An Honest Review Of The Top 5 Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches

An Honest Review Of The Top 5 Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Most moms face challenges when it comes to feeding their children when traveling. You will have to pull over, look for a restaurant or if you have packed food, sit by the road side and watch or help your little one eat before you can resume your journey.

To curb this challenge, the best reusable baby food pouches have been designed and introduced to help parents like you who are on-the-go make feeding convenient and easy.These reusable food pouches are filled with puree foods, yogurt, juice and drinks so that your little one can feed by themselves by squeezing the delicious food out of the pouches.

After your baby is done using them, you can clean and refill them for the next meal time. Most of the best reusable baby food pouches have been known to be reusable for up to two months. This means they can be used for approximately twelve times.


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Pink 6 oz Squeasy Snacker... Pink 6 oz Squeasy Snacker... 1379 Reviews from $12.99
Reusable Food Pouch 6oz (50... Reusable Food Pouch 6oz (50... 333 Reviews from $44.99
ChooMee SnakPack Reusable Baby... ChooMee SnakPack Reusable Baby... 166 Reviews $14.99

Top 5 Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches Reviews

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#1 Little Green Reusable Food Pouch

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Top features:

  • Unisex
  • BPA, Phthalate, PVC free
  • Freezer-safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Flexible material
  • Zipper sealed top

Are you looking for an on-the-go food pouch for your little one? This is a perfect one for your baby. With the little green reusable pouch, refilling will be easy as it comes with a zipper sealed top part which is easy to open and refill. It has a flexible body which can be blown to expand so that you can refill it.

When it comes to reusable food pouches, safety is paramount. If you are wondering of the degree of safety of this pouch, get assured that it is 99% healthy as it is made of a durable, BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free plastics.

Cleaning this reusable food pouch is simple and easy; you will just toss it in your dishwasher or pop it upside down over the tongs on the top shelf of your dishwasher. For the best use, it is recommended that you rinse all the homemade food out of it before using it.

It is also good for storing food for later use. You will just fill it up, put it in the freezer and when the time is right for your baby to eat, you can defreeze the food in warm water and give it to your baby. What’s more, it is unisex and can be used by both boys and girls. You won’t have to waste money buying one that suits your baby’s gender.


  • It has a zipper sealed top which makes it good for a refill
  • It can fill up to 7oz of pureed food
  • It is reusable and safe for little ones. It is made of BPA, phthalate, PVC free and durable plastic
  • Cleaning it in the dishwasher is easy. You will just have to pop it upside down over the tongs on the top shelves of the dishwasher and rinse them clean
  • It is freezer safe which is good for big batches of foods cooked; they can be filled up and then be stored in the freezer
  • The cover material is squeezable making it perfect for little ones
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  • The zipper is prone to getting off the pouch when trying to zip it up after filling it up

#2 WeeSprout Double Zipper Reusable Food Pouch

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Top features:

  • Wide dual closure zipper for filling
  • Spout for feeding
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Strong and eco-friendly material
  • Free of BPA, phthalate, BPA, lead and PVC

One of the key things when looking for the best reusable pouches is the ability to refill it. WeeSprout Double Zipper reusable pouch captures this factor perfectly well. It comes with wide zippers for easy fill and cleaning. When cleaning it, water flows through the zipper and out of the spout.

To make it even easier to clean, this pouch has no corners which can trap food and make cleaning it an uphill task. It just doesn’t end there; this pouch is also dishwasher safe. All you will be required to do is rinse it before putting it in your dishwasher.

Are you tired of the messy situations from the other leaky pouches? Well, this pouch has got you covered. You can secure the food of your little one by using the double zipper available on this best reusable baby food pouch.

It is also made of strong, eco-friendly materials which make it durable and suitable for repeated use. If you cook a lot of food in batches, you are not left out. This pouch and the other five will give you room for storing the ready pureed food in the freezer. The only issue to be worried about when buying this product is the zipper which may become inefficient when the food pouch is filled up.


  • The extra wide zipper makes cleaning easy and filling.
  • It has no pesky corners which make the process of cleaning it up faster.
  • This pouch is top ranked as a dishwasher safe pouch.
  • Has a high-quality construction which allows for repeated use.


  • The zipper becomes sealed with food materials which make it hard to close the pouch when filled up.

#3 Squeasy Gear Reusable baby food pouch

Preview Product Rating Price
Pink 6 oz Squeasy Snacker... Pink 6 oz Squeasy Snacker... 1379 Reviews from $12.99

Top features:

  • 2-in-1 removable no spill insert.
  • Wide opening
  • High grip Collar and spout
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% food grade material

This another great product that has been manufactured to make your life very easy when it comes to feeding your baby as you travel. To make sure that you have an easy time when cleaning this pouch, it features a wide opening, an easy to grip collar and spout for easy opening and closing.

If you are a traveling parent, this will still be a good pouch for your little one. It can be filled with blends of freshly pureed food, yogurt, applesauce, juice or water. One of the things that make this pouch excellent is that it is good in preventing spills even with water as the pouch content.

Besides being spill proof, if you are worried about the safety of your baby while using these pouches, this one is completely safe for your baby. It is made with 100% food grade non-toxic materials. What’s more, this food pouch has a wide opening that will make the process of refilling and cleaning it very easy.


  • Great in preventing spills.
  • Has a wide opening for refilling and cleaning.
  • The collar and the spout have high grip for quick opening when cleaning and filling.
  • It is squeezable hence it is easy to use with pureed food.
  • This food pouch is safe and healthy; it is made with food grade materials which are BPA, PVC and phthalate free.


  • The spill preventing insert makes it hard for little children to create enough suction.

