Best Bottles For Colic

Top 5 Best Bottles For Colic of 2019

Colic is a common cause of fussiness when bottle feeding a baby. It is caused by gas buildup in the tummy which is as a result of ingestion of air mixed with milk. Most parents hate it when their babies experience this condition. But is there anything that can be done about it? Feeding your baby in the right position and using the best bottle for colic are some of the viable solutions to reducing colic.

These anti-colic bottles enable your baby to swallow air free milk allowing a smooth and fun-filled feeding process. We made a clever guess that as the caring parent that you are, you would need the best anti-colic bottles for your baby. We have therefore sampled out the five best bottles for colic that will make your baby enjoys a colic-free feeding time, with no fussiness or ingestion difficulties.


Without further ado, let’s quickly get into our five best bottles for colic.

Top 5 Best Bottles For Colic Reviews

1. Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

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Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle,... Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle,... 1331 Reviews from $8.79

This is one of the best bottles for colic that is currently available on the market. It designed with tiny micro-channel bottom vents that push air to the back of the bottle making your baby suck in air free milk. Most of the time the feeding bottle mixes air and milk which results in difficulties as the baby swallows the milk.

Pediatricians recommend that the baby should be fed in a semi-upright posture to prevent ear infections. With this bottle, you will not have to worry about such issues as it is tilted at an angle that allows the baby to be fed in this feeding position. This will help in keeping your baby from developing ear infections.

For growing children, latching a natural nipple and a bottle nipple might be so different. This may confuse the baby and make her desist from feeding on either of them. What Playtex has done is that they have made a natural latch nipple that mimics the mom’s nipple. This makes it easy for the baby to switch between bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

Top features

  • Angled.
  • Anti-colic vent.
  • BPA free.
  • Natural latch nipple.
  • Leak-proof bottle.
  • Varied colors.

    What you will love about it:

    • Has anti-colic bottom which keeps air at the back of the bottle as the baby feeds from it.
    • It also prevents air from mixing with the milk which eliminates fussiness and feeding difficulties.
    • It is angled in a semi-upright feeding posture that enhances a safe feeding position that prevents ear infection in little children.
    • The natural latch nipple promotes a quick and easy switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
    • The bottle is dishwasher safe and shatterproof.
    • Comes with a cap that is convenient for traveling.

    What you may not like about it:

    • The bottoms do not seal well and hence keep leaking when feeding the baby.

    2. Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle

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    Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles... Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles... 797 Reviews from $9.99

    If your baby has been crying lately when being bottle fed, you need a bottle like this one. It has a natural wave nipple which makes it good for anti-colic feeding. The nipple enables the baby to engage a natural suction the same way she could have done on your nipple.

    For prevention of colic, it also has Air Ventilation System (AVS) which reduces the intake of gases. It has been clinically proven to alleviate nipple preference for grown breastfed infants. To ensure your baby latches on a safe material, the bottle is 100% silicone, flexible and made to offer optimal compression.

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    This bottle is also BPA and BPS free. It also comes in two sizes weighing 5oz and 8oz, your choice will depend on which you think will be suitable for your baby. What’s more, this bottle comes with very few parts to be assembled so as to use it. This makes its assembly process just a walk through the park.

    Top features

    • Anti-colic.
    • Few assembling parts.
    • 100% silicone.
    • BPA and BPS free.
    • Clinically proven

      What you will love about it:

      • It is made with Linsoh’s Air ventilation System which reduces air intake preventing colic or spit ups.
      • Has a few parts which make assembling and cleaning simple and easy Made of soft silicone which is flexible and designed to offer optimal compression.
      • It has been clinically certified that it reduces nipple confusion.
      • Designed in such a way that the baby can use the same feeding actions used in breastfeeding.
      • BPS and BPA free making it safe for your baby.

      What you may not like about it:

      • It is made with a little soft material which when dropped can easily crack.

      3. Munchkin Latch 12 Piece Newborn Bottle Giftset

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      Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby... Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby... 299 Reviews from $49.99

      One of the best features of the munchkin latch bottle is the bottle latching nipple. It is designed to stretch all the way back just like the mom’s nipple. This gives the baby an opportunity to latch in a recommended manner the same way as the mother’s breasts.

