Best Long-Range Baby Monitor How To Keep A Hawk Eye On Your Baby

Top 5 Best Long-Range Baby Monitors: How To Keep A Hawk Eye On Your Baby

There are some cases where a baby’s room might be far from your bedroom, and it might be a hindrance to giving your baby a close look. Another case is when you are busy outdoors, and you would wish to have a close look at your baby. For such situations, finding the best long-range baby monitor will be of a great essence.

Some of the best long-range baby monitors give a real good time audio and video transmission of how your baby will be doing. Some will go the distance of alerting you with a beeping sound in case you are far from the monitor.

There are many capabilities on some of the best long-range baby monitor out there in the market. Finding the best, however, will entirely depend on how careful you are in your methods of selection.

To help you through this tedious process of choosing the crème de la crème, we have come up with this comprehensive buying guide.


Here are our best long range monitors that we have reviewed for you.

Top 5 Best Long-Range Baby Monitors Reviews

#1: Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby... Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby... 32221 Reviews $165.98

Top features: 

  • Invisible IR night vision.
  • Remote pan, zoom and tilt.
  • A two-way talk.
  • Temperature monitor.
  • 4 Cameras.
  • Sound activated Display screen.
  • Alarm

Infant Optics is known for being one of the best manufacturers of children optic gadgets. They have made a monitor that will give you as a caregiver the best capabilities. It uses an ingenious technology that will enable your monitor your baby visually and in real time.

The camera captures everything your baby does and transfers it wirelessly through a high privacy network to a 3.5 inch LCD colored screen for display. The screen has high pixels for a clear display.

To ensure that you keep watch of your baby at night without keeping the lights on, the monitor is driven by an invisible IR night vision technology. For close communication between you and your baby, this monitor gives a two-way talk where you can hear and speak to your baby.

What makes this monitor also amazing is that it has a compact design for both portability and easy setup. To simplify things for you, it gives you an option to choose the best way to view your baby in terms of the angle of view or the focal length.


  • It has interchangeable lens for more viewing options.
  • Provides optical zooming for a perfect close viewing of your baby.
  • Uses wide angle lens for wide floor coverage.
  • This monitor is great in power saving which lasts 10 hours and 6 hours if the  screen is used to display consistently.
  • The camera direction can be remote-controlled. 
  • Can be charged anywhere. It has a portable charger.
  • Has a temperature monitoring system
  • Two way talk through an intercom system that uses a push-to-talk button.


  • The sound of this monitor always stays on, and the color quality is low.

#2: Vtech VM301 Safe& Sound Video Camera for VM321

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VTech VM301 Safe & Sound... VTech VM301 Safe & Sound... 733 Reviews $95.00

Top features:

  • A two-way communication.
  • Adjustable camera lens.
  • Wall mounts.
  • 2.4Ghz system
  • Automatic IR night vision.
  • ​Cord storage system.
  • Lullaby player

Are you looking for a long-range baby monitor that supports up to a distance of 1000 feet? The Vtech VM301 Safe Camera should be the solution to your quest. With an audio and video monitoring system, this monitor transmits its sound and video through a 2.4GHz frequency system for a distance of 1000 feet.

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The cameras are adjustable for varied viewing directions, and it is contained in a wall-mountable unit that has a cord storage compartment. You can control these cameras from your own room via a remote control system.

Besides monitoring your baby’s visual and audio well-being, the monitor will also do the following; sing for your baby to sleep using the 5 melodic and soothing lullabies. This product will give the temperature conditions of your baby’s crib or room. Another awesome feature about this baby monitor is that it provides a clear view at night using an automatic infrared technology.

What’s more, installing this baby monitor in your house is very easy as it comes with wall mounts for placing it on your wall. Its camera lens can also be adjusted to see your baby all the time. The only drawback concerning this monitor is that it emits a bright light and circles of red light for the power symbol that may not wake up your baby.


