Top 5 Best Scooters For Toddlers: How To Buy The Best Product In 2019

One of the ways to get your toddler engaged and exercised when outdoors is by buying her the best scooter for toddlers. Scooters are now the most popular baby toy among young children. If yours hasn’t had one yet, the chances are that she is dying to have one.

There are various benefits associated with buying your baby the best scooter for toddlers. Besides being good for exercise, scooters are suitable for mobility, improving emotions and socialization. Since they are trendy baby toys, most of your baby’s friends in the neighborhood must already be owning one.

To ensure that your baby remains at par with her friends, gifting her with the best scooter will be a good gesture.Which brings us to the reason why we have written this article. This review article will help you find the best scooter for toddlers that will be a great gift for your baby.


Preview Product Rating Price
Micro Mini Original 3-Wheeled,... Micro Mini Original 3-Wheeled,... 2050 Reviews from $71.36
Radio Flyer Scoot-About Radio Flyer Scoot-About 617 Reviews $39.93
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn... Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn... 321 Reviews from $52.44
Scooters for Kids Toddler... Scooters for Kids Toddler... 1343 Reviews from $19.95

With that said and done, here are our top five best scooters for toddlers.

Top 5 Best Scooters For Toddlers Reviews

1. Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

Preview Product Rating Price
Micro Mini Original 3-Wheeled,... Micro Mini Original 3-Wheeled,... 2050 Reviews from $71.36

Top features:

  • Age limit of 2-5 years.
  • ​Learn-to-steer design.
  • ​Reinforced deck.
  • ​Flexible fiber glass.
  • 3 wheeled.

Are you looking for a scooter for toddlers between the ages of 2-5 years? If yes, then this Micro Mini Scooter is the right one for your toddler. This scooter will keep your baby outdoors exercising. It has a low to the ground deck, 3 micro wheels and safe steering with a great stability so that your baby will cruise successfully. It is also perfect for kindergarteners and preschoolers.

Your baby will learn to ride this scooter with ease; it has a learn-to-steer design which will allow children to steer by using their body weight. For example, your baby can lean to the right and left to take turn intuitively.

There are some scooters that tend to have a lot of noise and bumpy rides when a baby rides on them. That will never be the case with this scooter as your baby will ride very smoothly and quietly. It has a flexible fiberglass and a reinforced deck which on a combined effort are great in absorbing sidewalk bumps and shocks. Regarding safety, it is certified by CPSC, and it can carry children who weigh up to 44 pounds.


  • It is made with a learn-to-steer design which is good for training little children by intuition on how to ride.
  • ​Offers a smooth and quiet ride to no marking wheels.
  • ​It is safe. It has been certified by CPSC for use.
  • ​A flexible fiber glass and reinforced deck will provide extra care against bump shocks and safe cruising on the sidewalks.
  • It is highly rated for children of age 2 to 5 years.


  • The handlebars are prone to being defective.

2. Gobber Scooter Primo 3 wheel Adjustable Height scooter

No products found.

Top features:

  • Age limit 2 to 6 years
  • ​Weight limit of 110 pounds.
  • ​Patented handlebar locking system.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • Steel plate reinforced deck.
  • High-rebound PU wheels and ABEC-5 bearings.

This product has been made to redefine the outdoor fun. The Gobber Scooter Primo is made for young riders before they can graduate to the 2-wheel scooters. It is made with quick steering bars which will require your baby to lean sideways take a turn.

You don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety as this is a just a slight turn. It won’t affect the balance of the scooter. If you feel like your baby is not yet ready to balance the scooter, it comes with a button to lock the handlebars for a straight-line riding only until when your baby learns to balance.

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One of the concerns that most parents are normally worried about is the wheel size. Thankfully, this concern is well taken care of in this scooter. The wheels are large enough to ensure that there is a smooth riding over cracks and rough sidewalks. To boost on the nature of riding, it is made with PU material and ABEC 5 bearings which create a smooth ride and increase the durability of the wheels.

One of the unique features of this scooter is that it has adjustable handlebars which are connected together through 3-position latch system. This system in a real sense grows with your baby. These handlebars can be adjusted from a height of 26.5’’ to 31’’. For portability, the handlebars can be removed from the deck leaving the scooter in two pieces which is good for placing it on a car or carrying it into a restaurant.