      To top on the latching process, the baby can push the base of the nipple just like a regular breast nipple, and the bottle is going to release more milk. So you can get assured that the nipple mimics your nipple and your baby will not be confused at all.

      Another feature of the nipple is that it is flexible. Most babies randomly move their heads while feeding; you will need a nipple that flexes with this movement. You must be very lucky as Munchkin Latch Bottle has got you covered with their bottle nipple that flexes. This will give your baby a better room to maintain a smooth and no colic latch.

      To just boost the above functionality of the nipple, it is also reinforced with an anti-colic valve which is good in reducing air mixture in the milk. It is worth noting that it also comes with a compatible pump adaptor to make everything easy for you by fitting several pumps.

      Top features

      • Silicone plastic.
      • Comes as a set.
      • Elastic and flexible nipple.
      • Anti-colic valve.
      • Compatible pump adaptor.
      • Imported.

        What you will love about it:

        • The nipple is designed in such a way that it is flexible and flexes along with the baby’s head movement.
        • Fitted with an anti-colic valve which helps reduce ingestion of air.
        • The baby can increase pressure at the base of the nipple, and the milk supply will increase just like a natural mom’s nipple.
        • It comes with a compatible adaptor that can fit multiple pumps.
        • Comes as a set of feeding bottles of different capacities, various stage nipples and Valve brushes for cleaning.

        What you may not like about it:

        • The nipple can easily get lost and keeps falling as the baby feeds from it.

        4. Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

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        Philips Avent Anti-colic  Baby... Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby... 854 Reviews from $27.99

        If you are looking for a feeding bottle with a nipple that does not fall off, and still the best bottle for colic, this should be your bet. The nipple is designed with a ribbed texture which prevents nipple collapse. It is also designed with air flex venting system that reduces air mixture in the milk which leads to colic.

        If you combine both bottle feeding and breastfeeding, then these bottles have been designed to meet your choices. They have an 11 ounces capacity and are made of soft silicone with an adjusting slot. This makes them exemplary for medium-sized feeding.

        Another great feature of this bottle is it is designed only with four parts. This eliminates the struggle and confusion of trying to assemble it. Cleaning it will also become simple for you as you will have just a few parts to clean. The bottle is also wide necked for quick and easy cleaning.

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        For diet control and accurate measurement, you have markings on the bottle sides. Isn’t that great? The only issue to be worried about when buying this bottle is the fast milk flow which is not ideal for newborns.

        Top features

        • Multi-stage nipple.
        • Air flex venting system.
        • Silicone plastic.
        • Measurement markings.
        • BPA free.

          What you will love about it:

          • It is fitted with an anti-colic valve which reduces gas build up and fussiness.
          • It is only made of four parts which makes cleaning and assembling quick and convenient.
          • The nipple shape allows for the secure latch, and it is designed with a ribbed texture which minimizes collapse.
          • Made of soft silicone for an easy and secure hold when feeding.

          What you may not like about it:

          • The flows are too fast for a newborn.

          5.MAM Anti-colic Bottle Unisex

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          MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic... MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic... 246 Reviews $14.99

          MAM anti-colic Bottle is made to ensure that your baby has less colic and reflux. The patented vent base is made in such a way that it reduces the formation of foams as your baby feeds from the bottle. In addition to reducing colic, it has a flat-shaped nipple that enhances a natural latching.

          The bottles are ergonomically shaped to ensure you hold them in a right manner while feeding the baby. The ergonomic shape also ensures that your baby feeds from them correctly. The bottles can be washed and disinfected quickly by a quick self-sterilizing mechanism that allows you to do it in a microwave.

          The nipples are made of soft silicone that is safe. Grips have also been enhanced at the base of the nipples to ensure that they stay in the baby’s mouth. The softness of the nipples makes this bottle more natural for the baby hence making the switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding easy. The only issue to be worried about when buying this best bottle for colic is that it is prone to leakages.

          Top features

          • Silicone.
          • Soft textured.
          • Patented vent base.
          • Self-sterilizing design.
          • Imported. Included 9oz bottles and two medium flow nipple.

