Best Diaper Pail This Is How To Keep The Stench Away

Top 5 Best Diaper Pails: This Is How To Keep The Stench Away

If there is one nerdy thing you will have to do, that would be disposing of your baby’s used diapers. Soiled diapers are without no doubt the most rancid things you will have to handle every day until your baby grows into a more responsible child. This forms part of better parenting, and you should be able to take care of this issue religiously.

It is believed that babies will use close to around 2500 to 3000 diapers in their first year alone. Can you just imagine the number of times you will have to run to your outdoor trash bin with a stinking soiled diaper? You shouldn’t even bother doing so because you will give up along the way.


You should not worry though. Diaper pails will come in to help you change diapers comfortably in your child’s nursery with no hurry. You will agree with me that it is almost impossible to contain the pungent odor. The odor is basically air. With a small leakage, you will be back to square one.

It takes the most effective the best diaper pail to contain odor out of your baby's nursery completely. The only way to avoid this is by being keen when choosing your little one’s diaper pail.​

Top 5 Best Diaper Pails Reviews

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#1 Plytex Diaper Genie Complete Assemble Diaper Pail

Preview Product Rating Price
Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Assembled... Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Assembled... 468 Reviews $49.99 from $37.44

Top features:

  • Preassembled
  • Built-in carbon filters
  • Ergonomic design
  • Tilt bin and a cutter present
  • Hands-free

This is a ready to use diaper pail, it comes with a full sized refill bag that is already installed which holds up to 270 soiled diapers. When it comes to odor control, this diaper pail is the best. It contains a built-in odor controlling antimicrobial and double –air tight clamps to aid in containing the odor.

There are also installed carbon filters at the top of the bin. These will ensure that there is completely no odor that will sneak out of the pail. This diaper pail is completely hands-free. You will have a foot pedal to step on while opening and closing the lid.

It is perfectly sized and has a good height that will not make you bow to it. Instead you will comfortably toss the soiled diaper while at ease. Emptying the pail is easy, the bin will tilt allowing you to pull the pail upwards through a cutter. The cutter will cut the liner enabling you to tie a knot.


  • It is hands-free. With the help of a foot pedal, soiled diapers will be disposed with only one hand involved.
  • The carbon filters at the top of the bin make this pail the best in odor control.
  • A tilted bin to empty makes it easy to pull the filled diaper bag through the cutter.
  • It has an ergonomic height; there will be no bending while tossing the diaper into the pail.
  • It comes when already assembled and with an installed refill, it is a ready to use type of a pail.
  • It has a high diaper holding capacity; it holds up to 270 diapers.


  • The diaper bags have a poor material quality, they rip off when filled up.

#2 Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Top features:

  • Steel coat
  • Sliding lid and rubber seals
  • Improved refill bag holder
  • Child proof safety lock
  • Updated cover rim
  • Updated insertion mechanism

One of the great features of this diaper pail is that it is steel coated. This feature makes it achieve the maximum odor control. Plastics are known to be porous and absorb the pungent smell. The fact that the inside of this diaper pail is made of plastic makes it even better in controlling the pungent odor.

What’s more, you will need no special bag to refill this pail. Regular kitchen bags will work well on this diaper pail. This will greatly help you save money instead of buying special refill bags. If you are worried about your baby’s safety, this diaper pail will have your back covered as it is child proof.

Here is how the manufacturer of this diaper worked hard to ensure you have an odor free nursery. It has rubber seals that seal around the rim of the sliding lid. The lid slides in between the rubber seals which perfectly lock the smell inside the pail. The only issue to be worried about when using this best diaper pail is cleaning it, the parts around the lid are very hard to clean.


  • Powder coated steel to lock the odor away.
  • Rubber seals and sliding lid provide a maximum odor control system.
  • Can use regular diaper bags, no special bags required.
  • It has a child proof locking mechanism that will protect the child from potential injuries.
  • It comes with an updated cover rim that protects the bags from ripping off.
  • It also comes with an updated insertion mechanism which will stop the rubber gasket from falling.


