Top 5 Best Shopping Cart Covers: This Is How To Enhance Your Baby’s While Shopping

Sincerely speaking, who doesn’t agree with me that a shopping cart is a magnet of germs? It harbors thousands of germs on it from thousands of people handling it annually. They are the primary source of germs for little kids.

Children generally have a weak immune system. The moment they are exposed to a large number of germs, the immunity of their body will be under siege, and because they will not hold off the attack, they will fall sick. Who wants their children to fall sick often? I believe none of us would ever wish for such a thing to happen.


Children have a habit of wanting to touch anything they come across whether dirty or clean. They will even start gnawing on anything whether edible or not. To protect your baby and save yourself the worries of your little one contracting germs related diseases, you will have to buy your little one the best shopping cart cover.

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Croc n frog 2-in-1 Shopping... Croc n frog 2-in-1 Shopping... 1797 Reviews $21.98
Summer 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover... Summer 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover... 1553 Reviews from $26.00
Infantino Compact 2-in-1... Infantino Compact 2-in-1... 1791 Reviews from $22.16
Infantino Play and Away Cart... Infantino Play and Away Cart... 225 Reviews from $26.40

Top 5 Best Shopping Cart Covers Reviews

1.Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart cover for baby

Preview Product Rating Price
Croc n frog 2-in-1 Shopping... Croc n frog 2-in-1 Shopping... 1797 Reviews $21.98


Are you looking for a cart cover that will put your child’s exposure to germs to a bare minimum? This cover will offer that extra layer of protection to your little one. It is nicely padded and will not irritate your baby. You will have a great and involving shopping time.

It is made with ultra-soft padding fabric that is 100% polyester, and it is machine washable. Your baby will always be free from germs. This cart cover is multi purpose as it is designed for both grocery carts and high chairs.

Your baby will have an absolute protection when on this cover, and you will have a peace of mind while shopping.

Top Features
  • It is a multipurpose cart cover for both high chair and shopping cart.
  • 2 Buckles in front & rear.
  • Bottle strap
  • Soft and comfortable padded fabric 3 toy loops
  • Tassels
  • A pouch at the back.


  • It is a multi purpose cover which will suit a high chair and a shopping cart.
  • It has 2 buckles to hold your little one into position. Great for safety and protection.
  • It has a soft and comfortable padded fabric that will give your little one’s delicate bones and skin maximum protection and comfort.
  • The three toy loops will give room for toys to keep your baby busy while you shop. It will also keep your baby from gnawing the cart grills.
  • The tassels on the sides will secure the cover sides, leaving no access points for coming in contact with the cart.
  • It also has bottle straps for holding your little one’s Sippy cup.


  • Its size does not fit the shopping cart well.

2.Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover

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Summer 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover... Summer 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover... 1553 Reviews from $26.00


This shopping cart cover will protect your little one while you shop and on restaurant high chairs. It is ideal for infants, comes with a cushioned positioner to secure your little one into position. It will give your baby full support on both sides of the body.

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You will not dispose of it when your baby grows old. It will simply grow with your little one. You will remove the positioner, and there you have it! More room for your baby.

There is a transparent pocket at the front of this cover where you can place your smart phone, and your little one will play with it while it is protected. This will always keep your baby busy.

Top Features
  • Infant positioner.
  • Vinyl pocket.
  • Foldable
  • 2 toy loops
  • It is padded.


  • It will be suitable for a mum on the go. You just quickly fold it into an excellent shape for storage or packing.
  • Your baby will be safe on this cover; the positioner will keep her in position.
  • There is a vinyl pocket where you can place your smartphone, and your baby will get entertained as you shop.
  • The toy loops will give you room to attach toys that will keep your baby involved as you shop.
  • It is a multi purpose cover suitable for your shopping cart and high restaurant chairs


  • The cover material fabric is scratchy. Your baby may end up being uncomfortable in it.

3.Infantino Compact Cart cover, pink

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Infantino Compact 2-in-1... Infantino Compact 2-in-1... 1791 Reviews from $22.16


With Infantino compact cart cover, kiss the germs goodbye. Your little one will have full protection from germs. From the look alone, you will tell that it is the best. It has a nice large area design that will cover most of the parts of the cart that your little one is exposed to. It is machine washable and wipeable, cleaning it won’t be any complicated.

It is a 2-in-1 cover, you can use it while shopping or when your baby is sitting on the high restaurant chair. You will need to just fold it to a tote keeping you organized and on the go. With the help of the safety harness, your baby will be so comfortable and safe on this cover.

Top Features
  • Adjustable safety harness.
  • Large storage pockets.
  • It is padded.
  • Machine washable.
  • Comes with a teether.
  • Sippy cup strap.


  • The safety harness will ensure that your baby is kept in a good position on the cart or the high chair.
  • It has an extra padding to add comfort and coziness; your baby will enjoy sitting on it.
  • The toy straps will give room for holding your baby’s favorite toys.
  • It quickly folds to a compact tote becoming easy for you to carry and store it.
  • It is machine washable, cleaning it won’t be a backbreaker.


  • It lacks the unisex qualities. It is more ideal for girls than boys.

4.Infantino Play and Away Cart cover and Play Mat

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Infantino Play and Away Cart... Infantino Play and Away Cart... 225 Reviews from $26.40


This 3-in-1 cover will give you a variety of options to use. First, it will protect your little one while on the shopping cart. It is heavily padded for maximum protection and comfort. Secondly, it will also protect your little on the restaurant high chairs.

Your baby will be kept safe from any germs. With the safety harness to keep your baby in the position, your baby will have great dinner or meal time.