  • Grows with your baby as you can adjust the handlebars to a height limit of 26.5 to 31 inches.
  • ​The handlebars can be securely locked for a safe ride for a toddler who has not yet known how to balance using the patented handlebar locking system.
  • ​The deck provides a responsive and stable ride through its steel plate reinforced cruise.
  • It is capable of supporting up to 110 pounds which make it double stronger than standard scooter toddlers.
  • It has large wheels and an extended rear brake that covers the whole wheel for a quick and efficient braking.


  • Braking system and the rear wheel get worn fast.

3. Radio Flyer Scoot-About

Preview Product Rating Price
Radio Flyer Scoot-About Radio Flyer Scoot-About 617 Reviews $39.93

Top features:

  • Steel frames.
  • ​4-Wheeled.
  • ​Adjustable seat.
  • Chrome handlebars.
  • Ringing bells and steamers.
  • Imported.

This product comes from a company with over 100 years of experience in making children toys. Radio Flyer has been designing ingenious scooters for toddlers for years with great improvement in their designs.

The Radio Flyer Scoot-About is a 4 wheeled scooter with a beautiful finish on the bars and the frames. The wheels are wide for stability and safety. Holding the wheels is a strong steel frame with a front bumper that protects the scooter from hitting walls and furnishings.

You baby will sit comfortably on an adjustable seat which will grow with your little one. To make things even more entertaining, Radio Flyer has added ringing bells and soft steamers. Nothing beats a baby riding on a scooter with easy to glide wheels like this one. It is suitable for toddlers of the age of 1 to 3 years.

The only issue to be worried about when using this best scooter for toddlers is that because of its short back and seat distance, the baby will keep hitting the rear wheel whenever she tries to ride on it.


  • It has strong steel frames which offer great support.
  • ​Has front bumper that protects the walls and the furnishings.
  • The 4 wheels are wide for additional safety and stability.
  • The adjustable seat makes this scooter grow with your baby.
  • The stylish chrome handlebars offer a classic look.


  • It has a short back and seat distance making the baby hit the rear wheel every time she rides on it.

4. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Scooter

Preview Product Rating Price
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn... Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn... 321 Reviews from $52.44

Top features:

  • 3 levels of entertainment and learning fun.
  • ​Interactive dashboard.
  • ​Motion switch.
  • 3 shape buttons.
  • 50 plus songs, melodies and chants.

Are you looking for a scooter that will leave your baby obsessed with it? The fisher-price scooter is an entertaining scooter that comes with a lot of entertaining and interesting features. Besides your baby riding on it, this scooter has a lot to offer.

For instance, it has more than fifty learning melodies, phrases, and songs. These phrases and songs are good for a growing baby. Some will direct your baby to wave while riding the scooter; others will be good for the baby’s ability to identify colors and shapes.

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On the interactive dashboard, you will find clicking key, horn buttons and shapes which will boost your baby’s motor skills. This scooter comes with three levels of entertainment content to choose for your baby. You will use a switch on the dashboard to make these selections.

These levels include Level 1 which has 12M+ first words and chants, level 2 has 18M+ simple questions and directives and level 3 has 24M+ imaginative and role play. Your baby may find it hard to scoot because the wheels of this product are hard to spin, but this is an issue not to get worried about really.


  • It is a learning tool. It will teach your baby a lot beside riding.
  • ​The learning content can be changed as the baby grows.
  • ​The interactive dashboards with shaped buttons will teach the baby numbers, shapes, colors and opposites.
  • ​It contains phrases that provide directions and encourages the baby when she does the right thing.
  • As the baby scoots, the motion switch will activate the learning phrases and songs.


  • The wheels are hard to spin which makes it hard for babies to scoot themselves.

5. Den Haven Scooter

Preview Product Rating Price
Scooters for Kids Toddler... Scooters for Kids Toddler... 1343 Reviews from $19.95

Top features:

  • Aluminum frames.
  • ​Carbon steel alloy.
  • ​Adjustable T locking handlebar.
  • Rear brake.
  • Aluminum brake pedal.
  • 3 wheel design.

If you are looking for a stable kick scooter, this could be your perfect match. It has a unique 3 wheel design that provides enough stability and safety for your learning baby. The wheels of this scooter rotate with ease, quietly and smoothly. On this scooter is a wide deck which also offers a wide surface for your baby to stand on to enhance extra stability.

The frames are made of aluminum and nylon composites. The handlebar which is adjustable and has a T-shape locking system, on the other hand, is made of carbon steel alloy. The scooter is also foldable so that it can be carried when traveling or when being stored.

This best scooter for toddlers has a rear brake which when pressed offers a quick, safe and firm stop. To enhance how your baby will make the braking, the scooter has an aluminum brake pedal.