  • Provides five lullabies for soothing and calming the baby.
  • It has an adjustable camera lens.
  • Comes with wall mount holes.
  • Has high pixel video and a high-frequency audio transmitter which transmits for a distance of up to 1000 feet.
  • Uses an automatic night vision Infrared technology.
  • Comes with a cord storage system for storing the extra power cords.


  • The camera emits bright light and circles of red light for power symbol that might be enough to wake up a baby.

#3: Hellobaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor

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HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video... HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video... 156 Reviews from $198.99

Top features:

  • 3.2 inch LCD screen.
  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • 960 feet transmission range.
  • Auto mute capability.

The Hellobaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor is another great best long-range baby monitor worth considering. A key feature that makes this baby monitoring system unique over the others is its Auto mute feature, which occurs in rooms of sound less than 50db. The monitor will remain muted until a sound over 50db is detected which is a normal frequency that a human ear can detect.

To ensure that you have a clear and closer view of your baby, first the baby receiver can be paired up with four cameras. These cameras will transmit the video through a 2.4GHz wireless system to the baby receiver which outputs it through a 3.2 inch LCD screen.

Secondly, for audio monitoring on your baby’s side will be a high-quality microphone and thirdly for late night observations, the infrared technology will give you a clear view. What’s more, it has a lullaby player that will play up to 8 lullabies for your bundle of joy.

It also has another greater capability of monitoring the temperature of the environment surrounding the baby. This will make sure that your baby is in a comfortable environment.


  • Connects to the camera using a digital encryption technology and frequency-hopping technology for securing the network.
  • It can monitor real time temperature of the baby’s surrounding.
  • It has a two-way audio system that has a range of 960 feet.
  • It has a lullaby player which can play 8 lullabies.
  • It has an auto mute feature which has a capability of sensing sounds over and below 50db for power saving.
  • A multi-transmission capability of this monitor makes it good. Four cameras can be connected to it.


  • Has a shorter lifespan and will get spoilt much quickly.

#4: ANMEATE Video and Audio Baby Monitor

Preview Product Rating Price
Video Baby Monitor with Camera... Video Baby Monitor with Camera... 174 Reviews from $112.49

Top features:

  • 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen.
  • 4 camera parent unit.
  • 960 feet two-way talk.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • 2X digital zoom.
  • ​4 level alarms.
  • 4 lullabies.
  • ECO and scan modes

This is another fantastic monitor with excellent capabilities that will make monitoring of your baby easy and smooth. It operates on different modes which bring the unique functionality of this monitor. ECO mode, for example, will make the screen inactive if there is no movement and noise around the camera. For a customized ECO mode, you will have set the sound frequency limit you feel the display should be turned on when your set limit is exceeded.

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Another mode is the scan mode which allows you to choose which cameras or how the video stream from these cameras can be displayed. You can choose a ten-second scan over all the cameras. These cameras transmit their video signals to the receiver, and the receiver outputs it through a 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen.

The operating time for this monitor is 12 hours if fully charged. What’s more, it also has 4 lullabies to keep your baby busy and a temperature sensor to sense if the temperature of your baby’s location is beyond the expected limits. The screen of this baby monitor does not, however, keep the signal and quality of the vision is usually low. These are the only drawbacks to be worried about when using this baby monitor.


  • Uses scan and ECO modes which make monitoring easy and efficient.
  • Gives a stable and reliable signal through a 2.4HZ wireless technology.
  • It is possible to pair up to 4 cameras with the central system for multi- transmission.
  • A two-way communication system that works at a range of 960 feet.
  • Give multiple capabilities such as the 2X digital zoom; sound activated, pan and  tilt of cameras, night vision and indicator temperature sensing.
  • Has 4 alarm levels and can play 4 lullabies.


  • The screen does not keep the signal and the night vision is low quality.

#5: UU Infant Video baby monitor

No products found.

Top features:

  • 4 cameras baby receiver.
  • 2.4GHz FSSH technology.
  • 950mAh battery powered   monitor.     
  • Two-way talk.
  • 2X digital zoom.
  • 4 level alarm.

