You Will Need To Know Before Using a Wipe Warmer

Features to Look for in a Wipe Warmer

Size – Will you prefer a small warmer or a larger device? When considering the size, know how many wipes you want it to hold. Take note that all wipes come in varying sizes and there are specific brands that have larger wipes than the others. Think also of the place where you will need to store your wipe warmer and if it fits.

Heating Properties – If you have a particular level of temperature in mind, consider that when looking at the temperature range. You might want to identify whether you want to use the heated steam to warm your wipes or the radiating heat. These are mechanisms that provide varying results and procedures.

Lighting – Wipe warmers have lighting tools to help nighttime changing easier. Though not all tools include this feature, it is one of the factors that a lot of parents would want to invest in.

Moisture Guard – Some parents complain of burnt and dry wipes after sitting on the warmers. Fortunately, some brands include a moisture guard system that will maintain the level of moisture in the wipes. One procedure is refilling the water in a small basin at the bottom. Another is a sponge at the bottom. The third is using a spray mist to spray water to the wipe compartment.

Bacteria Control – Too much moisture in the warmer can encourage bacterial growth. Some wipe warmers include a UV light system that can kill bacteria. Others provide a chemical formula that keeps bacteria at bay.

Take Note: These are promising features that can give you maximum benefits when using your wipe warmer. However, each added feature comes with a price. If having everything is too much for you, create a list of priorities and look for a wipe warmer that includes your top features at your budgeted price. 

Steps on How to Use the Wipe Warmer

Step 1 – Look for a stable place for your warmer

Place your wipe warmer on a flat, level surface. Make sure there is enough ventilation around it while the device is working. Avoid putting it in a wet or moist place. Also, remove flammable materials near the device and anything that should not be warmed. Set a permanent place for your warmer, so it stays in place. You can put it somewhere near your changing area.

Step 2- Filling up the water reservoir


Check if the reservoir has water left. If none, open the lid and remove the tank. Fill it with water until the marked line. After several uses, clean your reservoir with a mild detergent to get rid of any substances that can mix with the water.

Lift the lid open and slide in the reservoir back to the main container. Press the spray pump until the water is released to test it out.

*A full water load can hold a capacity of up to 100 wipes.

Step 3 – Prepare your wipes

Choose the brand you like and unwrap the wipes from their original package. Open the main lid by pressing the latch release for the smaller cover. Pull open the top wipe lid through the lock.

Load your wipes inside the compartment. Arrange it properly so it can maximize full capacity. Make sure that the form of the wipes from the original package is maintained so you can quickly pull out a wipe when in need.

Avoid overfilling your warmer with wipes. Stick to the maximum capacity of the device. Otherwise, it will not warm all the wipes, and you will end up repeating the process. It will also cause your machine to work harder.


Close the large lid first then pull down the second cover to lock in the device. Both lids must be closed securely for the unit to work.

After closing the lid, the water reservoir will automatically release water through a spray mist mechanism. You can increase moisture release by pressing the button above the release latch. Open the small lid and push the button as many times as you want depending on how much water you need to release.

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If you are using a cloth wipe, take note of the full capacity and properly arrange your wipes in a position that does not crowd them in one place

Step 4 – Warming the Wipes

Depending on the device you are using, look for an AC outlet that has the voltage capacity your wipe warmer needs. Some warming machines require a standard volt of 110-120. If this is the case, avoid plugging it into a 220-voltage.

There are also particular kinds of adapters required for each brand. For our wipe warmer, we use a Class 2 Adapter.

Plug the cord into the outlet to start the warming process. Press the power indicator button to turn the lights on. It will automatically begin the 10-minute lighting. Leave it to warm on its own.

After 10 minutes, the lights will turn off. It is an indication that you can use your warm wipes. To manually turn off the lights, press the power indicator button again.

Unplug the machine after warming your wipes. If you still need to warm your wipes, let it remain plugged. Unplugging is necessary after not using it for a long time.

