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Top 5 Best Pregnancy Shoes: How To Buy The Best Products In 2019

Pregnancy is generally associated with a lot of changes in the normal body functioning. Some of these changes will include back pains, swelling of the feet and increase in weight. All these changes will have an ultimate effect on how you walk and do your normal routines.

This is why there is the dire need for special kind of shoes to help women go through this period of pregnancy more comfortably. During the nine months, having a pair of the best pregnancy shoes will do you wonders in alleviating your pains hence easing things up for you as you do your daily walkouts.


You will need shoes that will give you and your baby the best time possible by normalizing things up and giving you the best fashionable look. We are here to ensure you do exactly so. In this article, you will find the five best pregnancy shoes that we have sampled out for you. But before you do so, let’s get you guided appropriately.

Preview Product Rating Price
Skechers Performance Women's... Skechers Performance Women's... 9430 Reviews from $32.95
Sanuk Women's Donna Hemp... Sanuk Women's Donna Hemp... 903 Reviews $39.42
Birkenstock Women's Arizona... Birkenstock Women's Arizona... 271 Reviews from $89.98
BEARPAW KOLA II 2 10' BOOT... BEARPAW KOLA II 2 10" BOOT... 562 Reviews from $54.99
Crocs Women's Kadee Flat,... Crocs Women's Kadee Flat,... 4486 Reviews from $19.83

Top 5 Best Pregnancy Shoes Reviews

1. Performance Women’s Walk Slip-on Walking shoe

Preview Product Rating Price
Skechers Performance Women's... Skechers Performance Women's... 9430 Reviews from $32.95

Top features:

  • Textile material
  • Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight
  • Resalyte cushioning
  • Flexible outsole
  • Rear heel up

This is one of the best shoe brands for pregnant women. These shoes stand out to be one of the best pregnancy shoes as they do not have shoelaces. You will not have time to bend down low so that you can tie the laces. Instead, you will just have to slip them on your feet. They feature a comfort cushioning construction that will give you enough support.

On the sole are Goimpulse sensors which give a responsive feedback. These shoes can practically be used anywhere. You can use them when going shopping or when doing your morning or evening walks. They have an excellent material construction that is durable and will resist any terrain.

They are also available in different colors which leaves with the option of choosing from your favorite colors. What’s more, they are lightweight which makes them suitable for pregnant women like you. Walking on these shoes will offer so much comfort. They are also beautiful with a decorative stitching design making them fashionable and elegant.


  • They are lightweight which makes them suitable for pregnant women to use for walking
  • The resalyte cushioning offers excellent comfort for sensitive and swollen legs
  • The flexible outsole offers good performance when walking on them
  • Material construction is textile and synthetic which makes the shoes sturdy and durable
  • Rear heel pull allows a responsive impact when walking. This offers an excellent stability and comfort that is necessary for pregnant women


  • They have concentrated their comfort around the leg instead of under the leg

2. Sanuk Women’s Donna Hemp flat

Preview Product Rating Price
Sanuk Women's Donna Hemp... Sanuk Women's Donna Hemp... 903 Reviews $39.42

Top features:

  • Fabric material
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel measure close to around 0.75 inches
  • The platform is approximately 0.5 inches
  • Imported

These classic sidewalk shoes will help you cruise around with ease. You will be able to do whether around the house, backyard or even on the sidewalks. This is because they provide a chilled vibe of comfort and support that is necessary for your mood and good for the baby.

They are made with a textile lining and feature some added antibacterial additives designed to reduce odor. For a comfy walk, they have a spongy rubber outsole that is flexible. The inner part is a little padded to offer excellent comfort to your legs as well. This is because you don’t want to be dealing with other pains as you already have the back pains which is enough for you.

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These Sanuk shoes are basically sandals but are designed to give extra protection by making them covered using a casual hemp fabric. To ensure that you also have a lasting service of the shoes, they are made with trendy raw edges which offer sturdy joints.

To be able to wear them quickly, they have elastic gores that will give a quick and flexible entry. The outsole is traction enhanced providing fast and steady steps without slipping and endangering your baby. The only issue to be worried about when using them is the fact that they will shrink when exposed to too much sunlight.


