Top 5 Best Crib Soothers: How To Buy The Best Product In 2019

Soothing a baby to sleep can be frustrating and disturbing at times but thanks to the modern world, you can buy one of the best crib soothers to help you out. These soothers will help you have a complete freedom from calming your baby to sleep. Some of these best crib soothers create a tranquil atmosphere using sounds and colorful displays.

These sounds and displays will literally bring your baby’s mind to be at ease. They do this by destructing the baby’s mind from the disturbing outside sounds. This will result in creating a peaceful and settled mind condition that will make your baby to doze off slowly.

The ability to achieve this mental condition, however, will depend on how careful you will be when choosing the best crib soother for your baby. You shouldn’t worry though, we have included some of the features you should look for when buying your little on the best crib soother.

We have also gone further to simplify the process of finding the best crib soother by reviewing five of the best crib soothers in 2019


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Night Light Star Projector... Night Light Star Projector... 3355 Reviews from $28.94
Pond Symphony Crib Soother... Pond Symphony Crib Soother... 150 Reviews $39.99
Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies... Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies... 666 Reviews from $14.49

Top 5 Best Crib Soothers Reviews

1. Marpac Dohm-Ds All Natural White Noise Sound Machine

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Did you know that white noise helps children and adults sleep? If you didn’t, and you are on a hunt for the best crib soother for your baby, then this is the best soother for your baby. Sometimes soothers that use melodic sounds tend to be disturbing which leaves this Marpac Dohm soother that uses white noise to induce sleep to be the best alternative.

This white noise will cover up all the other disruptive sounds which become easy for your baby’s mind to settle and sleep. The white noise from this device will be emitted all night leaving the crib area surrounded with one sound frequency. This will drown down all the other random sounds that could have woken up your baby.

Let’s get into details of how this device works. It emits soft white noise without air blasts which might be irritating. It comes with a volume control that you will use to control the loudness of the white noise.

You will need to use your hearing to find the best sound that will mask all other outside sounds. You can fine tune the white noise to find the tone of the white sound that will soothe your baby. This device is conveniently compact and will give your baby a customized sound.

This baby soother’s motor can sometimes produce rattling sounds which could disturb your baby. That is the only issue to be worried about when using this baby soother.

Top Features
  • Two speeds.
  • Volume and tone controls.
  • Voltage ratings are 120AC and 60HZ.
  • Marpac signature sound.
  • Dual speed motor.


  • Works for both children and adults.
  • Operates on two speeds of dual speed motor which runs an asymmetrical fan and acoustic housing which creates a soothing sound of cruising air.
  • One can create a customized sound.
  • Fine tuning for right tone and volume of the sound is possible.
  • Blocks all the disruptive sounds.


  • The motor can produce rattling sounds which can be disturbing for the baby.

2. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night light

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Night Light Star Projector... Night Light Star Projector... 3355 Reviews from $28.94

This is a turtle themed toy which illuminates light to the walls and ceiling through its shell. It projects a very attractive and soothing constellation of stars. This will create a nice environment around the crib which will calm your baby to sleep. The constellation includes big stars like the big dipper. This baby soother is suitable for children of all ages.

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This soother will convert your baby’s crib into a comforting and calming sanctuary. It will illuminate the walls and ceiling of any room. It projects the soothing colors of blue, green and amber that will create a magical and tranquil environment. It is entirely recommended by pediatricians.

What’s more, this baby soother will use its 45-minute timer to bring complete darkness in the room once your baby falls deep asleep. The only drawback associated with this baby soother is that sometimes it can fail to emit all the colors of light mentioned above.

Top Features
  • Projects a constellation of stars.
  • Starry night sky.
  • Use 3AA batteries.
  • Project Blue, green and amber lights.
  • 45 minutes timer.


  • Transforms cribs into a starry sanctuary that soothes and calms babies.
  • Projects in any room of any space.
  • Projects three soothing colors blue, green and amber to create a magical tranquil environment.
  • Has a 45-minute timer which ensures complete darkness when your baby falls asleep.
  • Uses 3AA batteries which make it durable.


  • It fails to emit all the named lights sometimes.