Step 5 – Taking Out the Wipes


Press the latch release for the smaller lid. Grab a wipe and pull it straight up. Push the cover down to close it. Make sure it snaps to lock it properly.

If you are using cloth or reusable wipes, open the main lid through the release latch. Take one wipe and pull the cover down to close.

Step 6 – Clean it Up!

Set the time when you want to clean up your wipe warmer. You will need to cool your machine before cleaning to avoid burning your skin, so it helps to do it earlier. Unplug your unit from the main power source. Open the lid to help release warm air and moisture out and let it cool completely.


Remove the wipes out of the compartment. Set it aside in a clean container to avoid bacterial growth and risking it dirty. Using a non-abrasive cloth, wipe clean the inside wipe compartment. Clean the exterior of the machine as well. Let it sit for several minutes to completely dry.

Remove the water reservoir and drain the water. Wipe it clean with the cloth and let it completely dry. The drying process will prevent any mold growth.

Take Note: Avoid immersing your unit in water. Doing so will risk getting the water in the electrical and can cause electric shock when plugged in. If you need to wash it off, wet a part of your cloth with clean water and start wiping it on the required area. Dry it off immediately.

Step 7 – De-scale It

Constant use of the unit can build up mineral scale due to hard water. De-scale your wipe warmer every four weeks to remove any scale build up so it can work properly.

To begin de-scaling, mix 50 ml of white vinegar with 50 ml cold water. Make sure that the device is not plugged in to prevent electric shock. Pour the mixture into the water reservoir. Let it stand for several minutes or until limescale is thoroughly dissolved.

Drain the liquid mixture. Clean the reservoir with soft water. Wipe the unit dry with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Let it dry completely before putting the tank back to the main unit.

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Safety Usage Tips

It can take a while for us to learn how to use a new device correctly. Using a wipe warmer for the first thing may require time and room for learning. But in the end, it is all worth it when we see our babies in all smiles.

To help us safely use our wipe warmers, here are several tips we can follow:

  • When using the wipe warmer for the first time or a new brand, read the instructions first. There are different procedures and maintenance for every brand, and it will help you avoid accidents or any issues if you know the proper care.
  • Follow a regular cleaning routine. Do not wait for your unit to become dirty before you start cleaning it. Remember, bacteria may already be growing even if you cannot see any evidence of it with your naked eye. If you are using your wipe warmer every day, set a time once or twice a week to clean it with water and cloth.
  • Keep it safe and far from being knocked over. Put it on a flat and sturdy table that will not topple over. Keep it out of your child’s reach.
  • Maintain a dry cord. Each time you pour water on the reservoir, make sure that it will not pour over your electrical cord. Do not leave the plug lying on wet areas.
  • Hold the wipe warmer properly. Use both of your hands to carry the device and handle it by wrapping your hands from the bottom to the top. Do not use the supply cord as a handle when carrying around. Treat the device with care.
  • Never force your device. If it does not open or closes easily, do not force it to do so. Slowly try again until you can get it to open or close. Also, never force to pile up wipes in the compartment. Give it space for the moisture to build up.
  • Avoid touching the hot surface. While your wipe warmer is at work, keep your hands off the device since it is hot to touch.
  • Do not pull the supply cord. Some devices have detachable power cords for better portability. When detaching, avoid forcing a pull. Unplug the cable first before pulling it off the unit.


Did you enjoy the tutorial?

I hope that the information above can help you use your wipe warmers effectively. I followed the same routine, and until now, I am using my wipe warmer as if I just bought it a few days ago. It saved me money from buying another unit or from having it repaired.

Each time I invest on equipment at home, I made sure that I could fully maximize its functionality without exhausting my device.

Making it work harder will hog a lot of energy at home. Plus, it will decrease the efficiency and performance of the unit, making it easier to wear out. That is why it is important to follow the proper usage and maintenance step designed for your device.

If you love the tutorial or have any comments, please share it with us. Also, share this post to your friends if you think it can help them.

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