  • The heel is perfectly sized for pregnant women’s feet
  • It can be worn all year round
  • The heel and the platform are rightly measured to offer necessary size for pregnant women’s feet
  • The rubber sole is lasting and durable
  • It has a slip-on and elastic cover for a quick and easy entry


  • They shrink when exposed to sunlight for long hours

3. Women’s Arizona Sandals

Preview Product Rating Price
Birkenstock Women's Arizona... Birkenstock Women's Arizona... 271 Reviews from $89.98

Top features:

  • Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Suede footbed liners
  • EVA outsole
  • Birkenstock High Arch

As a pregnant woman, the need for shoes that will distribute your weight will be very necessary. Shoes like the Women’s Arizona sandals will fit you as the best pregnancy shoes should. They are made of leather with two thick straps with a sturdy cork footbed. This is all done to make sure that you feel very comfortable.

These shoes are made by a company that has been active since 1774, and you can trust their shoes because of their vast experience. The leather, cork and buckle will conform to the shape of your feet and make it distribute your weight evenly. This will give you and your baby optimal support as you walk around the house or on the sidewalks.

The upper covers of these shoes are made of less processed leather that offers good touch; they are also breathable and durable. The outsole, on the other hand, is lightweight and flexible which makes it good for absorbing impact and can be repaired. The only issue to be worried about when buying these shoes is the fact that there are some counterfeit models available on the market.


  • It is unisex and made of leather which makes it durable
  • Wicks away moisture using the suede footbed liners
  • Eva outsole is flexible and lightweight which makes it suitable for shock absorption and repair
  • It features Birkenstock high arch which is useful in the distributing weight
  • The Birkenstock high arch is a substantial cork, and the jute anchorage system conforms to the shape of everybody’s footprint


  • Requires extra keenness as there are a lot of fake shoes of this brand circulating on the market

4. Kola II Round Toe suede Boots

Preview Product Rating Price
BEARPAW KOLA II 2 10' BOOT... BEARPAW KOLA II 2 10" BOOT... 562 Reviews from $54.99

Top features:

  • Synthetic
  • Goat Fur
  • Rubber sole
  • Cow hair vamp
  • Sheepskin footbed
  • Merino wool lining

Even when pregnant, you shouldn’t be left out of the fashion world. The need for shoes like the Kola II will give you that fashionable look you always had before getting pregnant. They are made using natural furs that offer great comfort, warmth and look. What’s more, they feature a soft goat fur upper having a cozy lining of wool that will keep you feeling and looking fabulous the entire season.

For pregnant women like you, stability is the key here. With the Kola II, you will not have to worry about slipping or losing stability. They are made with a rubber sole offering a good amount of traction for a confident step when conditions get a little slippery.

These shoes bring out comfort and contemporary style in a manner that is geared towards helping you walk around with confidence. The material is also lasting and durable. The process of putting on these shoes is also hassle-free.

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  • Putting on these shoes won’t be a hassle for you
  • Has a right arch measurement that will fit pregnant women
  • Made of natural fur which offers warmth, beauty and comfort
  • The rubber sole is durable and good for support and stability when walking
  • The merino wool lining can be quickly washed and will regain its original status


  • Some will come with the white fur firm and stiff which makes them unattractive

5. Crocs Women’s Kadee Flat

Preview Product Rating Price
Crocs Women's Kadee Flat,... Crocs Women's Kadee Flat,... 4486 Reviews from $19.83

Top features:

  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures 2.38 inches from the arch
  • Heel measures 1 inch
  • Foot-flattering and airy low-cut vamp

This is one of the best pregnancy shoes worth being in your shoe wardrobe. Crafted from soft and lightweight material, Kadee flat shoes are good for you as they have an airy and a foot-flattening low-cut vamp. These are some of the shoes with the best traction, and therefore you should not worry about sliding while having them on your feet.

Included in these shoes are also some bumpy footbeds that are designed to massage your feet. Flat shoes can be good for pregnant women as they are good at distributing weight and offering low back relief. With these shoes, you can be sure that your weight will be evenly distributed and you won’t suffer from back pains.

These shoes are suitable for casual wear and have ground-gripping outsole for quick and fast steps as you do your shopping routines while wearing them. The shafts measure 2.38 inches from the arch which makes them suitable for expectant women with flat feet. The heels also measure approximately 1 inch making them perfect for comfort.


  • It has a flat design which makes it safe for pregnant women
  • It lacks ties and straps for a hassle free and quick putting on
  • Features a foot-flattering and airy low-cut vamp which massages the feet
  • High shaft measurement from the arch which offers good support and benefits when walking
  • The sole has excellent traction for maximum support when taking strides


  • Offers uneven support which may lead to foot pain


There are so many benefits that you can reap from just wearing the best pregnancy shoes besides just comfort and support. It is every woman’s dream to end the nine months and deliver safely. It is by being keen on the kind of shoes you buy that will give good results. We hope that our reviews have been helpful.

