Know How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Gift

When I hosted a baby shower, I remembered receiving a lot of gifts from my close friends and relatives. There were extravagant gifts like a beautiful diaper bag, a set of baby clothing collection in a cute flower design and a complete bath time gift set. There are also practical items such as baby booties, toys and even a box of milk formula.

Now, it is my turn to attend a baby shower, and I have no idea what to bring as a gift. I do not want to spend less and come out cheap, but I also do not want to overprice my gift.

I want to know the perfect boundaries on how much to spend on baby shower gift and here is what I had found.


How Special is a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a celebration thrown by friends or families for an expectant mother. It is a special way of supporting the mother on her upcoming delivery and nurturing of her child through giving gifts that she can use when the baby comes out.


People celebrate baby showers due to several reasons. First, it shows happiness for the mother. Friends coming over and celebrating would make parents feel that other people are happy for their baby. It also shows them that people are there to love and support them always.

Second, it is a reason to gather together with friends and family in one party. Many people catch up with their friends while enjoying party activities like gift opening, games and food.

Third, it relaxes the mother. The anticipation of giving birth can be stressful for some moms hence a shower would help make them feel refreshed and at ease. Friends host baby showers so mothers can just enjoy without any hassle on their minds.

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Fourth, it gives the mother gifts that she can use when her baby arrives. It is an etiquette to bring gifts to a baby shower hence the more guests there are, the more gifts mothers will open during the party.

The Price of a Perfect Baby Shower Gift

There are so many options when it comes to gifts for a baby shower. You can either choose a gift for the mother or a gift for the baby. Then, sort it out to categories such as clothes, toys, bathroom essentials, feeding tools and bags. Sort it out again, and you will have several more options based on design, functionality, brand, and kind.

However, looking for the perfect gift does not need to be very expensive. On the other hand, you must make sure that your gift does not come along cheap and unnecessary for the mother and baby. Consider as well if you are comfortable with what you give them.

The bottom line is, think of a gift that will make you feel good and comfortable inside when giving to the celebrants. For instance, if you feel best in giving them a set of socks with duck designs, so be it.

To whom you will give the gift is also another consideration. Are you attending a baby shower for a co-worker or a sister? There is a difference in giving someone you simply know and someone whom you loved and cared for your whole life.

Gift Giving Etiquette

When giving a gift to a baby shower, bear these manners in mind so you do not end up in an awkward situation especially during the opening of the gifts.

Ask for a gift registry - Most people have gift registries to make it easier for guests to choose a more appropriate gift to give. It also saves the hassle of not receiving the same kind of gift from different people. Before buying, ask if they have a gift registry. If they do not have, you can choose on your own.

Know if it is the first child or the subsequent children - Parents having baby showers for their second or third child are likely to have most of the things they need coming from their first baby. It would be impractical to give them something that they already have at home. Once you know if it is the first or the second child, you can ask the parents for gift suggestions.

If you cannot attend the baby shower, you may or may not choose to send a gift - Just make sure to inform the host of your absence so they will not expect you during the celebration.

Consider gifts that are useful yet unique - Think inside the shoes of the new parents. Would the gift be something they can use when the baby comes but also unique enough for them not receive the same item twice?

Think traditional gifts - You will never go wrong with these gifts since parents will always need them. If you get stuck looking for a gift to buy, choose diapers, wipes, blankets, toys, bottles or a baby monitor.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here are some suggestions for your next baby shower gift:

Baby booties – Choose designs that are comfortable for the baby.


Play mat – Buy a pad with different colors, dangling toys and a soft quilt.


Baby carrier – Consider a comfortable design for the parents to wear.


Diaper bag – Look for a functional bag with different compartments and insulated pockets for bottles.


Beddings and blankets – Make sure the fabric is smooth and soft to touch while durable for constant use.  


Clothes in bigger sizes – Parents would appreciate it if they will not constantly buy new clothes once the baby is growing big.


Gifts for Mom – It can be a gift certificate for a massage or a pedicure or a pillow for their head and back during breastfeeding.



Gifts can bring a smile to the receiver. It can melt their hearts even if they are in their worst state. When giving a gift, think of how it will affect the receiver and how you will feel about it.

When I was looking for a gift to give my friend for her baby shower, I was stunned to see a lot of good choices. But, I remembered that yellow flowers are her favorite. So, I bought her a cute swaddling blanket with yellow flower design. She was thrilled when she opened my gift.

How do you choose a gift for a baby shower? Did you have fun looking for one? Share your story with us!

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