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Top 5 Best Nursing Pads of 2019

As a mom myself, I’ve experienced problems with controlling my milk letdown reflex. I remember my top always soaking with milk ejection, especially when I was traveling on a flight. If you’re a new mom, you don’t have to go through all the same hassle, but stay dry and protected with the best nursing pads available today.


Top 5 Best Nursing Pads

Our top five list includes nothing but the top-selling nursing pads today. Again, none of these are disposable types, so you can rest assured that they are all safe and efficient.

#5 BabyBliss Bamboo Nursing Pads

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BabyBliss Bamboo Breastfeeding... BabyBliss Bamboo Breastfeeding... 3785 Reviews $13.97

First on our list is this pair of nursing pads from BabyBliss. These pads are made of bamboo and are designed to be gentle on the skin. They’re available in two size variants, medium size (3.9”) and large size (4.7”).

The latest versions of the BabyBliss nursing pads are now contoured to fit the natural shape of your breasts. This means they won’t move around that much, making them more discrete in the process. You can also rest assured that these are super absorbent and will keep excess milk off your skin. Finally, you won’t have to worry about washing these pads because your purchase comes with a free laundry bag!


  • You’ll get seven pairs of these pads, perfect for an entire week’s use.
  • ​These are very comfortable pads and don’t graze uncomfortably against the skin.
  • ​They’re very absorbent and don’t leak even when full.


  • These are well-shaped pads but are a bit large and can be seen through clothing.

#4 Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

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Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable... Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable... 883 Reviews from $16.89

  • LEAK PROOF COVERAGE: Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads have a quilted, honeycomb lining and a unique breathable waterproof layer for leakproof protection; soft and absorbent, Lansinoh pads protect clothing and keep nipples dry and healthy
  • COMFORT & FIT: Confidence comes with coverage you can trust. Lansinoh breast pads feature a contoured shape that conforms to the breast and are comfortable to wear even when wet. Lansinoh pads ensure a discreet fit so only mothers know they're wearing them
  • STAYS PUT TO ASSURE PROTECTION: All Lansinoh disposable nursing pads have two adhesive strips to ensure they stay in place in a nursing bra or nursing top; Lansinoh breastfeeding pads can also be used to protect clothing from excess nipple cream
  • DISPOSABLE AND PORTABLE: To ensure breastfeeding with confidence anywhere, Lansinoh nursing pads are individually wrapped, keeping them safe and clean. It's easy and convenient for moms to keep disposable pads on hand in a diaper bag, pump bag or purse
  • TOP BREASTFEEDING SOLUTIONS: Nursing mothers have trusted Lansinoh for 30 years to innovate safe and easy tools to make breastfeeding easier. Lansinoh disposable nursing pads provide leak protection trusted by more breastfeeding moms than Medela or Avent.
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#3 EcoNursingPads

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Washable Reusable Bamboo... Washable Reusable Bamboo... 1088 Reviews from $29.99

EcoNursing was founded by Bethany Anne out of her desire to provide moms with absorbent organic nursing pads. The nursing pads the company makes come in varying shapes that suit any new mother’s needs. Their washable and reusable Day-sies, for instance, are flower-shaped and made with ultra-soft velvet material. These pads are designed with a protective layer on the outer lining that maximizes leak protection for day and night use

They are also offered in five pairs per pack. For every purchase you make, you receive two pairs of velvet flower-shaped pads for light to medium flow, plus three pairs of round bamboo pads for a much heavier flow. You’ll also love the fact that this bundle comes with a cloth carry bag and a laundry bag. Now, that’s a deal you don’t see all the time!


  • They’re very soft and comfortable.
  • They’re very absorbent and perfect for night use.
  • These pads remain in place despite your activity.


  • The colors of the pad may show through if you’re only wearing a nursing tank without a bra.

#2 Mother Ease Reusable Cloth Nursing Pads

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Mother-Ease Reusable Cloth... Mother-Ease Reusable Cloth... 326 Reviews $27.95

With the number of options out there, it can be difficult to find the right pair of nursing pads. It’s a good thing Mother Ease came up with their own line of pads that are available in stay-dry cotton, bamboo, and organic cotton. The company believes that moms deserve the best, that’s why each of their nursing pads is designed to keep breast tissue from sticking to the pads.

The pads are made with soft fabric that easily absorbs leakage without leaving you feeling damp and irritated. Contoured to the shape of your breast, these pads will stay in place whether you’re doing chores at home, playing with your little one, or in the office working.


  • They cover a larger area of your breast compared to other brands making them a lot less noticeable.
  • Since they have a large coverage, they can absorb more leaks.
  • They’re very soft and comfortable, so you’ll feel confident wearing them


  • They’re very soft and comfortable, so you’ll feel confident wearing them

#1 Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

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Bamboobies Washable Nursing... Bamboobies Washable Nursing... 3244 Reviews from $11.99

Perhaps the most liked brand of washable nursing pads around, Bamboobies are unique not only because they are heart-shaped, but because each pad is supported by a viscose bamboo inner layer that makes it waterproof and absorbent. They come with an outer leak-proof layer as well to make sure you stay dry even when the pads are soaking wet.

