Best Car Window Shades For Baby How To Buy The Best Product This Year

Top 5 Best Car Window Shades For Baby: How To Buy The Best Product This Year

During summer, the sun rays are always intense. For your baby’s skin, this is a hell of a time.

The rays of the sun have short wavelengths with more heat and high penetration energy. Even when traveling without the best car window shades for baby, these rays can still penetrate your delicate baby’s skin with ease.

When a delicate skin is exposed to UV rays, there will be deadly effects like sun burns, premature aging, macules degeneration, skin cancer among other acute effects. To keep your baby from these harmful effects, you will need the best car window shades for baby. These shades will filter out the harmful rays keeping your baby safe and comfortable.

With a full number of brands out there, it is hard to find the best car window shades for babies. You will be forced to break some sweat to be able to find an ideal one.We, therefore, took a step of writing this article to help you in choosing the best car window shades for your baby.


Top 5 Best Car Window Shades For Baby Reviews

1. KALMORE Car Window Sunshades

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KALMORE Car Window Shade Car... KALMORE Car Window Shade Car... 625 Reviews $9.96

  • Uses unique UV resistant technology.
  • 3-Pack.
  • ​Measures 19×12 inches.
  • 80GMS mesh.
  • Cling-on Technology.
  • SPF 30+ Protection.

If you travel most of the times with your baby and wish to keep your car cool and UV rays free, this is one of the Window shades you should consider. These sun shades have special UV resistant technology that isolates high temperatures leaving your car cool and free of intense UV rays. It is made with an 80GSM mesh which can shade almost 98% of the harmful UV rays.

All you will need to do is to install them just by sticking them on your car windows. The shades have an exclusive clinging technology that allows quick and easy installation. Uninstalling them will be as easy as pie for you as well.

If you are worried about visibility while driving, you have your back covered by these sun shades as they are made with a higher concern for safety. They are visible even when placed on the back window enabling you to use the baby mirror and the back window mirror.


  • Offer a temperature and UV-rays isolation technology that leaves the car cool.
  • ​With their right size, they can fit most cars and small SUVs.
  • ​Made with 80GSM which block 98% of the intense UV-rays making it safe for children.
  • ​They firmly and easily cling to the window using a static cling technology.
  • It is perfect for keeping babies and pets protected from sun rays.


  • The shades have two separated layers. These are the UV rays protector and the static cling layer which becomes hard to cling to the car windows.

2. EZ-Bugs Car Sun Shades

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Car Sun Shades, Best Car... Car Sun Shades, Best Car... 294 Reviews from $18.99
  • Giraffe animated.
  • Foldable and lightweight.
  • Measure 16×13.5 inches.
  • 3-Season Car shade.

These shades are specially made to be used in protecting newborns, infants and toddlers. They are animated with giraffe drawings making them more appealing to your baby as they enjoy the journey to grandma’s or whichever destination you may be headed to.

These best window car shades are made with high-quality fabric that filters harmful UV rays leaving the car a safe zone for your baby. Using these shades will be quick and easy. They will pop open making them ready to be placed on your window. The way they cling to the window also allows repositioning them to be done without breaking a sweat.

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If you are done, and you wish to close your rear car doors so that your children stay safely inside, even with a hard slam these shades will stick on the windows. For storage and portability, they are lightweight and foldable. They have a standard size of 16×13.5 inches which makes them fit almost in all cars. The meshed design also increases visibility and a little of transparency.


  • Quick to install and reposition.
  • ​They are attractive and entertaining leaving your baby occupied as you drive.
  • ​They are foldable and portable which makes them good for storage and packing.
  • ​Blocks harmful UV rays during sunny summer and winter.
  • Fits almost all cars. They have a standard size of 16×13.5 inches.
  • It is recommended by pediatricians for use on car windows.


  • They are not transparent enough.

3. Baby 1st best car window shades

No products found.

  • Double layer.
  • 100% Window coverage.
  • Universal fit.
  • 84% filter of UV rays.
  • Slide into the design of the frame.