We would like to recommend Performance Women’s Walk Slip-on Walking shoes for you. They are fashionable shoes with a slip-on design. They have no laces and straps that will require you to bend down low. To ensure that you have a comfortable walk on them, they are cushioned and have Goimpulse sensors that give a responsive feedback on impact.

When it comes to the material, you will not have to worry as the material used to construct it is promising and will last longer. These shoes will also be ideal for doing your health walks as they also offer the best traction. You can, however, use any of the other shoe brands as discussed above and everything will just be perfect.

What You Should Keep In Mind When Looking For The Best Pregnancy Shoes

Type Of The Shoes

Whether you are going for flat shoes or sandals, your comfort in the shoes will still be paramount. Flat shoes are good in distributing weight that is necessary for you. You need to be in the most comfortable state when pregnant than any other time.

Sandals are also good so long as you get those that have good arch size. They can be good for walking around the house, and if you find those with good protection covers, then you can use them to walk outside. They can also be good to be used on the beach and other favorite places.

High-heeled shoes are not good for pregnant women. This is because during pregnancy, there are chances of having swollen feet. High-heeled shoes are also not good for the lower back pain. These kinds of shoes also change the posture which may lead to ankle and knee pains.

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Dizziness and clumsiness is a common experience for women, and high-heeled shoes might pose the risk of falling and injuring yourself and your baby. High-heeled shoes, therefore, do not at all belong to the category of being considered as the best pregnancy shoes.

The Ease Of Putting On The Shoes

It is advisable to go for shoes that are very easy to put on. This is because as you approach your delivery date, everything happening around you should be so easy and simple so that you don’t get tired and frustrated with things.

During such times, anything that might stress you up should be avoided. Shoes that are complicated to put on can sometimes be stressing and so you should avoid them as well.

You, therefore, need shoes that will be easy to just slip onto your feet. The number of straps should be as few as possible. If you have your husband or anyone to help you tie the straps, you might still consider buying them though.

Support And Comfort

Support starts with a flexible outsole and cushioned insole. Make sure that the pair of shoes you are going to buy has enough cushioned interior and flexible covers that won’t make your feet sore after a few strides of walking.

The perfect arch and shaft size will give the perfect support and comfort. Make sure you know your shoe arch and heel measurement before you make any purchase to avoid regrets.

Size Of The Shoes

It is a fact that every pregnant woman’s feet will swell up during the pregnancy. Your shoe size should not be your normal feet size. It should be bigger by half the size. This will help create enough room when your feet swell up.

By buying shoes that are bigger than your normal feet size by half, you will have provided an allowance for accommodating your feet when they swell. If you are not sure of your feet size, you can look for those with enough space to allow insertion of insoles that will provide extra support.

Fashion And Style Of The Shoes

Maintaining your fashion statement even when pregnant will be very important. Look for those shoes that will look beautiful on your feet. Matching your shoes with what you wear will be of great importance. Shoes like loafers make an excellent choice as they look fashionable, comfortable and low-heeled.

They are good for weight distribution and a pain-free walk. Canvas shoes can be perfect if you want to wear moisture free shoes. Shoes with grip enhanced soles will be good for you. The last thing you should be expecting when walking on your shoes is to slide and fall. It can be very tragic if a pregnant woman falls as this can lead to a miscarriage.

The outsoles of your shoes should provide you with enough traction be it on a tiled floor, a rough surface or slippery sidewalks.

Now that you are conversant with what to look for in your quest to find the best pregnancy shoes, here are our five best pregnancy shoes that meet the above feature and may be of your choice.

Preview Product Rating Price
Skechers Performance Women's... Skechers Performance Women's... 9430 Reviews from $32.95
Sanuk Women's Donna Hemp... Sanuk Women's Donna Hemp... 903 Reviews $39.42
Birkenstock Women's Arizona... Birkenstock Women's Arizona... 271 Reviews from $89.98
BEARPAW KOLA II 2 10' BOOT... BEARPAW KOLA II 2 10" BOOT... 562 Reviews from $54.99
Crocs Women's Kadee Flat,... Crocs Women's Kadee Flat,... 4486 Reviews from $19.83

Which pregnancy shoes are you using at the moment? Have you ever used any of the pregnancy shoe brands discussed in this article? If you have, how could you describe the performance of the shoes? Which brand are you planning to buy next time? Do you have another pregnancy shoe brand that you would like us to review next time? Do not hesitate to inform us about it and we can have it in our next article.

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