The UU Infant Video baby monitor is a baby monitor that most parents should possess. Run by 2.4GHz technology, this baby monitor has a monitoring range of up to 825 feet beyond which you will get an alert signal for being out of range. You will be able to view your baby on a 2.4-inch color LCD screen run by a 950mAh battery receiver. For you to get more viewing options, you can pair the receiver with four cameras.

On the monitors are LEDs which will alert you in case you have turned down the audio reception, and your baby is crying. It also allows a clear communication between you and your baby. To back up your comforting talk is the lullaby player. This player can play four polyphonic lullabies and also has alarms to alert you about the feeding time in four different setting levels.

What’s more, this best long-range baby monitor also has temperature monitoring capabilities. These capabilities will make sure that your baby stays in a place with optimum temperature to avoid extremely low or high temperatures. The only issue to be concerned about when using this product is that it lacks the sleep mode and can pick white noise at night.


  • Working within a range of up to 825 feet and has out of range alert alarm system.
  • It is expandable; it takes up to 4 cameras.
  • Long lasting battery. Takes 6-8 hours when the screen is “On” and 10-12 hours when it is in audio only mode.
  • Has a two-way talk line for you and your baby.
  • It has temperature monitoring capabilities.


  • It lacks a sleep mode and picks up white noise during the night.


How closely you will monitor your baby will depend on how carefully you choose your baby’s best long-range baby monitor. With these five best long-range baby monitors discussed above, we believe you will find one that will suit you. You can as well try them out one by one and settle on the one that does an exemplary job for you.

They all have the features we indicated. They can transmit for a range of more than 800 feet, give both audio and visual real-time transmission and have multiple monitoring capabilities. One that outstands all of them and you should give a second look is Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor.

5 Factors You Should Look For In The Best Long-range Baby Monitor

How effective your baby’s monitor will be will depend on the following factors:

Range of transmission

When dealing with long-range baby monitors, you should look for those with a maximum range of between 800 to 1000 feet of transmission. This range should provide a crystal-clear transmission of both video and audio. It should also have out of range alert signal to prevent cases where you think the monitor is working yet it is not.

Quality Of Transmission

The best long range monitors will depend on the quality of audio and video transmitted. You should look for a monitor with high-quality microphones that will pick low and laudable sound frequency. It should also give you a chance to set the range of frequency you will expect it to capture to prevent it from capturing white noise instead of the baby’s cry.

For high-quality video transmission, it means the camera should have a high number of pixels and should be tilted or panned to give more viewing angles. The camera port should also accommodate more than 1 camera for more options of viewing. Look for the ability of these cameras to work at night. If they work at night, they should give a good image quality.

The quality will also depend on the screen display and the reception speakers. The monitor display should be colored and have a high resolution of more than 640P frame limit. The speakers should be laudable enough to give the same sound being heard at the other end.

Remote control

The sole reason why we buy baby monitors is for an efficient, quick and less time-consuming baby attendance. When looking for the best long-range baby monitors, one of the key features you should look for is whether it is operated manually or by use of a remote control.

For example, if you will need the cameras to tilt, will you have to walk to your baby’s room to change the angle or just use a remote to change it.

The best long-range baby monitor should have most of its camera features remote controlled.

Power Consumption

It is evident that the more the features, the higher the power consumption.However, a monitor of this kind should give power saving options. Some monitors will allow you set them to different modes where they won’t be performing certain features to reduce power consumptions.

For example, some monitors can allow you to switch to only audio mode meaning the cameras will not be running until when maybe you decide to switch them back or when they are activated.

Some monitors will allow you to turn off movement detection systems or set them to sleep mode so that they are only activated when a certain range of frequency of sound is exceeded. You should, therefore, look for such features in the one you are going to buy your little one.


Some baby monitors will have accessories like lullaby players and alarms. This will be good in soothing and enhancing the two-way talk time. The alarms will be great in setting feeding time and perhaps diaper changing times.

Have you ever used any of the products discussed above? If yes, how was the experience using it and which one was it? Did you have another product in mind that ought to have been discussed but did not make it on our list? Do you mind telling us about it as you give your feedbacks regarding this comprehensive review article?

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