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Top 5 Best Teething Necklaces: The Perfect Way To Relive Your Baby’s Teething Pain

Nothing hurts like watching your baby go through the pain of teething. It makes little ones became moody and fussy. They will always need something to alleviate the pain. Over the counter painkillers can work, but no one loves to see their loved ones on medication doses now and then. That is why the need to find the best teething necklace comes in.

Teething necklaces are useful in calming down the pained nerves of the gums. The best teething necklaces will massage the gums while others will offer pain relief and cure the gums with natural chemicals like succinate.


Others will even go an extra mile of alleviating drooling. We have taken the liberty of finding the best teething necklace and some informative details for you. We hope that after reading this comprehensive article, you will be in a good position to make informed decisions when buying the next teething necklace whenever your bundle of joy will need one.​

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Let us now consider some of the products that we carefully selected and reviewed for you?​

Top 5 Best Teething Necklaces Reviews

1. Powell’s Owls Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

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Baltic Amber Teething necklace is a handmade teething necklace good in reducing teething symptoms and calming your baby’s pain. It is an organic teething necklace with Amber’s natural succinic acid which is good for helping the immune system and alleviating gum swellings.

For appearances and fashion fitness, this necklace is polished through a chemical free process. It is also authentic and has been verified by Gemological Institute of America. If chewed by your baby, it is suggested that the pain might last for only 15 to 30 minutes.

This will be due to the succinic acid contained in the necklace which plays a great role in reducing the teething pain. It is also meticulously designed to last and not lose its effectiveness over time. This will be good to be used and kept as a family emblem.

What contributes to its amazing intactness is a screw clasp that will prevent the beads from being taken off by your baby plus each bead is properly secured by two knots. The only drawback when using this teething necklace is that the screw holding the necklace in place can break away anytime and therefore a lot of care should be taken when using it.​

Top features​

  • Organic.
  • Natural Succinic acid.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Durable and safe design.

What you will love about it:

  • It is safe and organic.
  • It reduces teething fussiness and drooling.
  • Has natural succinic acid which is good for reducing swellings.
  • It is handcrafted and polished through a chemical free process using small pine wood tumbler.
  • It has high pain relieve rate and has long lasting effectiveness.
  • It is designed to last and keep your baby safe for your baby.

What you may not like about it:

  • The screw holding the necklaces in place is prone to breaking.

2. The Art of Cure Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

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This is yet another Baltic amber necklace. It is made from Baltic amber, a resin that existed millions of years ago. This resin has a natural organic chemical called succinate which naturally occurs in human bodies.

Succinate is good in relieving pain effectively. So when your baby gnaws this Baltic amber necklace, the chemical will be absorbed into the skin which will work instantly in relieving the teething pain. Succinate is also good in improving the immune system and mitigating drooling.

This necklace is carefully knotted and handcrafted from high-quality amber materials. This material is naturally obtained from the Baltic Sea which makes it safe for your baby. To ensure that safety is prioritized, the amber material is tested at the University of Washington.

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You can test this amber by putting it in a basin with two cups of salty water. If it floats, then it is original Baltic amber. What’s more, this teething necklace is less expensive even though it will offer such great features to your baby.

It is necessary to be careful when using this product though because the screw attachment can get detached and increase the chances of your baby choking. No parent would ever want this to happen to her precious bundle of joy.​

Top features​

  • Baltic amber.
  • Naturally safe.
  • 100% tested.
  • High-quality amber.

What you will love about it:

  • It has succinate which is good in boosting young child’s immune system and alleviates drooling, teething inflammation and pain.
  • It is organically safe. It is handcrafted meticulously from amber materials.
  • It uses natural Baltic amber obtained from the Baltic Sea.
  • It is certified to be pure.
  • The purity of this necklace is tested at the University of Washington.
  • It is less expensive.

What you may not like about it:

  • The necklace screw attachment detaches posing a choking hazard.

3. BEBE by Me ‘Cosmopolitan’ Hard+soft+cushy Beads All-in-1 Teething Necklace

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Bebe by Me 'Cosmopolitan' Hard... Bebe by Me 'Cosmopolitan' Hard... 721 Reviews $13.97


Designed by a company that has been in this industry since 1985, the BEBE by me teething necklaces are outstanding necklaces that also represent a fashion statement. Sometimes people look down upon teething necklaces because they find it hard to find the one that goes hand in hand with their outfits. This one, in particular, has been made to match any outfit.

