The Best Organic Baby Formula You Probably Didn’t Know About

Top 5 Best Organic Baby Formulas You Probably Didn’t Know About

Research after research concludes that breast feeding is the best way to feed a baby. Various governmental organizations even stipulate that babies should be fed exclusively on breast milk up to a certain age. This is only possible for a certain number of mums out there.


There are a number of loving moms who do not have the luxury of being able to breastfeed. Does this make them bad moms? Of course not, it could be a case of low milk supply, health conditions; the baby is not able to latch due to health complications, sore or blistered nipples. This list is endless.

Most of the moms who find themselves in these scenarios turn to formula to feed their young ones, with them turning out just fine. Therefore, if you are not in a position to provide breast milk, then do not feel bad about yourself.

To ensure the proper development and health of your baby, you need to provide her with the best organic baby formula as an alternative or supplement in case of low milk supply. Choosing one that best suits your baby can be difficult.

This article, therefore, makes your work easy by outlining what you need to consider before making a purchase and some of the best products in the market today that you can choose from.

Preview Product Rating Price
Gerber Good Start Gentle (HMO)... Gerber Good Start Gentle (HMO)... 103 Reviews from $51.16
Baby's Only Dairy Toddler... Baby's Only Dairy Toddler... 1473 Reviews from $13.19
Similac Advance Infant Formula... Similac Advance Infant Formula... 29 Reviews from $49.90
Similac NeoSure Infant Formula... Similac NeoSure Infant Formula... 306 Reviews from $23.88

Top 5 Best Organic Baby Formulas On The Market

1. Gerber Good Start Infant Formula Gentle Non-GMO Infant Formula Powder

Preview Product Rating Price
Gerber Good Start Gentle (HMO)... Gerber Good Start Gentle (HMO)... 103 Reviews from $51.16


There is no better alternative to your natural breast milk other than the Gerber Infant formula powder. There is almost no distinction between this organic formula and the natural breast milk. Your baby won’t even notice that she is being fed on an organic formula instead of breast milk.

It offers the gentleness of the breast milk while at the same time provide all the nutrients present in the natural breast milk. With the comfort proteins which are easily digested by the tiny baby tummies, your baby will feel very comfortable using this organic formula. This organic formula will definitely make sure the whole family is happy as your baby’s happiness translates to everyone’s happiness.

Top features

  • Non GMO
  • Has a blend of prebiotics, probiotics and DHA
  • Has comfort proteins
  • Comes in a 32-ounce container

What you will love about it:

  • Dissolves easily and forms no foams or bubbles
  • Available at a suitable price
  • Does not cause constipation in babies
  • Has DHA which is ideal for the baby’s eye and brain development
  • Easily digestible and promotes soft stools

What you may not like about it:

  • It is somehow clumpy

2. Baby's Only Organic Dairy Formula


The Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula is a USDA certified baby formula that is very ideal for your bundle of joy. The milk used in making this formula is directly derived from dairy cows that have been grown naturally without any steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones. This means that your baby will be taking a purely natural product.

It is also worth noting that this baby formula contains the necessary fatty acids that will be converted into ARA and DHA by the body. Something unique about this baby formula is that it is ideal for babies that are allergic to corn or gluten, this means it does not contain any corn syrup or gluten. What’s more, the baby’s organic dairy formula is easily digestible and cheaper as well.

Top features

  • Has high levels of fatty acids
  • Does not contain genetically modified ingredients
  • Corn and gluten free
  • Lacks chemicals like steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones

What you will love about it:

  • Easily digestible
  • Has the best ingredients for your baby’s good health
  • Available at a relatively affordable price
  • Offers the recommended and safe sugar levels.
  • This is the least toxic of all the organic baby formulas

What you may not like about it:

  • Can cause constipation if not used appropriately

3. Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula

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Sometimes you just want the best for your baby. Every parent wants the best for their babies. The earth’s best organic toddler formula is an organic formula that is second to none. This formula is a dream comes true for most mothers and their babies. This formula has been formulated by specialists to satisfy the nutritional requirements of toddlers older than one year.

If your baby is fed on this formula, then you can be sure that she will be receiving all the nutrients she could have obtained from the breast milk. The nutrients like ARA and DHA are very necessary for the toddlers’ body growth. The fact that it is an organic formula means that it lacks those harmful chemicals that would always have adverse effects on your baby.

This formula is very easy to mix as the powder mixes much easily with water. It packs in some of the best ingredients you can ever think of as some of the beneficial nutrients for your baby.

Top features

  • Ideal for toddlers older than one year
  • Has DHA for visual and mental development
  • It has vitamins A, C, E and zinc for boosting the immune system
  • USDA and Kosher organic certified
  • No chemical additions

What you will love about it:

  • Mixes easily and uniformly
  • Does not lead to constipation or digestive problems
  • Non allergenic
  • Contains all the nutrients needed by the baby and present in breast milk

What you may not like about it:

  • Clumps a bit when being prepared.

4. Similac Advance Infant Formula

Preview Product Rating Price
Similac Advance Infant Formula... Similac Advance Infant Formula... 29 Reviews from $49.90


This infant formula is all you need to make your baby’s life better. It has ingredients that are useful to the baby in very many ways. It is one of the nutritionally complete baby formulas that you can find on the market right now. It is an iron fortified and milk based formula that features an OptiGRO.

What’s more, it has a unique blend of lutein, DHA and vitamins which will be helpful in supporting the overall growth of your bundle of joy. This infant formula is also very efficient in the development of the eye, brain and immune system of your baby.