Thirdly out of the shopping malls and the restaurants, you will convert this cover into a nice playing mat for your little one. It includes 4 tags along toys, a signature teether, a crinkle lion, rattle panda and a click and clack rings.

Top Features


  • It has three great uses. It can be used as a cart cover, play mat, and high chair cover.
  • Your baby will be safe on it. It has an adjustable and removable safety harness. It has a large pocket for keeping your essentials while you shop.
  • It has a large play mat area for your baby.
  • It comes with 4 removable toys. Your baby will have a playful time while you shop or dine.


  • It is made of soft and fragile fabrics. They can tear apart if not carefully removed from the cart. It does not completely wrap the cart edges.

5.Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover for baby- Universal Fit, “roll-in” style Pouch, 360 Germ Protection, Machine Washable

No products found.


It is made with safety and protection as a priority. Your baby will have close to zero exposure to the cart while sited on this cover. To keep your curious and high chewing urged baby away from touching the cart and pulling the cover are the side Velcro. There are also Velcro wraps between the legs to protect your baby’s legs from rubbing against the contaminated cart grills.

It is 100% machine washable; it will not be an uphill task while cleaning it. It is large enough to fit the large shopping carts and high chairs. You will just be required to roll it, and it will fit into your little one’s diaper bag in time. Besides helping you to protect your little one from the germs, you will have an extra pocket to store your accessories as well.

Top Features
  • 100% machine washable.
  • “Roll-in” compact pouch.
  • Side and between the legs Velcro.
  • Storage pocket.
  • 2 Sippy cup strap.
  • 2 toy loops.


  • The side Velcro will cover the cart handle keeping your baby from pulling and coming in contact with the cart
  •  Your baby’s legs will be protected as well by the Velcro in between the legs.
  • It can easily roll into a small pouch which can fit a diaper bag.
  • It has an extra pocket to store your smartphone and let your baby play with it through a clear screen cover.
  • It is machine washable; you will clean it with ease. 


  • The cover material is not hard enough and can rip off easily if something holds it while removing it from the cart or a high chair.


Protecting a little kid from germs is one of the hardest things. Kids are extremely curious and irresponsible. You may end up quarreling or warning them a thousand times a day and they will still end up doing it.

There are instances where you can protect them from contracting germs. Buy the best shopping cart cover to prevent your baby from contracting any disease while you go shopping. A cart cover like Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart cover/ High chair cover for baby will give your baby an absolute protection.

7 Features To Consider Before Buying A Shopping Cart Cover

Size.The larger the size of the cart covers, the better because they will cover a large area. Remember your little one might not sit steadily while on the cart. A small cart cover will fall off the sides of the cart when your child turns or tries to move. Make sure you, therefore to consider the size of the cover before buying it.

Comfort.Nothing is disturbing and heartbreaking as seeing your little one uncomfortable. You will never be settled. It will be embarrassing if you try to put your baby in the cart and she shrugs off. Fighting with a little kid is hard.

To avoid that, you have to buy a comfortable shopping cart cover that your baby will jump into it without even your call. A well-padded and cushioned cover will be the most suitable in this case.

SafetySafety is a priority when it comes to little kids. They are not responsible, and you are their guardians. Kids are generally curious, without a harness to keep them safely in position then their safety will be at risk.

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She might pretend to be the superman she watches on TV and your baby may jump off and be injured pretty badly. So your shopping cart cover must have a safety harness.

Padding. Besides providing comfort, a padding should also be removable. Remember your baby will grow in size. Soon you will need more space for your little one to fit the cart.

However, the cover should not be left as a skeleton when the padding is removed. It should have a remedy on this, or otherwise, discomfort will dawn, and you will be forced to buy another cover

 Material and design.The best shopping cart cover should first of all be unisex. A unisex shopping cart cover means it should be attractive to both boys and girls. Boys have a different way of looking at things while girls have a different way of viewing things, hope you get it.

Another important thing is the material. Many parents complain of the cover ripping off on the first day after they buy these products. Well, this could be because they were not keen enough to look at the nature of the cover material. It should be tough and durable.

Washable covers. Cleanness is the key here. The cover sits on the contaminated carts and high chairs. They will soon be contaminated as well. Your cart cover will need to be washed regularly.

It should, therefore, be at least washable or machine washable to cut you the uphill task of washing it. They should also be wipeable in case your little one drops or tips off snugs on it.

Multipurpose. Thanks to the competition in the market today, cart covers are no longer meant for covering carts alone.You can even use it as high chair covers and play mats. Make sure to look for that feature in the shopping cart cover you are going to buy.

2 Types Of Cart Covers You Should Know About

High-end cart covers

These are the most recommended type of shopping cart covers. They are heavily padded, giving a comfortable ride to your baby.

They come with features like large pockets for you to keep your belongings and other baby essentials as well. They also have straps to hold Sippy cups and toys.

Low-end cart covers

They don’t have any padding on them. They are simply a piece of clothing protecting your little one from coming in contact with the cart.

They are not entirely convenient in protecting your baby against germs. They are cheap, and as you know, cheaply is expensive to some extent. They are overwhelmingly less durable.

Why You Should Buy A Shopping Cart Cover


Thousands of people handle the same shopping carts you will use when shopping. Children with wet diapers will ride on them, and more than a thousand other sources of germs will be exposed to these cats. Your baby will not even last a second before she contracts germs on it if you do not have the best shopping cart cover.

With their weak and sensitive immune system, a cart cover will protect your baby from contracting infectious diseases like cholera.


Recent estimated research has shown that injuries associated with shopping carts for children under the age of 5 years are as high as 108,000. Most of these injuries were head and face injuries. Cart covers come with a safety harness to keep your unsettling little one in position.

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