  • The gasket and parts around the lid are hard to clean and sanitize.

#3 Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

Preview Product Rating Price
Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail 644 Reviews from $33.99

Top features:

  • One hand use
  • Standard plastic bags
  • Deodorizer disc included
  • Light in weight
  • One step disposal system

This diaper pail is one of the most convenient and easy to use. Its simple design will also keep the odor of the soiled diapers away. It is entirely a one-step disposal system that will be completely compatible with busy mums like you. Even with your child on one hand, it will still be easy to operate and dispose of the fetid diapers without any grossness.

To make things cheaper for you, this diaper pail uses regular standard diaper refill bags. You will not have to buy any special ones. It weighs around 2.9 pounds which is light enough in case you will need to move it around the nursery. It also comes with deodorizer which is good in eliminating the pungent odor.

The only thing to be worried about when using this best diaper pail is the convenience of disposing of the soiled diapers. The deodorizer disc and the lid normally block the opening making the disposal of the soiled diaper complicated.


  • It is a one-step disposal system. Less grossness when disposing of.
  • One hand use makes it easy and convenient to use.
  • The deodorizer helps in reducing the odor by sprinkling soda to the diaper bags.
  • Uses regular standard refill bags, making it cheap.
  • It is also light for portability and house décor adjustment.


  • The lid and the deodorizer disc block the opening for easy and convenient disposal of soiled diapers.

#4 Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

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Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail |... Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail |... 681 Reviews $31.89 $29.95

Top features:

  • Hands-free
  • Scented refill bags
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Reusable diaper pail
  • Easy access emptying service
  • Self-closing whisper lid

If you are seriously looking for a diaper pail that requires no twisting, squishing or blending, the Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail will be the best one for you. This diaper pail is completely hands-free. You will be required to only step on a foot pedal, and the lid will open automatically giving you room to dispose of the soiled diaper. The lid will then close and seal off the diaper odor inside the pail when you release your foot.

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To protect your house or the nursery from odor, this pail comes with powder scented refill bags which are cheap. It also comes with continuous liners and has the capability to hold more diapers. It is durably made from lasting plastic ABS. This diaper will see your child grow into a responsible child. If it is done serving you, you can remove the lid and make it your bathroom or garage trash can. How good is that? That means that this diaper pail is reusable.

What’s more, its features the self-closing lid whisper that will make sure that your baby’s sleep is not interfered with. The only drawback associated with this diaper pail is that the odor control system is not so efficient in controlling the odor. It also has a small soiled diaper capacity.


  • It is 100% hands-free, no squishing, no twisting and blending.
  • Comes with powder scented refills for odor control.
  • Made of ABS plastic which is durable and long lasting.
  • Easy access emptying service for quick and safe emptying.
  • Child safe cutter will allow easy cutting of the continuous refill liner.


  • Its odor control system does not give a maximum odor control. It has a small soiled diaper capacity.

#5 Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail, Grey

Preview Product Rating Price
Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail, Grey Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail, Grey 52 Reviews from $61.43

Top features:

  • Uses standard-size can liners
  • Safety lock
  • Air-tight locks
  • Rubber seals
  • Steel and aluminum construction.
  • Convertible design

Steel and aluminum are known to absorb pungent odor effectively. It is therefore wise to get a diaper pail made mainly of steel or aluminum if you want to control the odor from your baby’s soiled diapers. The Bubula Jr Steel Diaper pail is the best option to go for when looking for an aluminum or steel diaper pail.

It has an air-tight lid which prevents odor from escaping the pail. To give a maximum odor control, they have added strong and flexible rubber seals. It uses standard-sized trash bags, which makes it cheaper to use. With a non-skid bottom, you can be sure that this diaper pail will rarely tip over or get scratched easily.

Its durable and unique design can easily be converted to normal trash cans. It also comes with a safety lock to keep your baby safe from the dirty pail. The process of installing the diaper bags onto this diaper pail is so simple, you will require no guidelines.