            What you will love about it:

            • The vent base allows smooth latching by the baby hence minimizing colic.
            • The nipple is soft textured which makes it natural to babies making the transition between bottle feeding breastfeeding easy.
            • It has a wide opening and a few parts which make assembling and cleaning easy.
            • The patented vent base also regulates pressure which reduces gas build up in the tummy.
            • Comes with 9 oz anti-colic and two medium flow nipples allowing you to change the feeding rate.

            What you may not like about it:

            • They are prone to leakage.


            As a loving parent, happiness comes with seeing your baby feed well and with no fussiness. The best bottles for colic like those discussed above will help you, and your baby will have a colic-free meal and fun also. They have good feeding nipples, food-grade materials and above all can easily be washed.

            They, however, vary with a few additional features, pros, and cons. The best bottle for colic among the five that we just reviewed is the Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti-Colic Baby Bottle. For reducing colic, it is designed with tiny micro-channel bottom vents that push air to the back of the bottle making your baby latch in air free milk. It is dishwasher safe and also shatterproof among many other great features. We would like to recommend it for you based on its exemplary features.

            There is no harm in trying all the five brands of bottles so that you can select one that will work perfectly for your baby. This is because what may work best for my baby may not be the best for your baby. Even babies have tastes and preferences however young you think they are. It is good to buy her what she loves most from a younger age.

            5 Features To Consider When Buying The Best Bottles For Colic​

            Size And Ahape Of The Nipple

            The nipples play a greater role when it comes to switching between bottle feeding and breastfeeding. When looking for the best bottle for colic, you should go for those with soft, flexible and natural latching shape. This will ensure that your baby will not desist from using it as she will render the bottle useless if she does so.

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            Type Of Venting System

            There are three types of venting systems that you must keenly consider while looking for the best bottle for colic to buy your baby. They include the top-vented, bottom-vented and straw-vented. For the top-vented system, the nipple is drilled with small holes to allow air to pass through while you baby sucks it. This venting system allows some air to escape which makes it less effective for colic.

            The straw-vented type bottle is fitted with a straw that channels air to the bottom of the feeding bottle. This leaves the milk that your baby is about to suck free of air and hence reducing colic. For the bottom vented bottles, they have valves installed at the bottom which draw air out of the bottle. These kinds of the bottles are the best for colic as they eliminate air completely.​

            Material Of Construction

            When it comes to baby kits that deal with what goes into your baby’s digestive system, choosing the right material is critical. Feeding bottles are made with different materials. There are those made using glass, stainless steel and plastic. Most feeding bottles though are made with silicone plastic because they are cheap.

            It is for this reason that being extremely careful on the kind of bottle you are going to buy your baby becomes critical. Most synthetic plastics undergo chemical processes that may make the end plastic material have chemical residues like BPA, phthalates, and lead which are associated with growth defects.

            Plastic bottles have disadvantages as compared to glass bottles which are known to absorb odor and wear down with the hot fluid. Glass bottles on the other are fragile and expensive as compared to plastic bottles. You should, therefore, find a bottle with a safe and durable material.


            Choosing the size or capacity of the bottle your baby is going to feed on will entirely depend on the age of your baby. For young and newly born babies, they will need a small sized bottle because they eat less.

            To avoid buying another bottle as your baby grows, it will be wise if you go for a bigger bottle. If you decide to go for a bigger bottle, try that which has some calibrations so that you can accurately determine what your baby is going to feed on.

            Other Things To Look At

            There are other minor things to look for as well when trying to find the best bottle for colic to be used by your baby. Consider the handles; they help greatly in making your baby learn how to feed herself.

            The pump adaptor is another important thing to consider. Does your baby’s feeding bottle come with a pumping adaptor? If yes, is compatible with any other pump? You will need a pump someday, don’t take this for granted.

            Is the bottle angled in a manner that promotes the proper baby feeding position? The best bottle for colic should answer this question correctly. These are some of the features that you will need to consider before you can find the best bottle for colic to be used by your bundle of joy.

            Which best bottle for colic are you using at the moment? Have you ever bought any of the five that we have just discussed in this article? If yes, how did it perform? Did it meet your expectations? Do you have another brand in mind that you think we should consider next time? If you have any questions regarding best bottles for colic, waste no time and get in touch with us using the comments section below.​

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