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Top 5 Best Manual Breast Pumps: How To Buy The Best Product In 2019

Expressing milk is necessary for every nursing mom especially if your baby is not consuming all the milk you produce. You will need a breast pump to help you in expressing the milk. Another instance where a breast pump is necessary is when you will be away from your baby, and there will be the need to store the milk for the baby. You will need the best breast pump to help you do so.


There are electrical breast pumps and manual breast pumps. Both of them are good in expressing milk. Sometimes you will need the best manual breast pumps to ensure that you can still pump when the power is knocked off or when traveling. Manual breast pumps also perform well when used in emergencies and are convenient to carry around as they are less complicated as compared to electrical pumps.

With these few advantages over their electrical cousins, there however still exist some that cannot work effectively. That is why we have decided to help you land your hands on the best brands without struggling so much.

Top Choices

Top 5 Best Manual Breast Pumps Reviews

#1 Sumgott Manual Breast Pump

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Manual Breast Pump with Lid... Manual Breast Pump with Lid... 170 Reviews $25.00

Top features:

  • Food grade silicone
  • Soft, lightweight and unbreakable
  • Nipple and a storage gasket
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lead, BPA and Phthalate free

This pump will be ideal for you because you can use it as a leakage collector and as a pump as well. It uses natural pressure to gently and quietly suck the milk. This is so good especially if your baby hates the noise produced by the electronic pumps. To ensure that you have a comfortable and leakage less pumping session, it comes with a soft petal-shaped silicone trumpets fit.

If you wish to do your pumping sessions away from home, this pump will be perfect for it is lightweight and compact. This makes it good for hiking, flight trips and any other family outdoor activities. The material used to make it is food grade and has been thoroughly tested for BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead.

It has a nipple and a storage gasket which makes it suitable for feeding and storage of milk as well. To ensure that you hold the pump securely while you pump, it is fitted with an ergonomic grip handle. This handle reduces the amount of labor you will require to pump. What’s more, this breast pump is effective in reducing breast pain, breast lump and mastitis.


  • It is made of food-grade silicone that has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is non-toxic
  • It is portable and soft which makes it good for away from home use
  • The material used is unbreakable which makes it leakage proof
  • It comes with a nipple and storage gasket which makes it good for bottle feeding and storage of milk for future use
  • The handle is grip enhanced to ensure that you have easy and quick pumping sessions
  • They can reduce breast lumps, breast pain and mastitis


  • Its suction is not so great

#2 Zenda Naturals Manual Breastmilk Pump

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Top features:

  • Lightweight
  • Silicone plastic
  • BPA free
  • Leak-proof lid

Zenda Naturals have made a lightweight manual pump that you can go anywhere with. You can carry this pump to your workplace or your friend’s place so that you can maintain your pumping schedules without any worries.

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It is an easy to use pump that requires no batteries or any kind of assembly. When breastfeeding, you can pump as well as nurse your baby from the other side. This pump is very simple to use, and you won’t need any rocket science to operate it. What’s more, it also comes with a free bonus lid which is entirely leak proof.

It is made of silicone that is BPA free ensuring that your baby remains safe. It also comes with a 30-day guarantee. The only issue to be worried about when using this best manual breast pump is the fact that its cover is very fragile and can break anytime. It, therefore, needs to be handled with a lot of care.


  • It is fast and easy to use
  • One can use it to pump on one side while nursing on the other side
  • Comes with a free bonus lid that is leakage proof
  • With the leak-proof lid, it can be used as a storage bottle for storing breast milk for future use


  • The cover is fragile hence susceptible to breaking

#3 Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

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Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump,... Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump,... 611 Reviews from $24.95

Top features:

  • 2-phase technology
  • 25mm and 30mm flanges
  • BPS and BPA free
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight

Lansinoh Manual Breast pump appears in our review as the best manual breast pump because of its two operating modes. These are the stimulation and expression modes which help in letting down and optimizing the pumping efficiency. To ensure that you have full control over the pumping process with easiness and less work, the pump is fitted with an ergonomic handle that reduces hand fatigue.

The pump comes with two flanges which measure 25mm and 30.5mm which ensure ideal suction and reduced pumping efforts. The pump is wide necked which makes the flow of milk faster and easier. It is also compatible with NaturalWave nipple.

The pump has a few parts which make cleaning and assembling easy and quick. It is also small-sized and can be stashed in a bag for away from home use. This feature also makes it good for emergency use.

This is a brand that you can trust; it has been in the business for 30 years. The only issue to be worried about when using this manual breast pump is the fact that its breast shield is too broad. This therefore creates less suction pressure making it less efficient in some cases.


  • It has an ergonomic handle that eases milk expression hence reducing fatigue
  • It operates on 2-phase technologies that are designed to simulate breastfeeding and maximizes pumping efficiency
  • The make is lightweight and compact for pumping milk while on the go
  • Has two flanges that can be used to channel milk to storage bags
  • The design is simple with only a few parts which make it quick to assemble and clean
  • It is small and can be stashed in bags to be used away from homes and for emergencies


  • The breast shield is too broad and creates less suction

#4 Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

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Philips Avent Manual Comfort... Philips Avent Manual Comfort... 1137 Reviews $40.26

Top features:

  • Plastic
  • Soft and textured cushions
  • Compact and lightweight
  • BPA free
  • Angled
  • Imported

This is yet another excellent best manual breast pump worth being considered. It is designed in a way that will enable you to pump without leaning backward. It is angled in a way that makes you sit comfortably as you pump the milk. The angled neck also allows milk to flow naturally to the bottles.

For gentle stimulation of the breasts, it features a soft massage cushion which has 5 textured petals. This massage cushion will gently massage your breasts to make you express more milk. For a quick and less work when operating this pump, it also features an ergonomic handle. The pump is also lightweight and compact which contributes to an efficient pumping process.