  • Steel and aluminum construction makes this pail odor free and durable.
  • Air-tight lid and rubber seals give it a maximum odor control.
  • Comes with a safety lock which makes it good in child safety.
  • It has a convertible design. It can easily be converted to a normal trash can.
  • It uses standard liners. Which makes it cheap.
  • It is easy to use diaper pail.


  • It has no odor containment chamber, to contain odor when the soiled diaper is thrown in.

Wrap Up

Finding the best diaper pail that will completely seal off odor is hard and difficult. Most parents have always tried their luck in getting the best diaper pails to contain the pungent odor. This has however been an uphill task.

Most parents only succeed in getting those diaper pails that will keep the odor to some manageable levels. While most of the products that we have reviewed will give you value for your money, give priority to the Plytex Diaper Genie Complete Assemble Diaper Pail when shopping for the best diaper pails.

It is a ready to use diaper pail with a full sized refill bag that is already installed that holds up to 270 soiled diapers, it has a built-in odor controlling antimicrobial and double –air tight clamps to aid in containing odor among other great features.

While we may have highly recommended a particular diaper pail, it is advisable to try all the diaper pails that have been reviewed so that you can find the one that will work best for you. This is because the diaper pail that might work well for us may not be the one that will work best for you.

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6 Essential Features Of A Diaper Pail You Should Look For

Odor Control

The main reason why we buy diaper pails is to contain the pungent odor. Before buying the best diaper pail, you should carefully look at how the manufacturer has enhanced odor control.

Some diaper pails will have tightly closed lids; others will be have scented diaper refills while others will have deodorizers.

It will completely depend on your choice. Diapers pails with soda dispensing systems or deodorizers will be the best ones over those with scented diaper refill bags. Nonetheless, both will offer full and maximum odor control lids.

Ease Of Diaper Bag Change

How will the experience of changing the diaper bags be after your baby’s diaper bag is full? It should be simple and with no element of grossness. This means that it should give you an easy mechanism of tying or sealing the filled diaper bags.

If you will be required to tie a knot at the top of the diaper bag especially if it uses a continuous liner diaper bag they should be a minimal contact between you and the diaper pail.

Ease Of Diaper Disposal

A part from locking odor, a diaper pail should also provide an easy and comfortable way of disposing of fetid soiled diapers. One of the ways is, it should have a safe mechanism for you to drop the soiled diaper into the pail properly.

Some diaper pails will come with foot pedals to help you open the pail lids. The others will use buttons to close and lock the lid. Self-opening and closing lids are an important consideration you should take.

To safely dispose a diaper into a closed and sealed diaper pail, you should ensure that the pail has a mechanism that will correctly insert the diaper into the pail. This is to avoid a gross situation where you have to shake the pail or use your hand to push the diaper into the pail.

Is The Lid Child Proof?

Safety is paramount in any nursery gear. Some children are just curious. They will never stop doing it until they find how it works. To keep your child off the contaminated diaper bags, you should ensure that at least the diaper pail has a child proof lock mechanism.

Liners Of The Diaper Pail

Some best diaper pails use specific liners. You should, therefore, be careful when choosing your diaper pail. This is because such diaper pails will use special bags that are either sold with them or bought separately.

You will also be required to buy more whenever you have exhausted them. There are some who will use any liner. They might use the normal kitchen bags or rubbish bags. Some will use cloth liners. A cloth liner pail is commonly used alongside cloth diapers. This means that they can be machine rewashed for reuse.

Total Life Cost Of The Diaper Pail

Before you a buy a diaper pail, you should do your math right. Think about the cost of buying the diaper pail and the bags. Some diaper pails will need to use special diaper bags while others will require just regular kitchen bags.

If the diaper pail will require special kind of diaper bags, then it means you will always have to buy one when another one is full. With the rate at which diapers are changed, it means you will have to spend a lot on this kind of diaper pail for one and a half years.

Those best diaper pails that use standard bags like kitchen bags are generally cheaper. It is important to note that even though they are cheap, they will come with some limitations. These constraints might include the bags being less scented as compared to the special bags. It is therefore vital to do your calculations right and buy your baby the best diaper pail.

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