Do You Know How to Clean a Pack and Play? Here are a Few Easy Tips

Who does not want to have some extra time alone? That is when we decided to buy a Pack and Play so our little girl can have some alone time inside it while we have free hands to ourselves.

On the first day, it was incredible! We loved it so much that we allowed our baby to stay as long as she wants. But, as the weeks passed, it started to get dirty, and we were worried if it can produce germs that can harm our girl.

So, how to clean a pack and play? I have gathered a few tips, and I am sharing it with you in this post.


What is a Pack and Play ?

Pack and Play is an enclosed play area that provides a secured space for babies to play without the need for adult assistance. Similar to a crib, Pack and Play is made of different frame materials like plastic, metal, and wood, surrounded by mesh on the sides. It can be folded up for easy transport, and it includes a storage area for baby essentials.

The difference between a Pack and Play and other similar equipment is the added features. You can find a Pack and Play with a bassinet for infants or with a changing table. There are also shelves for some equipment and organizers.


For us, our priority features include storage, a mattress, and wheels. The storage gave us extra spaces to put essential things of our baby like feeding bottles, towels, swaddling blanket and diapers. The mattress adds a layer of softness when our baby is inside the pen, and the wheels make it easy for us to move the Pack and Play anywhere in the house. Just make sure that the wheels have locks to secure it in place.

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If your priority is to bring it anywhere, you may want to invest on its foldable feature. There are Pack and Play with lights, music, and toys to entertain your baby when inside the bassinet or the pen. Most importantly, choose the equipment made of durable materials, so it stays reliable and safe for your child to use even for a few years.

The Cleaning Process

There are several ways on how to clean your Pack and Play

1. Scrubbing it with soap and water

You will need: Detergent, water, scrub, water hose

What to do:

  • Take your Pack and Play outside where you can easily wash it with water. Remove the added features like the bassinet and mattress. You can wash them off separately.
  • Mix the detergent and water to create a foamy solution. Dip your scrub in the water and start rubbing your pen. Focus your attention on the dirty areas.
  • Using a water hose, rinse your Pack and Play. Let it dry under the sun.

2. Deep cleaning Inside the Tub

You will need: Your big bathtub, water, laundry detergent, vinegar, baking soda

What to do:

3. Spot Cleaning

You will need: water, vinegar, towel

What to do:

  • Soak up wet spills with a towel first before spot cleaning.
  • Mix 1 part of water with 1 part of white vinegar. Put the mixture in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture in the dirty area and wipe it off with a towel until clean. Dry it off completely.

4. Removing Molds

 You will need: water, white vinegar, soft cloth

What to do:

  • Mix same parts of water and white vinegar.
  • Dab a small amount of the liquid to the soft cloth. Rub it over the mold stain.
  • ​Once the mold is removed, rinse it to eliminate the liquid mixture and smell.
  • Wipe the area and let it dry completely.

5. Disinfecting the equipment

You will need: disinfectant spray or wipes, water, soft cloth

What to do:

  • Spray or wipe the Pack and Play with disinfectant.
  • Dab water on a soft cloth and wipe the equipment to remove the chemicals.
  • Let it dry before using.

Extra Tips You Can Take Note

  • Always remove the added features and wash them separately. It will allow you to thoroughly reach hard corners that may be concealed when inside the Pack and Play.
  • Use clean materials for each process. Use a clean and soft fabric for wiping. Make sure that your brush is free from any dirt that can add up to the dirty area.
  • ​Clean your cleaning area after the process. It will ensure that no germs or dirt stays behind to contaminate the place and harm you. Scrub your tub thoroughly and run it with hot water.
  • ​Always check your Pack and Play for any signs of soiling, tearing, damage and mold growth. It helps to mend the problems when they are still small. Repair any damages before cleaning the equipment.
  • ​Use sunlight to dry off the equipment and not indoors using a fan or dryer. Sunlight can also kill off bacteria and remaining spores.
  • Clean your hands after cleaning. Use a mild soap and water to wash chemicals off your hand. Disinfect using rubbing alcohol.
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  • ​Avoid putting your baby in the Pack and Play when it is not yet dried completely. Do not let it inside the house when there are wet areas.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning materials. It will be harmful when in contact with your baby. Choose more natural cleaners or make your solution at home.


Cleaning baby equipment may take some of your precious time. But, knowing that it keeps your child safe and away from germs, all the effort and time are worth it. A clean Pack and Play means a sick-free and happy baby.

I do my cleaning once a week, either on a Saturday or during the weekday when I have time. If our Pack and Play is not dirty by the end of the week, I just do a spot cleaning. But, if it is too stained and soiled, I go through deep cleaning and disinfecting.

I hope this article helps you. What methods do you use to clean your Pack and Play? Share with us your secret!

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