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They are constructed with an ultra-absorbent middle layer that locks in milk, doubling your protection and comfort. Each pack of Bamboobies comes with four pairs of nursing pads. The three pairs of heart-shaped pads are for regular use, while the pair of circle pads are designed for nighttime use when the flow is much stronger.


  • The heart shape is not only for aesthetics but keeps the pads from shifting around.
  • ​These pads are thin but are still very absorbent at the same time.
  • They come with breathable outer layers that prevent leaks.


  • The pads sometimes leave a residue of tiny bamboo fibers on the breast.

Our Pick Of Nursing Pads

Each of the brand of nursing pads in our roster offers something that makes them unique. In the end, however, our vote for number one pick went to Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads. We’ve mentioned that these are well-liked breast pads and that’s for a reason.

Let’s start with the shape of the day pads. The pads are designed with a heart shape not only so that they could look cute on your breasts.

Bamboobies believe that every woman's breasts are shaped differently, and they also suggest that you wear the heart-shape pads the way you want - up or down. The unique shape is actually what keeps the pads from moving.

Next, let’s move on to the three-layer design of the pads. It’s really interesting to know that Bamboobies pads come with a top layer made of bamboo rayon velour material that’s very soft and comfortable to the skin.

This layer is what touches your breasts and helps soothe chafed nipples. The middle layer is made of cotton and ramie and is designed to lock in leakage, preventing milk from seeping through the outer layer. The third and final layer is the Milk-Proof layer made of 100% polyester with TPU waterproofing. This is a breathable layer and keeps the pads from getting damp and cold.

Overall, we love the Bamboobies because they are very absorbent and comfortable on the skin. Not to mention that they look really cute!

Here’s a quick video from one happy mom sharing how Bamboobies have become her go-to nursing pads!

Forceful Milk Ejection

Milk flow can either be too slow or too fast. You’ll know if you have a fast or forceful milk ejection when the top portion of your shirt is always soaking wet every after breastfeeding. Aside from that, your baby will also tell you that he’s getting an oversupply of milk.

For instance, he’ll be gagging, gasping for air, or coughing while nursing. He may also pull off your breast often or clamp down on your nipple as if to slow the flow of breast milk. If this happens all the time, he may eventually shun comfort nursing in general.

Forceful letdown is often associated with an oversupply of milk. It usually starts within 3 to 6 weeks of breastfeeding. Depending on how you deal with the situation or how it affects your relationship with your newborn, forceful letdowns can run from being a minor issue to a major inconvenience.

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How Nursing Pads Can Help

Of course, you can always find ways to help your baby deal with the fast flow of milk such as allowing gravity to slow the flow by leaning back or lying on your side during nursing time. However, that doesn’t eliminate your own problem of dealing with a wet top every after feeding. That’s where nursing pads may come in and offer a solution.

Also referred to as breast pads, nursing pads are useful not only when you’re breastfeeding. Sometimes, even when you’re not nursing, you may still experience leaking or let down and will need nursing pads to help you stay dry.

When you’re in the office, for instance, and need to use a breast pump, a nursing pad will take care of the excess when you’re done expressing milk. A nursing pad is also useful even when you’re sleeping, especially since prolactin levels are the highest at night.

Picking The Right Nursing Pads

Nursing pads can either be disposable or washable. We’re not even going to talk about the former since they usually contain chemicals and don’t provide enough circulation.

Washable nursing pads, on the other hand, are reusable and more environmentally-friendly. They are also safer to use since they are made of breathable fabric. In choosing which brand to purchase, there are a few factors you need to put into consideration.


We’ve taken disposable nursing pads out of the way, so it’s clear that with regards to material, we’ll be focusing on cloth. Nevertheless, it’s important that the material you choose must be soft enough to provide comfort to your delicate breasts. It must also be able to provide adequate air flow.


Some pads are better at absorbing liquid than others. Pick one that comes with a bamboo lining since they are known to be more absorbent than cotton.

Anti-Leak Guard

Cloth pads alone are often not enough to stop milk leakage. It’s a good thing most nursing pads today come with anti-leak guards along their outer lining.


We’re not talking about getting the right size because that’s already given. We’re talking about getting a pair of nursing pads with a contour similar to that of the natural shape of your breast. The more contoured the pads are to your breasts, the fewer chances they’ll have shifting around.


These are not really necessary, but it would be nice to have extras that can make life easier. Some brands, for instance, include a carry bag and a wash bag in their bundle.

How about you moms? What brand of nursing pads do you use? Do you agree with our top pick? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Thank you!

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