Most of the car shades do not allow a convenient opening of the car window like the BABY 1ST car window shade. These shades are made in such a way that you can place them on your car window, and they will still allow a fresh air opening while traveling.

Sometimes children become cunny and try removing the shades as you travel. To stop you from pulling over just to reinstall them, the BABY 1ST comes with a child secure sun shade that your baby won’t be able to remove it.

For protection from the harmful UV rays, these shades can filter out up to 84% of these rays while still maintaining the outside visibility. They have been tested by Australian Radiation Agency for their workability and have proven to be effective.

Another key feature is that they provide a full coverage of the windows which leaves no angles for sun rays to get in no matter what side it will be when traveling. They fit all car models from Audi, Nissan and some Ford models. On the flip side, they do not fit cars with sliding doors and with no window frames.


  • They offer a consistent shade protection from harmful UV rays.
  • They offer full coverage of the windows making them suitable for protection all times of the day and protection from different angles of sun rays.
  • They can fit almost all car models.
  • ​They do not require bulky clinging cups. Instead, you can slide them into your car’s window frames.
  • Made with a double layer design which allows opening of the windows for fresh air while still giving sun protection.


  • It does not fit cars without window frames and is too small for other models.

4. Rodem Tree Car sun shade for side and rear window

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Car Sun Shade for Side and... Car Sun Shade for Side and... 27 Reviews from $16.00

  • Measures 20×27.5 inches.
  • Clings on cups.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Double layer.
  • Rear window curtain shade.
  • 99% Shield from UV rays.

Rodem Tree Car sun shade will make your baby enjoy the ride while at the same time being protected from the sun rays. It features a double layer design that is made with a design layer and a UV filtering layer. The shade can block over 99% of harmful UV rays. They are installed on the window using suction cups which keep them sturdy on the windows even with a heavy slam.

These shades also offer the curtaining function brilliantly. They come with rear window safety shade which curtains the rear windows. This will leave your baby with a perception that the outside world is not moving hence preventing them from car sickness and distraction. The curtain type of shades is suitable for infants and toddlers.

What’s more, this best car window shades for baby uses the cling cups to hold the shades onto the car window firmly. This will make sure it doesn’t fall off the window as you drive. It also comes with a compact travel pouch that you will comfortably use when storing it after use.

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The only issue to be worried about when using this product is its transparency. It is not very transparent and can block the driver from seeing clearly especially when reversing the car.


  • It is designed to fit most of the cars.
  • Comes with a compact travel pouch for storage.
  • It has a double layer design that comprises of an elegant design and solar shade design.
  • Comes with a premium design which offers curtain shading for infants and toddlers hence preventing car sickness and disturbances from the outside world.
  • Uses cling to cups which firmly hold the shades on the window.


  • It blocks the driver from clearly seeing especially when reversing.

5. Enovoe Car window shade

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Enovoe Car Window Shade - (4... Enovoe Car Window Shade - (4... 2800 Reviews $13.97

  • 97% protection from UV rays.
  • Dual layered.
  • Meshed sides.
  • Static cling technology.
  • Measure 21×14 inches.

If you own a car with large windows, this is one of the car shades that you need to have. It fits large window cars of like the SUVs, Large sedans, and minivans. They can be quickly installed using the easy to cling technology.

What’s more, these shades are also made with a high-quality mesh fabric which blocks over 97% of harmful UV rays. With this excellent performance, they can still allow enough visibility for the driver. Who wouldn’t want such a type of car window shade?

For positioning and repositioning, you will require no suction cups or adhesives. Instead, they will adhere by themselves while maintaining a firmer cling to the windows. They can be folded and then stored in a pouch that they come with when bought. They are three in number on both the rear side windows and the back window.

When it comes to the aesthetic beauty of these car window shades, a poor job was done because they look ugly especially when seen from the inside of the car.


