How Does Diaper Genie Work? You’ll be Happy to Know How Easy It Is!

Stinky diapers! If there is one thing we dislike in changing diapers, it is the foul smell. Do not get me wrong but I would do anything for my baby – even if it means handling dirty diapers several times a day.

But, accumulating these things on the trash may build up an odor that can stink the entire house. And bringing the diaper outside each time you change is a tedious job.

In comes the Diaper Genie! But how does Diaper Genie work? In this post, you will learn the simple process of using a Diaper Genie and some tips on how to use it the right way.


Benefits of Using a Diaper Genie

A Diaper Genie is a specially designed diaper management device that stores all of your used diapers in an odor-free and convenient way. Its neutral design makes it ideal whether you have a baby boy or a little girl.

Each unit is made of durable materials to withstand constant use and portability. Diaper genies are made to confine odor within its compartment through a sealing mechanism that wraps each diaper to its own plastic bag.

Units are also lined with an anti-microbial substance to maintain cleanliness and bacteria-free even if it stores dirty diapers. You can place it near your changing area without worrying if bacteria will contaminate the place.

Why Use a Diaper Genie

  • It is easy to use. It includes a one-hand design where you can just toss the dirty diapers in, and it will manage the trash from there. It has a Push-N-Lock clamp for easy opening and closing of the device.
  • It keeps you indoors. There is no need to go outside to empty your can of dirty diapers constantly. The Diaper Genie can hold up to 34 newborn diapers so it can last you several days before it becomes full.
  • ​It keeps odors at bay. The Diaper Genie is designed with a patented AIR-TITE system that compresses smells within the area.
  • ​It maintains cleanliness in your changing area. Diaper changing is a tough job. Apart from making sure that your baby is spic-and-span before changing into a new diaper, you also need to ensure that the area is clean so no germs can cause any trouble. Your Diaper Genie gives you the comfort of containing the dirt in. There is a 7-layer refill bag with barrier technology, so no bacteria come out.
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  • It gives you more time. Count all the minutes you spend going back and forth outside to throw your dirty diaper. Then, calculate the time you need to throw out the trash because it is stinking inside. You could be doing something worthwhile if you accumulate all those time. Aside from the benefits above, the Diaper Genie also has a fast cartridge refill system that makes changing of refill bags done in less time.
  • It does not expose the dirty diapers. Do not remind yourself of the nasty things going on in a dirty diaper. If you open the trash regularly, you will see all of it. The Diaper Genie conceals the previously thrown diapers whenever you change the bag.

How Does Diaper Genie Work?

The Diaper Genie works like a smart trash can. It is self-closing, and it can neutralize and contain diapers, eliminating bacterial contamination and constant trips outside.

After removing the dirty diaper off your baby, open the lid of the Diaper Genie and push the diaper down into the plastic. The clamp will close, and the device will twist the film under the clamp to seal the diaper in.

There is another model called the Diaper Genie II or the Diaper Genie Elite, which has a slightly different mechanism. Instead of opening the lid by hand, you can push down the foot pedal with your feet, and it opens the lid.

Lift your foot up, and it will close the lid.


Once the unit is full, you will need to empty it and throw the diapers in the garbage. Push the button on the front-middle to open the device. Cut the plastic several inches from the top of the diaper roll using a built-in cutter. Then, tie the excess plastic on top to seal the plastic full of diapers.

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Lift the plastic bag from the unit. Tie a double knot to make sure. You can now throw the plastic outside.

It is time to refill your Diaper Genie for the next round. Tie a knot at the bottom of the bag. Never forget this stage, so you do not end up leaving all your dirty diapers in the compartment when it is time to pull the bag out. Pull out around 18 inches of the plastic and tuck it in at the bottom of the device. Close the lid.

Tips on How to Properly Use and Maintain Your Diaper Genie

  • Before throwing your dirty diaper in the device, wrap it tight into a ball using the Velcro straps. It will keep from spilling the insides out, causing a mess when transporting it from your changing table to the device.
  • Avoid overfilling the unit. Stick to the maximum capacity of the device, so you will not risk breaking its mechanism. If you cannot keep track of the exact number of diapers thrown, you just need to avoid forcing new diapers in if it is already full to the brim.
  • ​Always have refills on hand. You may never know when you will run out of plastic bags to use. Otherwise, you will end up having several trips to the trash can outside.
  • ​Keep it clean. It will help maximize the hygienic function of the device.
  • ​Regularly clean your Diaper Genie. Ideally, you need to clean the device once a week to prevent any odor and germs from building up.
  • ​Disinfect your Diaper Genie when cleaning. Spray a disinfectant at the bottom and on the top lid to thoroughly kill of bacteria. Let it sit for several minutes and wipe it dry if necessary.
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The good thing about baby tools is the convenience, and the extra time we can have. Rather than spending time cleaning up, these tools will do the work for us. Imagine, spending more time with your baby without worrying of dirty diapers!

I have been through that problem before, and after using my Diaper Genie, I felt a significant difference with my usual routine. The extra time I had allowed me to cook a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loved it at home!

How about you? How was your experience with your Diaper Genie? Share your story with us!

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