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Top features

  • Designed for eye, brain and general physical development
  • Features OptiGRO
  • Matches breast milk’s average caloric density
  • Nutritionally compete

What you will love about it:

  • Does not upset the tummies of babies
  • It contains almost the entire nutrients required by the baby
  • It does not contain any toxic chemicals
  • Contains vitamins that are essential for the baby’s brain, eye and physical development
  • Easy to mix and feed the baby

What you may not like about it:

  • If given excessively to the baby, it can lead to constipation

5. Similac NeoSure Infant Formula

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Similac NeoSure Infant Formula... Similac NeoSure Infant Formula... 306 Reviews from $23.88


This is the baby’s best food. The Similac NeoSure baby formula is ideal for most babies and will do wonders to your prematurely born baby. Whether you are using it to supplement your breast milk supply or using it alone to feed your baby, get ready for the fantastic results. This baby formula is perfect in providing your baby with the catch-up growth for the first 12 months.

The growth will be realized by the gain in your baby’s body weight, length as well as the circumference of the head as compared to other premature babies not fed on formula. Did you know that this baby formula is availed in ready to feed bottles? What’s more, it is easily digestible, and therefore the baby won’t find it hard to digest this particular infant organic formula.

Top features

  • Has extra calories better growth
  • Features phosphorus and calcium for the bones
  • Has increased protein, vitamins, energy and vitamins
  • Has OptiGRO for brain and eye development
  • Gluten free

What you will love about it:

  • It supports faster catch up growth for babies born prematurely
  • Can be easily digested hence making the babies have soft stools
  • Tastes nice and therefore most babies like it
  • Has calcium and phosphorus ideal for the baby’s bone development
  • It has DHA and ARA essential for boosting both the brain and eye development

What you may not like about it:

  • Doesn’t dissolve easily sometimes

Wrapping Up

It goes beyond any reasonable doubts that we always want the best for our babies. This includes even the best organic formula that we feed them on. While there are several brands of best organic formula on the market right, the only big issue is choosing the perfect one for your bundle of joy.

We have just done a thorough review of some of the baby formulas that you can buy for your baby. It should now be very easy for you to make an informed choice when deciding on which baby formula to buy. While all the products reviewed in this article are perfect for your baby, we would like to highly recommend the Similac Advance Infant formula.

This particular baby formula is nutritionally complete, contains necessary nutrients for the baby’s brain and eye development and is very easy to mix and use. Try it out and see the results for yourself.

5 Things To Consider Cefore Buying An Organic Baby Formula

There are lots of organic baby formulas currently on the market. All the brands claim to be the best for your little one. As a loving mum, these entire marketing gimmicks should not fool you. Before you buy any of these formulas, be sure to carefully examine its contents and any possible effects on the baby.

1. Ingredients

When purchasing an organic baby formula, certain ingredients should not be contained in the formula. These are the ingredients that have been banned by different governmental organizations. Make sure that the baby formula does not contain any of the following:

  • Processed sugars: These can be in the form of either syrup or syrup solids. Sugars extracted from corn, those hydrolyzed from rice, corn or potatoes (maltodextrin) and rice syrup. Since they are cheaper than lactose, manufacturers use them to cut on production costs. It is this lactose that should be contained in the organic formula.
  • Palm oil: In the quest to mimic breast milk, some manufacturers add palm oil to match the quantities of fatty acids in human milk. Studies and research done show that infants’ digestive systems do not have the ability to absorb this palm oil. Instead, it forms soaps along the digestive tract. These soaps negatively affect your baby’s health and development as well as resulting in the formation of a hard stool.
  • DHA and ARA: These two ingredients are naturally found in breast milk. The ones added in the organic formula are extracted from Cohnii and Alpina. They contain algae and fungus strains that do not form part of human diet. If full grown humans do not consume them, imagine the risk they pose to an infant. The two causes vomiting, diarrhea and a bunch of gastrointestinal distress in infants. The hexane used to extract them is also a neurotoxic solvent.
  • Synthetic preservatives: The use of ascorbic palmitate plus beta carotene as preservatives to keep the DHA and ARA from going bad has been rejected by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) in its guidelines. Make sure that the baby formula you buy does not contain any of these preservatives.
  • Synthetic Nutrients: These includes: Lutien, Lycopene, Nucleotides, Taurine and L-Carnitine.
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2. Lactose Sweetener

Just like you and me, babies also love that sugary taste. They need it too. It is the same lactose that is found naturally in breast milk. Lactose can be very expensive; hence manufacturers tend to substitute it with low-cost sugars. If you can afford the one with pure lactose, then you are better off.

3. Ease Of Digestion

How easy it is for the infant to digest the formula is very important. Their digestive system is not as developed as that of adults hence need a head start when digesting formula. The formula can be partially hydrolyzed for ease of protein digestion.

4. The Presence Of Prebiotics And Probiotics

Sounds like some weird tongue twister, but these are essential for the development of an infant. Probiotics are essential for a healthy digestion while on the other hand, the prebiotics strengthens the baby’s immune system. These are added into the formula to give it the same nutritional value as breast milk.

5. Your budget

Organic formula tends to be more expensive than conventional formula. This means that not every parent will be able to provide the best formula for their little ones. Worry not. The world will not think less of you. Just choose the one that meets the above criteria and still fits into your budget.

Preview Product Rating Price
Gerber Good Start Gentle (HMO)... Gerber Good Start Gentle (HMO)... 103 Reviews from $51.16
Baby's Only Dairy Toddler... Baby's Only Dairy Toddler... 1473 Reviews from $13.19
Similac Advance Infant Formula... Similac Advance Infant Formula... 29 Reviews from $49.90
Similac NeoSure Infant Formula... Similac NeoSure Infant Formula... 306 Reviews from $23.88

In case you need any more clarifications, please inform us about it in the comments sections below.

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