  • They are simple and quick to install. You can simply install it by running your hand across it.
  • ​It has over 97% protection from the UV rays while maintaining the driver’s visibility.
  • ​It can fit vehicles with large windows like SUVs, minivans and full-size cars.
  • It is foldable and comes with a storage pouch.
  • It is dually layered which allows the car windows to be opened for fresh air.


  • They are not beautifully designed and may look ugly when seen from outside the vehicle.

Wrapping up

The role of parents is to protect their fragile babies from any potential harm. By purchasing the best car window shades for baby, you will have done your ultimate role of protecting your baby. While the process of settling down on one particular product is always a headache, this article has highlighted some of the features you need to consider to help you in buying a quality car window shade.


You should make sure that protection of the UV rays is the first quality you consider when buying a particular car window shade. This is because the main reason for buying a car window shade is to protect your baby from the harmful UV rays. Looking for one that will eliminate 98% of the UV rays while at the same time maintaining the visibility of the driver will be a good choice.

A window shade like the KALMORE Car Window Sunshades will keep your baby protected and at the same time leave the car cool. These sun shades have special UV resistant technology that isolates temperature leaving your car cool and free of intense UV rays. It is also made with 80GSM mesh which can shade almost 98% of harmful UV rays.

Easy installation and its ability to stick to the window are some important features that this car window shade has. It does this using static clinging technology. They have the right size also which makes them have a universal fit.

3 Types Of Window Shades For Baby Available


These kinds of shades are made in such a way that when unpacked, they “pop out” covering the whole window. They use suction cups for adherence to the window.

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These types of shades can be rolled down or up the car window from a coiling frame which can be attached to the window frame. They are more of the same type as the home window shades.


They are made with a particular kind of technology that will simply require you to place them on the window, and they will stick without using suction cups. Some will require you pressing your fingers over them so that they can properly stick.

6 Aspects To Consider When Buying The Best Car Window Shades For Your Baby

UV protection

Sun rays are made of two kinds of Ultraviolet rays, the UVA and UVB. These two types of rays have different potential effects on the exposed skin. When settling for a particular type of sun shade, look for the one that can protect both of these rays to keep your baby safe. Those with over 80% protection capabilities are the best.

Clinging Mode

There are different ways window shades can be mounted on the car windows. These methods include using large suction cups, adhesives and the static-cling technology while others will require you to insert them into the window frames.

Effective window shades should stay on the window for the entire duration that you will be driving. Those that can be inserted into the window frames perform well when it comes to sticking even with the change in inside and outside temperatures.

Those that use large suction cups also tend to stick longer than those that have small suction cups. Large suction cups will also ensure that the shades do not fall when driving hence preventing a choking hazard.

PVC free

Exposure to chemicals may have long term effects on your baby. Most of the static-cling technology shades are made with PVC chemicals; you should give them a second look before choosing to buy them.

Shape of the window

Most parents ignore this factor when purchasing window shades for their cars. You should ensure that you know the size and shape of your car’s window before making any purchase. This is because some of the window sun shades are made to fit specific shapes of windows.

They may be made to fit large vehicles like the SUVs and minivans. Take note of the shape of your vehicle window. Consider both the rear side windows and the back windows to avoid future frustrations.

Weight of the shade

Heavy shades will keep falling and will be hard to stick on the car windows. Lightweight car shades offer many benefits which include easy installation and uninstallation, portability and storage and are also good for visibility.

It is also believed that heavy and sturdy materials carried on a vehicle in the event of a crash can be projectiles and cause injuries. Take note of the weight and flexibility of your car shade before buying one.


Visibility is one essential requirement for safe driving. Car window shades should give enough visibility for the driver to see different road signs. The driver should also be able to see what is going on at the back side of the vehicle especially when reversing.

Even though the car window shade will be protecting your baby from the harmful UV rays, it should not compromise your visibility.

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Have you been using car window shades to protect your baby when traveling? If yes, which brand have you used before? Have you by any chance used any of the brands reviewed in this article? Which best car window shade can you buy among the five that we just discussed? If you have another high-quality brand in mind that you would like to let us know about, please inform us about it via the comments section provided below.

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