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How To Buy The Best Postpartum Pads In 2019

During pregnancy, there is always an increase in blood supply to your uterus for the exchange of food, vitamins and minerals between you and your baby. After delivery, the excess blood, mucus and uterine walls will have to be shed off for you to regain your pre-pregnancy shape and status. It is for this reason that postpartum bleeding occurs and hence the need for the best postpartum pads.

Regardless of the delivery process that you had, postpartum bleeding will still occur. Whether Caesarean or vaginal birth, your body will still need to shed off the uterus, the excess blood and mucus to regain its normal shape.

During delivery, there will be some swelling and skin cracks as a result of over dilation when pushing your baby. These wounds will bleed leading to postpartum bleeding. These bleedings will need to be controlled with the use of the best postpartum pads. As time progresses, these postpartum pads can be changed in terms of shape, thickness and size.

We have reviewed some of the best existing postpartum pads worth buying. We have also considered and highlighted some of the factors that you need to consider before buying any.


With the few factors to consider when looking for the best postpartum pads and without much ado, here are our top five best postpartum pads.

Top 5 Best Postpartum Pads Reviews

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#1 NATRACARE New Mother Natural Maternity Pads

Preview Product Rating Price
Natracare Organic Maternity... Natracare Organic Maternity... 198 Reviews from $4.99

Top features:

  • 89% natural plant and 7% organic cotton
  • Imported
  • Maxi design
  • Soft
  • Plastic-free

Postpartum bleeding needs a soft, long and breathable pad like the NATRACARE’S maternity pad. It is made to bring confidence to postpartum moms like you. It is soft, long, breathable and made of organic cotton cover. This makes this pad very good in absorbing any leakages leaving you dry and clean.

Most of the materials used to make this pad are renewable and are GMO and chlorine free. This makes it very healthy to be used by most moms. You won’t have to get worried about the safety or performance of this pad as it is recommended by gynecologists, it is also USDA certified.

This postpartum pad is also very durable because it is made using 89% natural plant and 7% organic cotton. This will make sure that it serves you long enough and gives you value for your money. The only issue to be worried about when using this product is the fact that it is somehow not so friendly to stitched skins. This is something that some moms don’t fancy at all.


  • It is soft, long and breathable
  • Made of a cotton cover which offers good absorbency performance leaving you dry and clean
  • It can decompose
  • It consists of most renewable materials
  • It is chlorine free and GMO-free which makes it safe for use
  • It is recommended by a gynecologist


  • It is not so kind to a stitched skin

#2 Poise Incontinence ultra-thin, long, light absorbency, 24 counts(Pack of 6)

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Poise Incontinence Pads, Ultra... Poise Incontinence Pads, Ultra... 619 Reviews from $17.88

Top features:

  • Thin pads
  • Absorb and lock core
  • Dry-touch layer
  • Discreet, free of fragrances and scent
  • Measures 10.3 inches

Incontinence is one common occurrence after birth. For confidence and a leak-proof pad, you will need a pad like Poise Incontinence Pad. It has good performance in absorbing wetness and locking away odor. For conformity with the body, it is made with thin-flex technology which is good for making it move with the body.

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Poise Incontinence Pad is thin which makes it good for light bladder and postpartum leakages. It has a high-quality core which makes it suitable for locking odor and wetness very fast at the time of the leakage. What makes Poise Incontinence Pad good for leakage protection is its ability to securely stay in position. On top of this Post-Partum Pad is a Dry-touch layer which is excellent for boosting comfort.

It is discreet, not scented and free of any kind of fragrances. Besides being good for absorbency, it measures 10.3 inches for good coverage stopping leakages.


  • They are thin but stay three times drier than the normal period pads
  • It locks wetness and odor which makes it suitable for postpartum and incontinence leakage
  • It securely stays in position giving a secure and confidence protection
  • It is long and thin for good coverage
  • For a comfy touch, it has a dry-touch layer
  • Free from fragrances, scent and it is discreet


  • It lacks the wing-design

#3 Seventh Generation Overnight Maxi Pads

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Seventh Generation Overnight... Seventh Generation Overnight... 132 Reviews from $4.44

Top features:

  • Chlorine and chlorinated hydrocarbons free
  • Include a dioxin pulp
  • Cotton material
  • Contoured and discreet
  • Free from fragrance and anti-slip additives

Are you looking for a chemically free pad? The Seventh Generation Overnight Maxi Pads are chemical free. They are free from chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons among other chemicals. It includes a dioxin absorbent pulp which is good for touch on sensitive skins and gives complete absorption for night time leakage.