3.Pond Symphony Crib Soother

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Pond Symphony Crib Soother... Pond Symphony Crib Soother... 150 Reviews $39.99

This is a soother made specifically for children who are in the crib. It works by displaying lovable animal characters, bright colors and plays soft nursery music. When it is switched on, the soother slowly turns on and off. By doing this way, your baby will get calmed and engaged. To lull your baby, the soother can play a set of three classical melodies and “nature” sounds.

To make it even more enjoyable for your little one, you can connect your own MP3 player and the lights will dance to the tune of the songs being played hence lulling your baby to sleep. You can use the volume controls to adjust the volumes for the perfect one for your baby.

It also has an automatic shut off button and an adjustable crib holder that will fit into any cribs. To include your baby in the fun, your baby can press the lady bag to activate it. What’s more, this best crib soother comes with an automatic shutoff feature that will ensure that it shuts off once your baby falls asleep. It crucial to be careful with the Mp3 attached to this soother as it can malfunction easily.

Top Features
  • The soft and colorful light that slowly turn off and on.
  • MP3 player cord.
  • Adjustable crib holders.
  • Volume controls.
  • Automatic shut-off.


  • It displays soft, colorful, slow and alternating dim and bright light to soothe the baby.
  • Works with an Mp3 player through an Mp3 player cord.
  • The soother displays light in tune to what the mp3 is playing.
  • It comes with an automatic shut-off button to ensure that it shuts when the baby falls asleep.
  • It has volume controls for adjusting it to the right volume.
  • It has quick adjustable crib clips that fit any crib.
  • The baby can press the lady bag to activate it.


  • The Mp3 is prone to malfunctioning.

4.Summer Infant Slumber Buddies and Melodies Soother

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This is another animal themed soother that resembles an elephant called the “Edie the Elephant.” It projects starry sky into the walls and ceiling around your baby’s crib. It also plays a set of peaceful selected sounds that will soothe your baby to sleep. It plays five soothing sounds which include; Brahm’s Lullaby, Frolic Rhodes, Hush Little Baby, heart beats and babbling Brook.

These sounds will provide an easy distraction from the outside environment leaving your baby with a relaxed and peaceful mind condition which is good for sleeping. To ensure that the sounds aren’t loud for your baby, the soother comes with 3 levels of volume control.For a perfect timing, the soother comes with 15, 30 or 45 minutes timer. This will give you various options to program your crib soother.

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To ensure that a tranquil environment is reached for your baby to sleep, the soother can be made to produce three different colors green, amber and blue in a rotating light show. The only issue to be worried about when using this product is the fact that it consumes more battery power. This will demand more regular battery replacements which are expensive to some extent.

Top Features
  • Made of a Polyester material.
  • 5 songs and nature sounds.
  • Starry sky display.
  • Displays in green, blue and amber.
  • 15, 30.45-minute timer.
  • 3 level volume control


  • Plays 5 meditative songs and “nature” sounds that suits the baby.
  • Projects a tranquil and calm atmosphere to the ceiling and walls.
  • Provide an option to select from the rhythmic light show or green, blue and amber individuals colors.
  • It has a 15, 30, 45-minute auto-shut timer to ensure that the soother shuts down when the baby sleeps.
  • Comes with 3 levels of volume control for the right volume of sound.
  • It is made of an attractive turtle that is made of polyester.


  • It consumes battery power at a higher rate making it to have frequent battery replacement.

5. Skip Hop Moonlight and melodies Nightlight Soother Owl

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Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies... Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies... 666 Reviews from $14.49

This owl-like illuminating toy will fit your baby’s nursery decor without a doubt. It specially features a dimmable nightlight belly that is capable of emitting a gentle and warm glow. To beef up the calming and soothing environment, it plays 8 different melodic sounds and calming sounds. These sounds can be played continuously for 60 minutes.

On this best crib soother is a pivoting lens which projects a luminous sky so that your baby can see it from the crib. You will have an option to choose the best light combination for your baby and the owl will display it when night dawns.

This projection comprises of stars and moons. On the belly of the owl is an easy to use dimmer control. To ensure that the soother is shut-off at the right time when your baby falls asleep, it has a 15, 30 and 60-minute timer.

