The Science Of Knowing How Big Should A Baby Blanket Be

The Science Of Knowing How Big Should A Baby Blanket Be

The first time that I bought a blanket for my baby, it was too big for her. The corners are overlapping, and it made her small inside a sea of cotton.

After a few months, I bought another one, and because my baby grew big, the blanket did not fit her right. No matter how I adjust the sheet, it still cannot fully cover one of her feet. Then, I wondered, “How big should a baby blanket be?”

I’ve been asking myself the same question, and soon, I found some answers. Let me share with you what I know about baby blankets and how should you pick the perfect size for your child.


Importance Of Choosing The Right Size

Importance Of Choosing The Right Size

Baby blankets are used to provide our babies with the warmth they need at night. However, sheets that are too big for them can be dangerous as it can get your baby tangled up.  Also, folding the large sheets can account to two blankets, which is already too warm for your baby.

Choosing the right size can fit your baby perfectly since the blankets conform well to their bodies. It can also fully cover them without extra sheets, giving them the right temperature that their body needs.

Blankets also serve another purpose for your baby. Special baby blankets can give your baby a sense of security and comfort, reducing their stress and helping them sleep better. Choosing the right size means giving them full comfort and maximized benefits, which helps in sleeping better at night.

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For newborn babies, having the right size blanket can easily swaddle your baby similar to the feeling they had when they were in the womb. This will give them comfort and ease when sleeping and fewer chances of getting startled and be awake.

Different Kinds of Blankets

1. Receiving Blankets – These are best for newborn babies. Receiving blankets must be small in size and light to touch. Your baby should fit well when swaddling.

2. Crib Blankets – These blankets are ideal for babies six months to toddler years. Crib blankets are larger than receiving blankets and much thicker to bring comfort to your baby during sleep.

3. Multi-Use Blankets – These blankets are ideal for baby activities, used in the stroller or used for traveling. Multi-use blankets are thicker than typical baby blankets and offer a cushioned surface for crawling and playing.

How to Choose the Right Blanket for Your Baby

How to Choose the Right Blanket for Your Baby
  • Choose fabrics that are soft on the skin. Your baby’s skin is still delicate and sensitive to rough materials. Soft materials can give them comfort without any scratchy feeling that wakes them up from sleep.
  • Look for a durable material. Your baby will grow with the blanket, therefore, must last a long time. Durable materials often depend on the brand name as well as the type of materials used to make the blanket. Read the material label and customer reviews about your selected product.
  • Make sure it is easy to wash. You will need to use your baby blanket at all times thus having a spare will be helpful. A washable blanket will also reduce the risk of acquiring bacteria from stains and dirt accumulated on a dirty sheet.
  • Select sheets that are free from loose thread or holes. These are danger signs that blankets are not made of excellent material. Sheets with loose threads, buttons or holes can be dangerous to your baby since these can get inside their mouths or can cause them to get tangled.
  • Opt for a beautiful design. Give your baby the best by not only choosing functionality and safety but also pleasing to their eyes. Once they opened their eyes, the lovely blanket can help stimulate their vision, and they become attached to it.
  • If you are making your baby blanket, make sure to buy the right materials made of high quality.
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Baby Blankets Recommended Size

So, how big or small should your baby blanket be? The size depends on the age of your baby.

For babies who are newborn until six months, receiving blankets with a size of 30-inch by 30-inch is recommended. For bigger babies, a size of 36-inch by 36-inch is ideal. However, for premature babies, you can use a receiving blanket with a size of 18-inch by 18-inch.

The right size for a crib blanket is around 40-inch by 60-inch. It is usually in a rectangular shape to fit the form of the crib.

For multi-use blankets, the right size is at 30-inch by 40-inch. This fits perfectly to a stroller or a car seat, while also big enough for your baby to crawl.

Adjusting Your Baby In The Blanket

Adjusting Your Baby In The Blanket

Newborn babies can be swaddled using the baby blanket. To start, lay your blanket on a flat surface and fold one corner until the end reaches almost half of the blanket. Put your baby diagonally to the blanket with his head on top of the folded corner.

Tuck the right side of the blanket to the left side of your baby. Tuck the left side of the blanket across to the right side of your baby. Then, tuck the bottom of the blanket under the back of your baby.

Use the “feet to foot” method when placing the baby on the cot. First, put your baby in the cot with both feet placed at the end. Put the blankets halfway down and tuck it under the cushion or crib comforter.

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Other Uses For A Baby Blanket

  • Use it as nursing cover during breastfeeding.
  • Use it as a mat for changing diapers and clothes.
  • Use it as a burp cloth.
  • Screen your baby with the blanket when going outside.
  • It covers the floor for your baby to crawl and play.
  • It can be used to snuggle your baby.
  • Use it to calm your baby.
Other Uses For A Baby Blanket


It is hard to select the perfect baby blanket when you so many options to choose from. Not all baby blankets are the same hence you must be careful in buying only what is ideal for your baby right at the moment and for her age.

After knowing all these information, I became wiser in choosing what is best for my baby most especially when it comes to her needs.

Did you like the article above? I would love to hear your baby blanket stories so write them in the comment below.

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