  • Has a stable 3 wheel unique design which offers great stability and safety.
  • ​A wide deck offers extra stability and convenience for any kid.
  • ​The PU wheels provide both smooth and quiet ride.
  • ​Made of durable aluminum frames which offer sturdy support.
  • The handlebar is adjustable and features hands friendly and padded handles.
  • For safe riding and a quick halt, it features a rear brake with an aluminum brake pedal.


  • It lacks an easy to use button or folding mechanism.

Wrapping Up

We cannot dispute the fact that children like playing with toys. The scooter is a toy that is ideal for toddlers as it enables them to enjoy playing outdoors. There are several brands of scooters that have flooded the market recently. You might have contemplated buying your toddler a scooter once in your lifetime.

In as much as you would like to buy your toddler a scooter, it is necessary to get her only the best scooter for toddlers. This is because such a scooter will give you value for your money and meet the expected qualities of ideal scooters. All the scooters that we have discussed above will just do you good.

However, the Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter has some great features that make it outstanding from the rest. If you were expecting us to recommend a particular product among the five that we just discussed, then this is our recommendation.

It has a low to the ground deck, 3 micro wheels and safe steering with a great stability so that your baby will cruise on successfully. The design offers a perfect way of learning how to scoot using body weight and intuition. It also offers a quiet and smooth ride through its top spinning wheels among other great features.

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Scooter For Your Toddler


Ensuring that you get your baby the right size of a scooter is a wise thing to do. Large and oversized scooters will tend to lower your baby’s control over them. The correct size of a scooter offers the baby the perfect control power whether it is in maneuverability or trying to kick start the scooter.

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Size also goes with age and height. Knowing your baby’s height will be crucial in finding the right size of the scooter.


Wheels are the one major factor to be carefully considered when it comes to finding the right scooter for your toddler. One of the aspects to look for in the wheels of the scooter is the size. Large wheels provide a better balance, perform well on unfriendly terrains and are good for maneuverability.

The number of wheels also matter a lot. For kick scooters, those with 3 or 4 wheels have good stability than those with 2 wheels. Alongside the number and size of the wheels, the ease with which the wheels rotate also matters a lot.

Noisy wheels tend to have a lot of friction and will slow the motion of the scooter. Some will even require a lot of force from your baby rendering your baby tired and wasted after a short ride.

The Deck

The deck is the part on which your baby will stand while riding the scooter. A good toddler scooter should have a wide deck to boost your baby’s balance. This is unlike those scooters ideal for older children which have thinner decks. A large surface area will also provide enough space for your baby to stand on while cruising with the scooter.

The material of the deck also matters a lot. Look for those that are made of aluminum or steel. This is to ensure that it offers strong support as your baby stands on it. Look for a layer of grip tape that is normally on the deck. This kind of layer provides enough traction for one of the legs as the other kicks push the scooter.


Most of the scooters come with T shaped handlebars. The handlebar acts as the steering for the scooter.

Your baby will be supposed to lean sideways on the handlebars to take turns. The handle bars have a mechanism that is connected to the axle of the wheel which aids in doing this.

When looking for the right scooter for your baby, look for a handlebar with padded handles to foster on the grip for good control. Another aspect to consider in as far as handlebars are concerned is their adjustability.This is to enable you to adjust them as your baby grows. The steering radius is vital when toddlers are cruising.

For young children, a long turning radius is important since they are not yet good with balance and riding skills. Try to also look for those with a handlebar locking mechanism. With the handlebars locked, she can just scoot in one direction.

Braking System

The braking system is an essential feature in scooters. There are a number of ways the braking can be done. One of the ways is by pressing the braking handles on the handlebars; another way is by using a brake pedal.

For toddler scooters, it is important that the braking handles should be located on the handlebars for a swift braking action. The most common brakes used in scooters are the rear braking pads that cover the entire rear wheels.

Preview Product Rating Price
Micro Mini Original 3-Wheeled,... Micro Mini Original 3-Wheeled,... 2050 Reviews from $71.36
Radio Flyer Scoot-About Radio Flyer Scoot-About 617 Reviews $39.93
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn... Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn... 321 Reviews from $52.44
Scooters for Kids Toddler... Scooters for Kids Toddler... 1343 Reviews from $19.95

Have you ever bought your toddler a scooter before? Did you buy her any of the brands that we have discussed above? If not, which brand of scooters did you buy her? Which scooter are you planning to buy next from the above-discussed brands? Kindly use the comment section to send us your feedback.

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