Do You Know How Much Weight Can A Crib Hold?

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Purchasing a crib is one of the many things that many expectant mothers look forward to. When I was only four months pregnant with my first child, I couldn’t contain my excitement that I always bugged my husband about going shopping with me to buy some baby stuff. He thought it was too early to start purchasing.

So, I asked him if we could just purchase the crib first. I wanted something that could support my baby’s weight even when he reaches his toddler years. When we went to the kids’ section, I was presented with cribs of all kinds. I couldn’t decide which one to take home with me, so I had to put off buying a crib.

I had so many questions such as which crib is the most durable? Which crib can hold the most weight? How much weight can a crib hold? To know the answers, I read all kinds of product reviews and parenting forums. Here are some of the incredible numbers and facts I discovered.


Knowing the Crib’s Weight Restrictions

Buying baby stuff is an exciting thing to do during pregnancy. But when it comes to your little one’s crib, what are your standards in choosing the crib? Do you go for quality over quantity or vice versa? Some mothers prefer buying cribs that are sure to last until their baby grows into a toddler. Other mothers prefer design over quality.

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Knowing the weight restrictions is just equally important. Understanding that cribs come in various sizes, designs, and quality is important. At times, the most challenging part is when you inquire from the sellers how much weight can the crib hold, and you don’t receive an honest response from them.

After all, their only main purpose is to promote the products and make some sales. Nonetheless, there are also sellers that give you every single detail there is to know about the product including the materials used, how it was manufactured, and for cribs, how much weight it can hold.

Knowledge is power. There’s no better way to be more satisfied and certain about the crib than doing the research yourself. Scrutinize every part of the crib to determine its weight restrictions.

How to Know the Weight Restriction of a Crib


The crib’s weight restriction is determined by the kind of material utilized to manufacture its bottom part. When you search for cribs online or go to the stores to purchase one, the first thing you will notice is the fact that cribs have different materials and quality.

There are cribs that used woods including maple, oak, and ash. These are the kind of cribs that can support heavier weight compared to cribs that used softer materials. Moreover, try checking the bottom section of the crib and determine the material structure used to support it.

When the material is made of thicker boards, they have greater stability compared to flimsy plywood. Also, check the thickness and type of material used to assist you in evaluating the weight limit of a crib.

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How Much Weight Can A Crib Hold?

At first glance, some cribs can make you think that they are durable and can secure your baby’s weight well. But here’s what I learned. There are cribs that can support as much as 35 pounds of body weight while other cribs can hold up to 50 pounds. These types of cribs are perfect for infants and toddlers up to age 4. There are also cribs that are convertible to toddlers’ bed. These cribs can support as much as 100 pounds of weight.


I have seen some cribs that can support adult weights. Some parents would lay in the crib with their little one; however, these cribs are not a guarantee that they can hold the weight for a long time. At times, the materials are not durable enough and can give in when excessive weight is put into it. Thus, most manufacturers do not recommend parents to sleep or stay in the crib.

If you are trying to help your baby transition from your bed to his crib, a gradual transition should be considered. Just because your baby needs some comfort doesn’t mean you need to get into his crib. Your urgency to provide comfort to your little one might end up in a mishap as the crib gives in.

What is the Typical Weight of Toddlers?

The majority of toddlers weigh around 30 pounds as they reach the age of two. However, there can be differences because of the influence of diet and genetics. When the child reaches age 3, most of them weigh approximately thirty to thirty-three pounds. Finally, when they reach the age of 4, most toddlers weigh around thirty-five pounds.

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Safety for Your Little Ones

When checking your baby’s cribs, consider checking the overall safety features as well. Evaluate the quality of the materials used on the other parts of the crib. As your little one starts to climb and stand the crib rails, the durability of the crib is also being put to the test. Check the sides and ensure sturdiness to sustain your baby’s clutching. If it breaks down as your baby grabs onto it, this may result in concussions and fractures.

Final Words

How much weight can a crib hold will vary depending on the materials used to manufacture the crib. When the materials are durable enough, this can support the weight of your baby and even toddlers. Checking and assessing the materials used should be one of your top priorities.

When the crib has a plywood support, this may not be able to support much weight because of the flimsiness of the material. On the other hand, if slats with wood were used to cover them, it is a guarantee that the crib will have the capacity to support much weight.

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