It has a plug which fits into any standard outlet as well. The only issue associated with this crib soother is the fact that its sound player speakers are not loud enough. This might make the baby struggle to listen to the soothing sounds.

Top Features
  • Displays a luminous sky.
  • 4 soothing sounds and 4 nature sounds.
  • Dimmable LED displays.
  • Fabric wings as speakers.
  • 15, 30, 60-minute timer.


  • Soothes the baby with sound and light.
  • Has an age limit of newborns going up.
  • The 4 melodic sounds and 4 nature sounds can be played 60 minutes continuously.
  • It has fabric wings which act as the speakers.
  • Displays a luminous sky of stars and the moon using a pivoted lens which can be adjusted.
  • Has a dimmable LED which displays soft light with a modern leaf pattern.


  • The sound player speakers are not laudable enough.


Making sure that your baby is calm and asleep is a great reliever for you most parents. Finding a peace of mind will involve investing in the best crib soothers like those discussed above. A no age limit soother like the Marpac Dohm-Ds All Natural White Noise Sound Machine is worth giving the priority when buying the best crib soother.


It has great features expected from an ideal crib soother. It uses white noise to mask the distractive sounds that may wake or prevent your baby from falling asleep. It emits soft white noise without air blasts which might be irritating to your baby. It also comes with a volume control that you will use to find the best level that will mask all other outside sounds.

You can fine tune the white noise to find the tone of the white noise that will soothe your baby. This device is conveniently compact and will give your baby a customized sound. With this white sound soother and other four soothers, your baby will be guaranteed a peaceful night.

5 Features You Should Look For In A Crib Soother

Investing in your baby’s gear is not something to be taken lightly. It requires carefulness and in depth considerations. There are some key features you have to consider when looking for your baby’s crib soother. Here are some of them;

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Volume controls

Most of the baby soothers use melodic sounds and “nature” sounds to lull your baby to sleep. One of the most fundamental features you should look for in this kind of soothers is the volume controls.

This is to ensure that you have precise adjustments for a good and healthy loudness. This will also be critical especially after your baby has slept. A loud music will wake your baby instead of getting her to sleep.​


A projector will be of essence to ensure that the sound and colorful lights and displays work together in creating a tranquil environment for your little one. An excellent soother should be able to project in a number of colors that will be attractive and at the same time calming. Such colors include colors like blue, amber and green.

The projector should be adjustable to ensure that it can be tilted to illuminate the ceiling or the walls without any difficulty.

Sound choices

The kind of sounds that will be played by the soother is very important as well. Some soothers will play white noise which is great in making destructive sounds while others will play lulling melodic and “nature” sounds. You should, therefore, ensure that the sounds that your baby’s soother plays are those that your baby loves.

The crib soother should also leave an option of customizing these sounds. They can either come with a tone control or a cord that will connect to your Mp3 player. This is so that you can play the lullabies you have chosen for your baby.

Compatibility and crib holders

A crib soother should have a crib clip that will fit any crib. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where attaching the soother will be hard. Other crib soothers will not require crib clips. Instead, you should ensure that that they can fit your nursery décor.

They should be stable or compact and soft so that they can be placed inside the crib without causing any harm to your baby.

Power options

Most of these soothers will use power to drive their sound players and projectors. To ensure that your power bill does shoot at an alarming rate, you should try to look for those with low power consumptions and those that can fit standard power outlets.

If they use power outlets and not batteries, it means that you are restricted in terms of the positions you are going to use the best crib soothers. Those that use batteries present versatility, they can be used anywhere in the house. However the batteries will run low, your baby’s soother batteries should at least be rechargeable to avoid constant replacement.

Preview Product Rating Price
Night Light Star Projector... Night Light Star Projector... 3355 Reviews from $28.94
Pond Symphony Crib Soother... Pond Symphony Crib Soother... 150 Reviews $39.99
Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies... Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies... 666 Reviews from $14.49

Have you ever used any of the best crib soothers discussed above? Do you have a particular type of crib soother that we should have discussed but we did not? Which crib soother are you planning to buy soon among the five that we just discussed? We would like to read your feedback. Use the comment section to share your feedback with us. Please share this article with all your friends who might be interested in reading it.

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