How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need ?

Sleeping is what babies do best. They love to sleep all day and would lie down in their crib any time of the day. I always love watching my baby girl sleep in the afternoon. It is the time when I have nothing else to do but to fold the laundry. Every time, I see her sleeping soundly, it gave me a peaceful feeling inside.

But, as she continues to sleep all day, so does the pile of laundry continue to rise. I need to change the sheets after she sleeps and sometimes, it gets wet after several hours. How many crib sheets do I need to have on hand?


The Anatomy of Crib Bedding


When you buy a crib or a bassinet, you will get a framed metal or wood that can safely hold your baby in it as well as other essential things. To create a soft bed or landing surface for your infant, you need to buy a crib mattress pad.

Your crib mattress pad should be waterproof to prevent easy soiling. It is ideally anti-allergen to prevent dust mites and other allergens from accumulating on it. To protect your mattress pad, you will need to have a crib fitted sheet. It must be in the right size and can fit tightly on your mattress.

Then, there are the receiving blankets and swaddles. These are used to add more comfort to your baby while he sleeps especially during cold weather. For some cribs, children have added beddings like pillows and comforters. Though not necessary for newborns due to suffocation hazards, these pieces are added comfort for near toddler ages.

Though not always necessary, some cribs have crib skirts with a primary purpose of concealing the mattress support, so babies will not hurt themselves.

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Changing Your Crib Sheets

What is the reason why you need to change your crib sheets more often? Sweat, drools, stains and other common results of babies’ activities inside the crib are among the top reasons why you need to change sheets. It is normal for babies to do all of these things but keeping the sheets on despite all the dirt will be unhygienic for them.

Depending on the activities of your baby inside the crib, changing of sheets often occur more than once each day. Check the sheets if it is wet with sweat and drool once your child is already awake. You can also check for signs of pop and pee when he is in there for a long time. Do not blame your baby! It happens all the time!

What to Look for in a Good Crib Sheet

The sheets must be in the right size. Too small fabrics can cause skidding and may uncover your mattress pad. Too large linens can have extra fabric lying around that can trigger suffocation when your baby moves around or strangling.

Consider softness and comfort. Your child deserves the best. But, at the very least, the comfort and softness of their sheets will not be painful on their skin. It will also help induce a sound sleep.

Choose a good quality from a good brand. We do not want to be biased when it comes to names, but there are certified brands that can guarantee excellent quality. Good quality is dependable for a long time and will not easily submit to easy wear and tear and soiling.

Opt for a lovely design. Be gender specific in choosing your sheet’s design. If you want to be neutral, at least, pick a color or design appropriate to your child.

How Many Crib Sheets Do Your Need?

How much money are you willing to spend? How much effort are you willing to do?


The number of crib sheets depends on your capacity to buy them and your energy to clean them. Ideally, the more crib sheets you have, the better since you will always have extra linens to use anytime and it does not require constant cleaning.

If we are talking set of sheets such as a set of 1 fitted crib sheet, 1 pillowcase and 1 blanket, you need to have at least 2 sets. That way, you will have an extra set of the sheet to change the used ones. If you want to be sure and not risk cleaning in the middle of the night, better make it 3 sets so you have a spare.

If we are talking individual sheets, you can start with 3 to 4. It will not be too costly for you, but you can have all the sheets you need for changing and emergency extras. Once you feel that you can afford more, go for 5 to 7. There will be added cost on your part but there is also no requirement for instant cleaning of crib sheets.

For most people, they want to stick with 8 to 10 sheets. Babies will do a lot of messy things in their cribs and have more extra sheets can save you the time in cleaning them. It will give you ample of time to focus on what your baby is going through, especially when he is sick.

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Cleaning Tips for Your Crib Sheets:

Clean stains immediately. Old stains are harder to remove and the bacteria are growing faster when not dealt instantly. Once you have changed your sheets and settled your baby, wash off the stain as soon as possible.

Use a mild and baby-safe detergent. Other detergents may be too hard for your child and will not do well for their noses and skin. Choose soaps that are certified safe for your baby while having antibacterial properties to fight germs.

Follow the fabric care manual. Different types of materials have various ways of cleaning. There are some that are good to machine wash while other are too delicate for it. Read the tag and follow the instructions.

Rinse the sheets properly. Do not risk leaving detergent elements on your sheets that can be acquired by your baby. Rinse twice if possible and use warm water.

Separate your child’s beddings and clothes from your laundry. It will keep your baby’s fabrics germ-free and not get contaminated by other laundry’s dirt.

Avoid using fragrant detergent and softeners. It may trigger allergies on your child.


Our babies need the safest and most comfortable things in their lives and it includes their crib sheets. These sheets must be clean at all times, so babies are never at risk of acquiring viruses and germs from dirty linens.

I always make sure that my baby has extra things on hand so whenever there is a need to change immediately or something is broken, a spare is ready to be used. I also make sure that her things are cleaned properly, so they always look good as new.

How many crib sheets do you have on hand? Share with your us your experience!



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