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The collection bottle can be fitted with an included nipple for bottle feeding. The nipple is made in such a way that it allows natural latching for a good transition between bottle feeding and breastfeeding. One of the drawbacks associated with this breast pump that you must be aware of is its poor suction.


  • It is angled to allow a comfortable pumping session.
  • Designed with soft massage cushions that stimulate the breasts for a maximum pumping.
  • An ergonomic handle that lessens pumping work.
  • It is compact and lightweight to ensure that you hold it in position when pumping.
  • The bottle can be fitted with a nipple for bottle feeding.


  • The suction is not good.

#5 Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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Medela, Harmony Breast Pump,... Medela, Harmony Breast Pump,... No ratings yet $28.44

Top features:

  • 2 phase technology
  • One valve
  • One membrane
  • 24 mm PersonalFit breast shield
  • 5oz breastmilk bottle
  • Lightweight and portable

Medela manual Pump is designed to provide you with the most comfortable moment for you express your milk. It operates on two-phase technologies that make manual pumping comfortable and easy. It is also has a comfortable and easy to swivel handle that leaves the manual process of expressing milk easy and quick.

Sometimes you may need some privacy when pumping. In such cases, you will need to wear PersonalFit breast shields. The Medela Manual pump is compatible with these breast shields. This normally happens when expressing your milk in the public where this pump will still be useful as it is portable and compact.

What’s more, this breast pump comes with a free BPA free bottle that is safe for storing your baby’s precious milk. Another good thing about this breast pump is that it uses one membrane but comes 2 spare membranes so that in case one breaks, you will have two more for replacement.

You will, however, have to accept the fact that its suction efficiency will reduce after being used for some time. That is some sad news concerning this best manual breast pump.


  • With the 2 phase technology, it is easy to use and pumps out more milk
  • Comes with included PersonalFit breast shield which is good for privacy
  • It comes with 2 spare membranes so that if one breaks, you can have 2 more to replace it with
  • It is good for occasions that you are away from the baby
  • Comes with a BPA-free bottle which can be used to store milk and for bottle feeding


  • It loses suction after some time of constant use

Wrapping Up

As much as manual breast pumps might not be convenient as their electrical counterparts, they are useful on certain occasions when electrical pumps might not be in reach. The five best manual breast pumps listed above have it all. They all have good suction abilities and can collect the milk successfully.

They also comprise some of the most popular manual breast pumps and from renowned manufacturers. Some of them excel in various functionalities than others, and that is why we would like to recommend Sumgott Manual Breast Pump for you like the best manual breast pump. It is all rounded and outshines the rest in very many aspects.

You can use it as a leakage collector and as a pump as well. The way it works is amazing; it uses natural pressure to gently and quietly suck the milk. This is practical especially if your baby hates noise from the electric pumps. The soft petal-shaped silicone trumpets also fit so that you can have a comfortable, leakage free and effective milk pumping session.

It has a nipple and a storage gasket which makes it good for feeding and storage of milk as well. To ensure that you hold the pump securely while you pump your milk, it is fitted with an ergonomic grip handle. This handle reduces the amount of labor you will require to pump.

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Now you know why we have particularly recommended that product over the others. The other four are also good, and you can give them a second look. Have you ever used a manual breast pump before? If yes, have you ever used any of the breast pump models that we have reviewed? How can you describe its performance?

5 Features Consider When Looking For The Best Manual Breast Pump


Expressing milk requires utmost comfort. The pump you will go for should give you the best comfort while pumping. This should be regardless of the sitting posture or the way it latches on your breast. Look for features that the brand has tried to introduce in an effort to enhance comfort while pumping.

Some pumps will add massage cushions and angled pumps to improve the pumping posture. Remember that you will be pumping for a long time; you will need a pump that will not end up making you get tired while pumping just to obtain a small capacity of milk.


Try to look for those with a good amount of suction. They should have a proper fitting and shaped breast trumpets so that you obtain good suction. They should also have extra technology that will simulate a baby latch. This will ensure that you have maximum pumping session as your breasts will be stimulated.


Since you will need to pump while away from your baby, a portable manual breast pump will the best choice. Portability is determined by size, weight and complexity. A lightweight pump will be easy to carry around. A compact pump will also give fewer items to carry around with, and a small pump makes the best manual breast pump because it can be quickly stashed into a bag.

Collection Method

After you successfully pump out the milk, you will need to collect it for storage or feeding. Some pumps will have bottles attached to them for the pumped milk to collect in. Others will come with flanges that pump milk to the storage bags.

Those with bottles as the collection unit besides coming with their bottles should be compatible with most of the milk collection, storage or feeding bottles. The collection bottle should be able to be converted to a feeding bottle by fitting a nipple.

This ability is necessary to save you the time required for emptying and filling the bottles.

Easy of Use

Everyone needs a manual breast pump that will make things easier for them. First, it starts with the handle. An ergonomic handle should reduce the energy you use when pumping and should instead increase the efficiency of the pump.

Secondly are the parts of the pump, look for a pump with few parts that will make assembling easier for you. Too many pieces will complicate the installation process. You don’t want to spend more than ten minutes scratching your head trying to figure out how your pump works.

Having few parts also allows quick and easy cleaning of the pump. Instruction manuals are necessary for doing this. Ensure that the pump comes with them.

These are the few things you will need to consider when looking for the best manual breast pump. We believe it is now the most opportune moment for us to jump right into our 5 best manual breast pumps.

Which brand among the five that we reviewed are you willing to buy during your next shopping spree? Do you believe there is another best brand that we should consider during our next review? If you have any questions or comments regarding these manual breast pumps then let us know.

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