Another reason why this necklace is the best is that it will give your baby a variety of beads for your baby to gnaw. These beads have different shapes and sizes. They also have an exclusive craft with different hardness levels which makes chewing enjoyable for your little one. The beads are 7 in total. They are good in massaging sensitive gum and also in goading sensory development.

You will be required to wear them on your neck as you nurse your baby. They can also be attached to strollers or bassinets. Rounding it up, they are FDA certified and made of non-toxic silicone.

What’s more, its strong grasp makes this product very durable while the beads massage your baby’s sensitive gums. The only issue is that the beads are sometimes quite smaller and tiny making it hard for your baby to hold them as she does the chewing.​

Top features​

  • Hard, soft and cushy.
  • Hard clasp.
  • Food grade silicone.
  • 7 beads.
  • Nontoxic and BPA free.

What you will love about it:

  • It has three levels of texture.
  • It is soft, hard and cushy which makes it enjoyable for children to gnaw it.
  • The beads massage and appease sensitive gums.
  • The beads also cure inflammation and gum pains.
  • It has strong clasp which makes it durable.
  • Made of safe Japanese standard non-toxic silicone.

What you may not like about it:

  • The beads are smaller and tiny for baby to hold them while chewing.

4. RubyRoo Baby Silicone Teething Necklace

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Silicone Teething Necklace -... Silicone Teething Necklace -... 652 Reviews from $24.97


Are you tired of using “the numbing gels” and following dosage instruction to cure or relieve your baby of teething pain? This silicone necklace will be a great substitution to the tiring process of curing your baby’s hurting gums. First, it is safe for your baby.The material used to make this necklace is BPA, phthalates, lead-free a food grade silicone.

To make this necklace enjoyable and intact for your baby’s chewing time, it made using a breakaway clasp and solely-knotted beads. These are also great in preventing a choking hazard.

Sometimes your baby will gnaw a teething necklace to the point that it gets greasy with drool. In the case of this necklace, it will be easy to wash since it is dishwasher safe.

Comfort is another key when wearing such necklaces. This one, for instance, has a silky-smooth and stylish cord which will not pull your hair and makes this necklace adjustable. What’s more, this best teething necklace is made with a breakaway necklace which is perfect for enjoyment and keeping the necklace compact. The only issue when using this necklace is that the closure is not tight enough and can be pulled by curious babies in just a few minutes.​

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Top features​

  • Food grade silicone.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Breakaway clasp and solely knotted beads.
  • Freezer teething rings.
  • Adjustable necklace cord.
  • Necklace cord length measures 30’’/14’’.

What you will love about it:

  • Made with a breakaway necklace which is good for enjoyment and keeping the necklace compact.
  • For safety, the beads are individually-knotted.
  • This necklace can be cleaned in a top-rack dishwasher.
  • The effectiveness of this necklace can be increased by freezing it in the freezer.
  • Will not trap your hair or cause discomfort.
  • The necklace cord is adjustable.

What you may not like about it:

  • The closure is not tight enough. A curious baby can pull it off within no time.

5. Itybity Baby Teething Necklace

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Baby Teething Necklace for... Baby Teething Necklace for... 260 Reviews from $13.49


Made for moms, it is perfect for baby’s teething pain and reduces drooling. It is also good in goading sensory development and soothing gums. They are handcrafted with care and made with high quality, BPA, phthalate, metals, cadmium and lead-free food grade silicone that has been approved by the FDA.

To make it more fun for your baby, this necklace has been made with different chewing textures. This will ensure that your baby will have a variety of beads to chew. To make sure that your baby’s teething necklace is healthy and germs free, you can clean it in a dishwasher.

Nothing completes a good necklace more than seeing it being certified by the authorities. CPSC/CPSIA have certified this necklace. This best teething necklace will massage your baby’s gums very well, and your baby will feel alright in just a matter of time.​

Top features​

  • Multiple gnawing textures.
  • Food grade silicone.
  • BPA, phthalate, lead, cadmium, lead and metal free.
  • CPSC/CPSIA certified.
  • FDA approved.
  • Dishwasher safe.

What you will love about it:

  • Good in relieving teething and stimulating sensory development.
  • Good in gum massage.
  • Has different gnawing textures which make it enjoyable for the baby.
  • It is easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe.
  • It meets all the baby products safety standards.