For healthy use, it is free of fragrances, irritating dyes and adhesive additives. This will make sure that you don’t have any complications when using this postpartum pad. What’s more, this product is made using cotton and will, therefore, be very durable. The cotton material also makes it very effective in keeping you dry by absorbing any wetness efficiently.

For fit, it is discreet and contoured which makes it curved for a comfortable fit. It is cotton layered for a quick absorption and comfy touch. It is also packed in recyclable polythene making this pad to be eco-friendly. The only issue to be worried about it is the fact that it can easily lose its shape.


  • It is safe for use by postpartum women as it is free from chlorine residues or PVC
  • It fits securely providing enough coverage
  • It is practically contoured for conformity with the body for complete seal and leakage proof
  • Free from skin-irritating dyes or fragrances
  • It is discreet and wrapped clean making it hygienic
  • It is layered with cotton making it soft and comfy for use by postpartum moms


  • They are prone to losing shape

#4 Organyc 100 percent Organic Cotton Pads

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Organyc 100% Certified Organic... Organyc 100% Certified Organic... 291 Reviews from $8.57

Top features:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable
  • Plastic-free
  • Chlorine-free
  • Plastic-free
  • Certified organic

Are you looking for the most organic postpartum pad? Organyc has made a good organic pad which is 100% pure cotton. Unlike most of the pads made with synthetic fibers like polyester and rayon, this one is made from natural cotton and with a high absorption rate.

Such kinds of pads are perfect with the skin pH compatibility and hence do not irritate the skin. This makes this pad suitable for women with sensitive skins while at the same time preventing an allergic reaction. These pads have been clinically tested to be free from skin irritants; they are also not chemically treated hence are free of chlorine residues.

When bleaching them, they are bleached using peroxide which is a naturally occurring disinfectant. Since these pads are entirely made of cotton, everything that will touch your skin will be soft and comfortable. This makes it great for injuries and postpartum stitches. Cotton pads are also known to absorb liquid to even 24 times its weight.

Organic pads, in general, are breathable, perfume free, biodegradable and plastic free. The only issue to be worried about when using these best postpartum pads is the fact that they are somehow thin. This makes them not ideal for heavy bleeding.

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  • They are organic which makes them safe for use by postpartum women
  • They are soft and comfortable giving a good skin touch
  • They are free of chemicals and irritants making them suitable for sensitive skins
  • Breathable hence useful in keeping odor and not building odor
  • Made of cotton which absorbs high volume discharge and leaves the skin dry


  • They are thin making them not suitable for heavy flow

#5 Stayfree Ultra-thin pads for women with wings

Preview Product Rating Price
Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight... Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight... 343 Reviews from $4.97

Top features:

  • Four wall protection
  • Odor Neutralizer
  • Thermo control technology
  • Cottony cover
  • Wings available

Are you looking for a padded package with the highest count number that will last you your entire postpartum period? Stayfree Ultra-thin pads brand has enough count number for you to use them during this period. It offers protection for both moderate and heavy flow. You will not have to worry as even with your postpartum period ending; you can still use these as the regular period pads.

It has a four wall protection which is designed in such a way that it does not allow flow on the front, back and sideways. This particular pad is also reinforced with odor neutralizer which is suitable for locking odor. What’s more, it also has a thermal control technology that will make the pad remain dry, comfortable and cool. It also has wings for secure positioning.

It has a cotton cover which is suitable for absorbing fluid and keeps it dry. This will give it a comfortable touch. The only drawback associated with this postpartum pad is the fact that it is scented with some fragrances. This might make it less appealing to those individuals who are allergic to or do not fancy scented products.


