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Top 5 Best Nursing Covers of 2019 (Plus Top Reasons You Need To Own One)

I’ve only used a nursing cover two or three times in my life, but I can attest to how important it is for moms who breastfeed. Some people would argue that it’s not at all necessary or that it’s altogether useless, but let’s find out what the real deal is. After we have discussed that, we’ll show you our top pick of the best nursing cover!


Top 5 Best Nursing Covers

There’s an unlimited number of choices when it comes to nursing covers, but these are the five we believe are what a lot of moms prefer nowadays.

#5 IntiMom Breastfeeding Cover

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IntiMom Breastfeeding Nursing... IntiMom Breastfeeding Nursing... 198 Reviews from $10.79

The IntiMom Breastfeeding Cover provides a combination of simplicity, comfort, and durability. It’s made of 100% breathable fabric with durable stitching, assuring you that it’s capable of handling the wear and tear of daily usage. It comes with a neck ring that provides you with a great view of your child when he’s feeding.

It doesn’t feature any pockets as the manufacturer says they only to the weight of the material and is therefore unnecessary. Moreover, the neck strap is adjustable for maximum convenience. Measuring 35” wide and 27” long, this cover is large enough to offer privacy, but also just the right size so you can easily fold it and hide inside your bag after use. Machine washable, this cover can also be used as a blanket or sun protector.

What you will love about it:

  • At 15 ounces, it’s one of the lightest nursing covers in its category.
  • It has high-quality stitching, so you can be sure it’s durable.
  • The material is soft on the skin and doesn’t easily get hot.

What you may not like about it:

  • Some moms might find it a bit short.

#4 Kiddo Care Nursing Cover Infinity Nursing Scarf

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Kiddo Care Nursing Cover... Kiddo Care Nursing Cover... 1027 Reviews from $10.97

The Kiddo Care Nursing Cover is one of the top-selling infinity nursing scarves today. It’s made from high-quality fabric so that even though it’s lightweight cotton, it’s thick enough to provide enough privacy. This particular model comes in gray and is simple yet fashionable.

According to its manufacturers, there are ten different ways you can wear and use it (as a poncho blouse, a halter top, a sunshade, or a swaddle blanket) but if you’re creative enough, you can probably do more than that with this versatile nursing cover. If you’re looking for a way to feed your little one in style but with convenience and efficiency, this is an excellent option for you.

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What you will love about it:

  • It’s lightweight and very comfortable to wear and use.
  • It’s the perfect length and width, especially if you’re a plus size.
  • It’s thick enough to hide you from prying eyes and protect your baby from sunlight, but thin enough so that your child doesn’t get hot.

What you may not like about it:

  • It takes some time to get used to and may not provide enough cover if not worn in a particular manner.

#3 Bebe Au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover

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Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton... Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton... 293 Reviews $23.99

For moms who want something that looks a bit sophisticated, the Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover might be a good option. It’s become a favorite of many mothers for several years now, and even celebrities wear it because of its elegant look. This nursing cover is not only about appearance, though.

As what its creator says, it’s both stylish and functional and provides the most comfortable breastfeeding experience to moms and their kids. The Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover is made from premium cotton and has a couple patented features - the Interlocking Cap System that adds to its durability, and the Rigiflex Open Neckline that allows you to maintain a good view of your child during feeding.

What you will love about it:

  • It comes with convenient corner pockets.
  • The strap is comfortable to the neck and holds securely, making sure the cover doesn’t accidentally fall.
  • Despite its overall make, it weighs only 7 ounces and barely adds weight.

What you may not like about it:

  • Needs a bit of ironing after washing.

#2 Dria Nursing Cover

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Fashionable Nursing Covers by... Fashionable Nursing Covers by... 61 Reviews from $55.95

Another very fashionable choice on the list is the Dria Nursing Cover. It’s more of a breastfeeding poncho than a regular nursing cover, but it’s very versatile and does a really great job providing a safe and comfortable way to feed your child in public.

This particular cover is a gray striped one, but you can also get it in black, brown, or royal blue. It’s made from premium Lenzing modal and light and comfortable to wear. And despite being semi-synthetic, it’s very stretchable and breathable. Unlike other covers in its category, the Dria Nursing Cover is really stylish and could pass for a trendy jersey-style top.

What you will love about it:

  • Since it’s technically a poncho, you can wear it like you would a regular top and won’t need to carry a separate item with you.
  • It’s made from excellent material and won’t easily wrinkle even if you roll it into a ball and stuff it into your bag.

What you may not like about it:

  • If not seeing your baby when he’s feeding is a big deal for you, you might have a problem with this cover as it doesn’t have any structure to it that lets you do that.