What you may not like about it:

  • The beads are very sticky, and foreign materials like hair can stick on them.


Our kids rely on us for almost everything. You should be a keen parent to realize when your baby is in pain. If the pain is caused by the baby teething process, you need a teething necklace to help you out. This is why it is necessary to know a thing or two about best teething necklaces.

All the above reviewed 5 best teething necklaces will be good in reducing your baby’s gum pains and inflammations. You can buy all of them and try them out one by one and settle on one that completely satisfies your baby’s needs. However, some will have special natural chemicals like the Powell’s Owls Baltic Amber Teething Necklace’s natural succinic Acid which is good for helping the immune system and alleviating gum swellings.

You will not get disappointed fashion wise and health wise with this necklace as it is polished and made using a chemical free process. It is also authentic and has been verified by Gemological Institute of America. To make it even better for your baby, it has a quick pain relieving time. We could like to recommend this necklace for you.

3 Features Consider Before Buying A Teething Necklace

The process of buying the best teething necklace is never a walk in the park. It is a real headache that can totally go wrong if done in a hurry. This is why you need to know what features to consider before buying one so that you can save some money and time by not buying a counterfeit product.

The following are the features that you need to consider very carefully to get everything right.

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Teething necklaces are made of different materials. These materials include amber, wood, rubber or silicone. Amber necklaces tend to be the best but finding the genuine ones is hard. They also come with natural chemicals in them which is good for the health of the baby.

Wooden teeth necklaces, on the other hand, are cheap. However, they do not last long and are known for absorbing the smell and cracking especially when washed and dried. Silicone necklaces are the best alternative of the amber necklaces.

They are durable and cheap but do not come with natural chemicals like succinate which is good in relieving pain and boosting the baby’s immunity.​


Safety comes in different ways. When looking for your baby’s teething necklace, it is important to find the one with high safety standards both health wise and hazard wise. For those that are safe health wise, they should be made of food grade materials if it silicone or amber.

They should be free of BPA, phthalate and lead. These chemicals are toxic and can lead to cancer or behavioral defects in children.

There might be no exact way to know whether the necklaces are actually safe. In the event that you find yourself doubting the teething necklace you are about to buy, look for the certification statement. By doing so, you will know whether it has passed the regulations of the local and international bodies like the FDA and CSPIA.

For necklaces that are safe hazard wise, they should have long and adjustable cords. They should also have knotted beads which do not move around the necklace ring or the cord. This will minimize the choking hazard.​


In this trail of hunting the best teething necklace, it is good to dig deeper in finding the effectiveness of a particular necklace. An efficient teething necklace should alleviate teething pain and inflammations. It should also help in improving or boosting the immunity of your baby.

The necklace should have good beads which have the right texture for your baby, for instance, they should not be too hard or too soft but have an element of cushiness. This will ensure that your baby enjoys using the necklace without any difficulties.

Important Tips When Your Baby Is Using The Baby Worn Teething Necklace

These are some few tips to make sure that your baby is safe while wearing a teething necklace;

  • Make sure to carefully watch your baby every time she has worn the necklace.
  • When your baby is sleeping, take the necklace off.
  • Make sure that your baby’s necklace cord is adjustable.
  • The beads should closely be knotted.
  • Carefully double check on the screw connecting between the necklaces.

To make things somehow easier for you and your baby, you should go for those that are worn by moms. You baby will chew them from your chest as you nurse her. They will, however, create a limited time for your baby to use them because it means that your baby will only use the necklace while on your lap.

For toddlers, a baby worn teething necklace will be good but for infants who are drooling or beginning to teeth, a teething necklace worn by moms will be good for them.

Whether your baby is using a baby worn or mommy worn teething necklace, you should always keep a watchful eye on her so that everything goes on as expected. The possibility of choking is always just a few moments away; you need to watch your baby.

Preview Product Rating Price
Bebe by Me 'Cosmopolitan' Hard... Bebe by Me 'Cosmopolitan' Hard... 721 Reviews $13.97
Silicone Teething Necklace -... Silicone Teething Necklace -... 652 Reviews from $24.97
Baby Teething Necklace for... Baby Teething Necklace for... 260 Reviews from $13.49

Have you ever bought any of the teething necklaces discussed above for your baby? Which best teething necklace are you planning to buy for your baby now that you know all their details? In case you buy one of the above-discussed products, please share with us your experience in the comments section provided below. Please share this article with your friends.​

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