  • They quickly absorb fluids making them suitable for postpartum use
  • The cottony cover does not contain cotton making it offer a soft and dry touch
  • The four wall protection for the front, back, and side to side leakage protection makes it more effective
  • It will leave you fresh. It has odor neutralizers
  • The thermal control technology and wings leave these pads dry, cool and sturdy


  • They are scented and with fragrances

Wrapping up

Pads are very essential in the lives of ladies. In one way or another, you will need to either use the regular pads or the postpartum pads. The only time you might avoid using pads is during your pregnancy period. After giving birth, however, you specifically need the postpartum pads. Getting the best postpartum pads is nowadays a headache because the market is flooded with so many brands.

This comprehensive review article has outlined all the information you need to succeed in your quest of getting the best product that will serve you well. All the products that have been discussed in this article can be used for both the regular and postpartum purposes. They are however more suitable to be used as postpartum pads.

They all meet the required specifications of an ideal postpartum pad. The NATRACARE New Mother Natural Maternity Pads is, however, the best among the five that have been discussed in this article.

It has outdone the rest because of its amazing and unique features. These features include being effective in absorbing the flow; it is made using a non-toxic material which is safe to use, it is long and breathable, it is chlorine and GMO-free among other features. We would, therefore, wish to recommend this product based on the above aspects.

Have you ever used a postpartum pad before? Which brand of the postpartum pads have you been using? Have you ever used any of the brands that we have discussed above? If yes, which brand did you use? Which brand among the five that have been discussed here do you think you will buy next time?

5 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Postpartum Pad


Most women normally complain that the pads they bought are bulky, or they are too thin or small. This is because they do not consider the size factor before making their choice. Size will play a critical role in the effectiveness of the pad at the end during the change over time. The bulkier your pad is, the more uncomfortable it will be for you.

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The overall reason why women use pads is to gain confidence. Sizable pads will give you confidence; they will give good coverage and above all work effectively in being leak-proof or discharge proof. Look for your size and stay comfortable.


There are so many kinds of pads depending on the material used to make them. There are cloth pads, cotton pads and polyester pads. Those that are not made of cotton normally carry skin irritants that do not match up with the skin pH hence irritating the skin. These irritants may include chlorinated hydrocarbons. They are not suitable for women with sensitive skins.

Cotton pads are good at absorbing liquid making them the most effective pads for heavy flow situations. They also perform well for incontinence and overnight use. They are not however good with wounded surfaces as they will stick to the wound hurting the wounds when changing.

Try to find what fits you the best, also understand the kind and amount of flow you are having as it will help you make a wise decision when looking for the best postpartum pads.


Thin and long pads are the most comfortable ones to use. Wide ones pose the risk of discomfort and difficulty to walk with. It is appropriate to look for pads that are 50% larger than the normal ones that you keep using during your normal periods.


Keeping a postpartum pad in place while walking or doing your routines or even when sleeping can be tricky at times. You should, therefore, look for a pad with at least a means for adhesion. Most of the postpartum pads come with adhesive strips on the bag or wings to be used to keep it in place by moving them around the underwear.

You should be careful though since some will come with adhesive chemicals which are harmful to sensitive skins and may generally cause long-term effects.

Birth Stage

Every woman will have to go through 3 stages after birth. One of them is the early stage immediately after birth. Since childbirth will take place at the hospital, the hospital will take the liberty of providing you with bulky maternity pads. They are bulky because at this stage you will be having a heavy flow of blood.

If you will prefer buying yours at this stage, look for one that is bulky and thick. Comfort should be the last thing to think about. There will be a dire need for controlling the excess bleeding at this stage and not your comfort.

During the second stage, you will probably have been discharged from the hospital, and you will begin to move around but still nursing wounds and moderate bleeding. You will, therefore, need a pad just like a regular period pad.

The third stage comes several weeks after delivery. For most women, this stage will cover four to six weeks. Since at this stage you will have started walking, there will be minimal bleeding and most probably your wounds might be healing off.

The kind of postpartum pad you should look for at this stage will be the one that is most comfortable for walking and doing normal house routines. If you will still be bleeding excessively at this stage, it is important you see your OB or GYN.

If you have any particular brand in mind that you think should appear on our review, please inform us about it, and we shall consider it next time. You can inform us about it by sending us your feedback using the feedback section provided below.

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