#4 Kiddzo Reusable food pouch 6oz with spoon

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Reusable Food Pouch 6oz (50... Reusable Food Pouch 6oz (50... 333 Reviews from $44.99

Top features:

This pouch has been made with your little one’s safety in mind. You may be asking how? It has round edges to reduce chances of injuries as your little one sucks the pureed food. The caps for the spout are also child safe.

Most of the pouches will get moldy because they have sharp corners which hold food making it hard to clean, for this pouch things have been made easy for you. It has rounded corners which make thorough cleaning possible. You have been advised however to use these pouches for not more than 12 times or 2 months as they are likely to have grown bacteria after that duration of time.

With an advantage of easy cleaning and safety, this pouch can be ideal for bulk storage of baby food in the freezer so that when the time is right for your baby, you can defreeze the food and have your baby enjoy the food. To keep your baby from messy situations, this pouch is made of leak proof material with strong double zippers.

It also comes with a spoon attachment for the quick feeding of your child and avoiding messy feeding as well. This pouch has no age limit meaning that any baby can use it.


  • It comes with a spoon attachment for feeding your baby to prevent messy situations
  • It has child safety caps
  • It has round edges for safety, ease and thorough cleaning.
  • The double zipper is suitable for making it leak proof.
  • The 50 pack leaves extra for storing bulk food in the freezer.


  • The lid screws are prone to failing to hold in place

#5 ChooMee Reusable Baby Food Pouch

Preview Product Rating Price
ChooMee SnakPack Reusable Baby... ChooMee SnakPack Reusable Baby... 166 Reviews $14.99

Top features:

  • A colorful and fun character set.
  • 50z capacity
  • No-leak double lock zipper
  • Baby safe caps
  • BPA, PVC Lead and phthalate free

Are you looking for a lovely cartooned pouch for your baby to use for feeding? The ChooMee Food Pouch is an example of such food pouches. This pouch is made with fun and colorful fresh squad characters. It is sizable enough to hold your baby’s yogurt or pureed food. This food pouch will hold up to 5oz of food.

It comes with a silicone pouch flow control valve that is good in preventing messy situations and keeping this pouch leak proof. You baby will sip the food through a short plastic spout design that can be topped up with a soft topper which fully covers the hard spout.

When cleaning, you will just open the bottom zipper and then place it in your dishwasher for a quick cleaning. What’s more, this best reusable baby food pouch is safe to be used by every young child. It meets the US and European child safety pouch usability standards. This is because it has the baby safe caps among other numerous safety features.


  • Attractive and suitable for young children
  • It is freezer and dishwasher safe
  • It comes with short plastic spouts for your baby to sip from. These spouts can be covered with child safety caps.
  • It is safe for young children. This pouch meets US and European Test standards.


  • It retains the food smells.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best reusable baby food pouches can be a headache, that is why we made things easier for you by doing our comprehensive review. From the five reusable pouches that we have reviewed, we believe that you will find the best one for your little one.

You can as well try each of the products we have examined to find the one that works perfectly for you and your baby. The Little Green Reusable Food pouch, in particular, will be the most suitable for you. This is because filling it is easy as it comes with a zipper sealed top part; it has a flexible body which can be blown to expand so that you can refill it.

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This pouch is very healthy and durable as it is made of durable, BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free plastics. It is also freezer safe which means you can fill it with your baby’s food and keep it in the freezer to be used later. It is also popular among parents and has good testimonials from those who have used it. We, therefore, recommend it for you.

Our other four pouches are also still good for you as cleaning them is easy, and a majority of them are dishwasher and freezer safe. Which best reusable baby food pouch have you ever used among the five discussed above? Which would you wish to buy for your baby? You can send us your feedback via the comments section below. Do not hold back in sharing this article with all your friends with kids.

4 Important Features To Look For In A Reusable Food Pouch

Easy to clean

One of the things you should make sure to look for in your baby’s pouch is the ability to clean it. Does it have round corners? Can it be washed in a dishwasher? You should be careful on these features if you don’t want to find yourself spending most of your time cleaning your baby’s pouch.

Look for those with round edges and wide openings which will give easy access for cleaning. A good pouch should also hold food without retaining the smell after cleaning.

Food capacity

When looking for the best reusable baby food pouches, look for those with large food capacities so that you might not need to refill it regularly. It should also have a capacity that will satisfy your baby and without accommodating any excess food. Most of the good pouches have a food capacity of 3oz to 7oz.

Most of these pouches are sold as packs. You might consider filling as many of them as those that can last you for a whole travel time.

Freezer safe

Buying a freezer safe reusable food pouch will be a wise idea for any parent out there. You can prepare a huge amount of puree food, fill your baby’s pouches and then store them in the freezer. This will ensure that every time your little one needs to feed on the pureed food, you can just defreeze it and it will be ready for consumption.

You should look at the label of the pouch you are going to buy and confirm if it is indicated whether it is freezer safe or not.


Food handling gear should be safe for use. There is no way around it. The safety of what your baby consumers should be a priority. Some of these pouches carry with them some industrial chemical residues that if consumed by your baby might lead to cancer and behavioral defects. Ensuring that the material used for making the food pouch is food grade is fundamental.

You should make sure that is it is free of toxins like phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead. Safety also entails ensuring that your baby’s pouch has round edges and child safety caps on the spout to reduce cases of your baby hurting herself.

4 Benefits You Will Get From Your Baby Using Reusable Food Pouch

  • You baby will love using them. Most of these reusable pouches are made with colorful and attractive shapes and textures.
  • They can be filled with a nutritious combination of foods like fruits and veggies.
  • These reusable food pouches are practical and convenient. They are suitable for on-the-go parents.
  • Food preparation time is significantly reduced. You will just need to prepare a large amount of food and freeze it.

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