How To Buy The Best Childproof Cabinet Locks This Year

Top 5 Best Childproof Cabinet Locks of 2019

As children grow, they tend to want to know, taste and touch what is around them. With their innocent minds, they are not aware of what is hazardous or safe to them. Curiosity can be the best teacher, but you would not want your little one to be hurt. That is why it is vital to look for the best childproof cabinet locks.


Children wish they could do what their parents do. That is why most of the time you will find them struggling to open the cabinets, closets or drawers. Soon or later they are going to know how to do it and get what is inside. Since most of these home cabinets keep sharp items, medicine, and even pet food, the children may end up hurting themselves.

To help you childproof these areas and prevent your baby from touching or using sharp items, we have put together an extensive list of the five best childproof cabinet locks.

Top Choices

Preview Product Rating Price
Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action... Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action... 4174 Reviews from $12.13
Sliding Door Lock for Child... Sliding Door Lock for Child... 1037 Reviews from $999.99
Sliding Cabinet Locks for... Sliding Cabinet Locks for... 287 Reviews from $12.99

Top 5 Best Childproof Cabinet Locks  Review

1.Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches

Preview Product Rating Price
Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action... Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action... 4174 Reviews from $12.13
Top Features
  • Flexible.
  • ​Dual button operations.
  • ​2 counts.
  • ​Comes with an adhesive.
  • Measures 4.8 by 1.4 by 6.7 inches.

This is one of the best childproof cabinet locks that are currently available in the market. It can be used to secure drawers, cabinets, appliances and toilet seats. It perfectly works as a childproof lock by having a dual button operation. Only adults can figure out how it works making it childproof.

You will be required just to release and rotate it when not in use and then push the button back when you need to fasten it. This guard is flexible so that it can be latched around corners and locks. When it comes to installation, it is easy and fast.

What’s more, the adhesives used to install this childproof cabinet lock will not leave marks on your cabinet or damage any surfaces. It is also multipurpose and can be used in childproofing several appliances in the house like drawers, toilets and many other appliances apart from the cabinet alone.


  • Uses dual button operation to release and rotate in the inactive state which makes children hard to know how it works.
  • ​It is flexible which makes it convenient to wrap it around cabinet handles.
  • ​It can be used to childproof cabinets, toilets, drawers, appliances and much more.
  • Comes with adhesives for quick installation.
  • The adhesives do not leave marks or damage surfaces.


  • The adhesive does not work well in humid or hot areas.

2. Secure Home Baby Safety Locks

Top Features
  • Flexible.
  • ​3M adhesive foam tape.
  • Latching system.
  • ​One hand access for adults.
  • 100% warranty.

No products found.

Are you looking for a lock that will fit your home décor? Jessa Leonar has one for you. They have designed a cabinet lock that will help you have some peace of mind around the house even with your child around. It features a 3M signature foam tape that will help you stick the lock on the cabinet surfaces for years without losing its adhesiveness.

​The installation process is so simple; you will just need to adhere it to the surfaces that you want to childproof. When done installing it, you can then close the lock together by latching it over the surfaces that allow child access. For adult use, it is also simple to open. The process is just a one-handed operation that requires one finger push.

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The closing and opening operations are made in such a way that it is hard for children to figure out how it works making it excellent for childproofing your appliances. You can use it to secure cabinets, drawers, toilets, windows, pet food containers, trash cans and anything else with an adhering surface.

The only issue to be worried about when using this product is the fact that its straps are flimsy and this can make them break after being used a few times.


  • It can be used for several purposes but with a single lock system.
  • ​It has a child sophisticated latching system making it suitable for childproofing cabinets and drawers.
  • ​Uses a 3M foam tape which allows quick installation and is durable.
  • ​The adhesive foam tape does not damage the surfaces or leave marks and stains.
  • It is most suitable for rentals and apartments.
  • It is available in many colors that can fit the décor of your house.


  • The straps are flimsy which makes them break after some uses.

3. ELLA’S CHILD LOCKS Multi-purpose child safety locks

No products found.