#1 QAQADU Multi-Purpose Nursing Cover

The QAQADU Multi-Purpose Nursing Cover is a well-designed breastfeeding scarf that serves several different functions. Aside from simply being a nursing cover, it can also be used as a car seat canopy, a poncho, and a stroller cover. Some moms even use it for high chairs and shopping carts.

This cover is made from Rayon Blend fabric, which is very versatile and has a silk-like texture. It’s designed to provide 360-degree protection as well as a cozy place for your child when he’s feeding or taking a quick nap. Finally, it’s available in more than three different designs, which is why it’s not a surprise that it’s a top seller.

What you will love about it:

  • The material is very stretchy and gives you unlimited ways to use it.
  • The color and design can be easily matched to your dress or your child’s car seat or stroller.
  • It comes with a little pouch that you can conveniently throw inside your diaper bag.

What you may not like about it:

  • It’s a bit snug if you’re a plus size, plus the fabric is not that breathable and can be very hot during the summer.

Our Pick Of Nursing Cover

Based on the criteria we’ve set, it’s clear that the winner in this roster is the Bebe Au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover. It’s convenient, it’s durable, it’s comfortable, and it does its job extremely well. The Dria may be more versatile, but it’s just a bit too pricey for a nursing cover. The QAQADU is also exceptional, but the Bebe Au Lait outperforms it regarding comfort and convenience.

And concerning functionality, the Bebe Au Lait seems to have it all - safety, airflow, convenience, and durability. It’s safe and allows good circulation, thanks to its Rigiflex open neckline. It’s also very convenient as it’s lightweight and folds up easily, a real plus when you’re always on the go. The corner pockets are also a plus since all the other brands in our lineup do not have them. Finally, thanks to its thick, dual-layer construction, this nursing cover is sure to impress with its longevity.

To see the Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover in action, here’s the official video explaining how it works and how to use it.

Why Should I Use A Nursing Cover?

“Do I really need a nursing cover?”

This is one of the most asked questions by moms who breastfeed or plan to do so. There’s really no straightforward answer to this, but if you ask me, I would say not necessarily. I’m saying that because many of us moms wear roomy pullover tops, which means whenever we breastfeed, our babies cover most of our midsection anyway.

Also, most baby slings today come with built-in fabric that moms can use to cover their babies and their front section when breastfeeding. You can also use just any type of cloth like a towel or blanket instead of an actual nursing cover. As long as it can provide you with the privacy you need, any type of cover will do.

Still, a lot of moms find using nursing covers or wraps more advantageous. For instance, if you’re not comfortable with the fact that you’re bearing your breasts in public, a properly designed cover will remove that feeling of being naked. Yes, you can argue that you can do that with a regular towel or blanket, but a nursing wrap will get the job done more efficiently.

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Secure Coverage

For one, an actual nursing cover can be tied around the neck so that it doesn’t accidentally fall off and reveal what must not be revealed. Moreover, these types of fabric usually have a soft wire integrated to them that lets you create an opening just large enough for your to see your baby without giving other people the chance to peek inside.


What if you’re bottle feeding? You can still take advantage of the privacy a nursing cover offers. Babies can easily be distracted when feeding, especially when you’re in public when there seems to be a lot going on. A nice cover will provide your child with a cozy, private place to feed.


Need a shade for your baby’s pram? A nursing cover can do the trick. Instead of purchasing expensive sunshades for your baby’s pram, you can strategically place a nursing cover to provide your child with some shade when you’re taking a stroll outside in the afternoon.

Shopping For The Right Nursing Cover

A nursing cover does one job, and that is to give you and your little one some privacy when feeding in public. However, these things do come in different styles.

  • The most basic and perhaps the cheapest style is the canopy. It’s basically an apron, but a lot loose fitting. You can carry it inside your diaper bag, and when it’s time to feed, you simply take it out and wear it around your neck.
  • Perhaps the more popular style nowadays is the wearable one. This is a nursing cover in disguise because when you wear it, it seems like it’s just part of your outfit.
  • One advantage of a wearable nursing cover is that it can be deployed at short notice. These covers come in different designs, and you can even find some that are very fashionable. I personally find the infinity scarf interesting. You can wear it in an unlimited number of ways and lets you feed your child and look chic at the same time!

If you want to make an infinity scarf at home, here’s a short video to help you do just that:

I have four criteria in choosing a nursing cover.

​Number one, it should be convenient to wear or carry around. Number two, it should be large enough to provide privacy without getting all over the place, especially your baby’s face. Third, it should have a plain design so as not to draw attention. And lastly, it should be easy to wash.

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