Cheap and Inexpensive Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Spouse Will Love – Love on a Budget!

Are you someone who is just a few days away from your wedding anniversary and you’re still trying hard to figure out the gift that you can get and also not break your budget at the same time?

You must have been there and done that too. While there are many who love to shell out a huge amount from their pockets only to find themselves drowning in debt, later on, there are some others who are wise enough to spend their anniversary in such a manner which doesn’t blow a hole in their wallet.


Regardless of whether it is your paper anniversary or a silver anniversary, there are always smart things that you can do in order to avoid busting your budget and your short-term financial goals.

We never did splurge on anniversaries. We were in England for my work during the first anniversary and we spent the day on a London sightseeing bus. That was a very memorable and not-so-cheap anniversary but, that was our first and London had to be seen some day or the other.

Since then we either just do some activities that we both like or visit places that we would anyway go to.

We are married for 13 years now and we visited a place like Las Vegas, Niagara, Orlando and Yellowstone apart from that first one to London.

In some anniversaries we spent visiting an orphanage, visiting a local shelter for post-trauma kids, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and Autism Rehabilitation Center.

So, in essence, our anniversaries are not a costly celebration. We either spent visiting must-see places or spent the day doing social work.

For both of us creating an experience is the best gift possible. We enjoy to our hearts out, we take pictures, we post on Facebook, we eat out good dinner and excellent home cooked meal for lunch.

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Want to know some of such anniversary gift ideas within a budget? Here are few that you should take into account.

Dine at Home


Ditch the fancy restaurants on this special day and make sure you cook some of the favorite and exquisite dishes at home.

Clean the dining table, lay a nice tablecloth, light up some candles and get your favorite wine. Prepare the food which you both love and spend a cozy time dining at home.

Better, get a picnic going, cook outdoor and eat out the door. Cook for your partner his/her favorite dish. Don't worry if you mess up, your partner would appreciate the gesture.

Celebrate Your Special Day with Fitness

How about arranging a fitness celebration as a part of your inexpensive anniversary celebrations?

If both of you are fitness freaks, try and plan a weekend full of walking, running, biking, hiking and even swimming. Select new paths to explore the beauties of nature.

Plan a Weekend Away from the Hustle-bustle

How about tenting for the weekend? There are so many state parks and other camping cabins where you can spend a wonderful day enjoying the beauties of nature and also staying within your budget.

You can get a camp and everything needed for camping for less than $100 which you can use for many years. Pick a campsite which is safe. Drive and stay there for the entire day.

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You can also rent a boat and go fishing if that option is available nearby. A full day of fishing with good amount of laughter and love can make a broken relationship work even.

Watch a Movie Together at Home


No, you don’t have to watch a movie at the theater amidst the crowds and bear the expense of 2 movie tickets.

How about planning one at home? Choose the best movies from Netflix and watch them at a cheap cost and also under a warm blanket.

Get a pack of popcorn, lower your AC put on blankets and cozy up on the sofa. You never know when you start indulging in naughty stuff 😉

Find Out a Deal for Dinner

When you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t ever pay the full price at restaurants. They usually offer online coupons which you can grab in order to get worthy and lucrative dinner deals to use on your anniversary.

Find Out a Deal for Dinner

Check out restaurant coupons or Groupons at your local restaurants. Generally up and coming restaurants off Groupon coupons to attract first visitors.

Watch a Free Concert

There are many localities which have free concerts in the local parks. You may even check the tourism website to know where there are free concerts going on. Both of you can enjoy this on your special day.

If all else fails, pick a restaurant with live music. Once we are at a restaurant where a couple was celebrating their anniversary. He did also take the microphone from the singer and sang a song for his wife. He sang so well that everybody was clapping endlessly once he was over.

Celebrate over a Bonfire

Choose your bonfire-friendly foods and set a bonfire at your home. How about cooking a nice plat of hot dogs and fajitas over a grill? There are endless opportunities when you are at home.

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Arrange a Memory Reminiscing Party


Watch your wedding videos and take a look at the wedding pictures together. Relive those moments which you spent with each other and try and spark some new ideas.

Once she was sick and we spent the day by looking at other years' pictures of the day. The trips and the moments came alive once again and we hugged each other tightly.

Invest Few Dollars

This might sound outright boring but this is indeed an auspicious day to start something that’s financially noble. Put together few dollars in an investment account or towards eliminating your debt.

If you don't have debt, no worries. You can still venture out and start investing something brand new. Maybe a picture, a bottle of rare wine.

Perform Something Thoughtful

If you can plan something creative and thoughtful for your spouse, you can muster up enough courage and do that too. It should touch the heart of your spouse and make him or her feel special and loved.

So, now that you know the ways in which you can spend your anniversary in a thrifty yet special way, what are you waiting for? Plan something for your spouse immediately.

Author Bio: SB is a personal finance enthusiast with a career in software development. He blogs at One Cent At A Time. He is an immigrant since 2005, after being born and brought up in India. This 40 something technocrat lives and breathes personal finance whenever he gets time from the day job, job as a husband and a dad

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