Top Features
  • Flexible.
  • ​12 counts.
  • Adjustable.​
  • ​Sliding button lock.
  • ​3M adhesive.
  • Non-toxic ROHS material.

This is another lock that you won’t have to drill your cabinet or use any special tool to install. The Ella’s child locks are multi-purpose and will, therefore, be used for childproofing various appliances apart from just the cabinet. It uses a 3M adhesive that will securely hold onto the surface of the cabinet keeping it from falling.

Once you have installed it, things will get a little easier for you but harder for your child. The lock uses one-touch operation of sliding a button that it so hard for children to iron out how it works. This cabinet lock is flexible and also adjustable meaning that you can use it almost everywhere in your house and for various purposes as well.

It is flexible and adjustable making it good for installing around cabinets, toilet seats and any other area of reasonable size that you would want to childproof. What’s more, it is also made using a non-toxic ROHS material which makes it safe to be touched by your child.


  • It can be used for multiple functions, for example, protecting toilet seats, cabinets and any worth childproofing surface.
  • ​Features 3M adhesive which gives a lasting and firm hold,
  • ​The operating mechanism provides easy adult access and children puzzling access.
  • The material is non-toxic and has been rigorously tested.


  • Once adjusted cannot be adjusted again.

4. Ashtonbee Sliding door lock for child safety

Preview Product Rating Price
Sliding Door Lock for Child... Sliding Door Lock for Child... 1037 Reviews from $999.99
Top Features
  • BPA free.
  • ​ABS Plastic.
  • ​Press to lock and flip to open design.
  • Tape adhesive.

If you have a cabinet that has slides, this lock will be the best for you. It is made with a high-quality BPA free plastic which gives a lasting performance and versatility. You will have not to worry about your cabinet surfaces because, in the first place, you will need not to drill anything. It also does not leave dents, marks or stains on the surfaces after uninstallation.

This cabinet lock offers a quick and easy 3 steps of installation. To install it, you will be required to peel a tape that comes with it. Apply it on the surfaces you intend to install the lock and then install the lock on the tape. The lock can then be locked by pressing it, and it can be flipped back to be unlocked.

The lock is designed in such a way that it won’t take much of your space and will blend in with your home décor. It is very difficult for babies to unravel the locking mechanism applied by this lock. The lock can be used to prevent children from accessing areas like the drawers, cabinets and windows.

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The only issue to be worried about when using this best childproof cabinet lock is the fact that it is not ideal to be used for childproofing heavy cabinets or sliding doors.


  • It has a simple and easy installation.
  • A keyless design which involves pressing to lock and flipping to open offers maximum childproofing.
  • The installation tape is compatible with any surface.
  • ​The installation tape is compatible with any surface.
  • The versatile design makes the lock blend into homes décor with ease.


  • It is not suitable for heavy sliding doors or cabinet.

5. Secure Home By Jessa Leona Sliding Cabinet Locks

Preview Product Rating Price
Sliding Cabinet Locks for... Sliding Cabinet Locks for... 287 Reviews from $12.99
Top Features
  • Locks by sliding action.
  • ​Locks by sliding action.
  • ​Compatible with sliding doors.
  • ​Two buttons for uninstalling.
  • 100% warranty.

Made specifically for sliding cabinets, this U-shaped cabinet lock is more compatible with mushroom-shaped knobs and D- shaped handles. This makes them good in childproofing media consoles and coffee table doors. You can use it to also secure closets in your bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen.

To install it, you will be required to place the lock on the cabinet knobs or handles then slide the bar to a point where it cannot slide any further. To uninstall it, you will just be required to pinch two buttons and the slide bar off away from the handles.

A great advantage of this lock is that you will not require drilling or any magnet. Thus, there will be no marks or stains left on your cabinet finishing. Besides just childproofing, they can also be used to secure cabinets against curious and cunny pets.

While this childproof cabinet lock is impressive, the only drawback associated with it is that it only fits specified handles. This makes it unsuitable to be used in other handles.


  • Easy and simple sliding installation process.
  • ​Compatible with mushroom-shaped knobs and D-shaped handles.
  • ​Can securely childproof cabinets with handles 5 inches apart.
  • Does not damage the cabinet’s finishing as it does not require adhesives, drilling or magnets.
  • Two buttons for easy uninstallation.
  • Two buttons for easy uninstallation.


  • Does not fit other handles apart from the specified handles.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, these are the five best childproof cabinet locks that we sampled out based on the customer's reviews, their ratings, our research and their efficiency. We believe that by now you know that the safety of a baby is a priority to any parent. With these best childproof cabinet locks, you are going to protect your little one against any home accidents.

We would like to recommend Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches as our top pick. It has multiple uses and other great features. It can be used to secure drawers, cabinets, appliances and toilet seats. It is simple to install, lock and to unlock for an adult. The locking system is hard for the baby to figure out.

It works by allowing you to rotate and release it and then push the button back when you need to fasten it to keep the cabinet locked. It is also flexible so that you can attach it to corners. It has an adhesive which is easy to remove and leaves no marks on the cabinet surface.

This lock has a lot of positive reviews from parents like you who have used it. To us, this could be the best childproof cabinet lock you would go for. Let us know if you feel the same and if you are like the other four safety locks, we would also like to know.

3 Things To Consider In Choosing The Best Childproof Cabinet Locks

Installation process

When looking for the best childproof cabinet locks, one of the key considerations to give a deep look is the way the lock is installed. It will depend on whether you will want that which can be drilled into your cabinet or the one that requires adhesives for it to stick to the cabinet surface.

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Remember that if you are going for a lock that requires drilling, it means that you will have to damage the finishing of your cabinet in the process of installing it. Adhesive locks are likely to leave stains and destroy the cabinet finish as well.

In terms of childproof effectiveness, adhesive locks are more likely to be removed by the child as compared to those that are drilled into the cabinet surface. The overall best of them all are those that neither requires drilling or adhesives. They, however, have limitations to how and where they are used.

Material of construction process

The quality of the material matters a lot. If the lock is rigid, it means it will not go around corners or handles. The more flexible the lock is, the more you can use it to secure more sophisticated cabinet handles.

Flexibility can sometimes tend to lean towards the loss of material quality which makes the lock easy be opened with a simple baby hard slam of the door.

You should, therefore, look for a lock that combines quality and functionality. A durable material makes the lock last for ages to be able to protect your baby throughout her childhood.

Locking mechanism

The purpose of any childproof lock is to make dangerous places inaccessible by your baby. You should ensure therefore that the locking mechanism is hard for the child to unravel and easy for you. Children are curious, sooner or later she will figure out how your simple lock can be opened.

Try to look for a child puzzling locking mechanism but simple for adults to access.

Remember you will not be the only person using the lock in the house; its unlocking mechanism should also be understood by your older children, your husband, your grandparent or anybody who lives with you.

3 Types Of Childproof Cabinet Locks


These are adjustable plastic straps that are installed without drilling. They instead use adhesives like tapes to stick to the cabinet surfaces. When installed, they latch around the corner of the cabinet hence childproofing your cabinet. They can be used on drawers, fridge and closets


Unlike cabinet safety straps, they do not require adhesives. Instead, they will latch around the knobs. They are good for sliding cabinets or doors. You can install them by simply wrapping them around the cabinet handles then sliding the bars on the lock until they completely lock.

They are good over cabinet safety straps because they do not leave marks, dents or stains on the cabinet finish.


These types of safety lock use magnets. The locks are installed inside the cabinet door, and then they are secured by a latch which can be unlocked using a magnetic key which is placed on the door. This will really give your baby a headache while she is trying to solve the puzzle of opening them.

Preview Product Rating Price
Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action... Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action... 4174 Reviews from $12.13
Sliding Door Lock for Child... Sliding Door Lock for Child... 1037 Reviews from $999.99
Sliding Cabinet Locks for... Sliding Cabinet Locks for... 287 Reviews from $12.99

Are you using childproof locks in your house at the moment? If yes, which brand of childproof locks are you using? Have you ever bought any of the brands that we have discussed above? Which one do you think you will be buying next to keep your baby safe? If you have found this article beneficial, please share it with all your friends who have and love their children.

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