Best Booster Seats For Eating Invite Your Baby To The Dinner Table

Top 5 Best Booster Seats For Eating: Invite Your Baby To The Dinner Table

Habits are generally cultivated from childhood to adulthood. Teaching your baby verbally may not have the same impact as when doing it practically. A booster seat will help your baby eat comfortably on high dinner chairs as well as teaching them good table manners and habits. For example, your baby will learn that during meal time one is supposed to sit down and not move around.

Another good lesson that best booster seats for eating will teach your baby is giving them a feeling of knowing how to share a meal with the entire family. Your baby will grow knowing that meals are shared on a table and in the presence of all the family members.

Booster seats will come with different features that will help you instill these habits to your little one. They will come with trays that will teach the baby how to feed himself without your help. There are other uncountable habits your baby will gain from using the best booster seats for eating.


Top 5 Best Best Booster Seats For Eating Reviews

1.Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

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Fisher-Price Healthy Care... Fisher-Price Healthy Care... 1045 Reviews from $99.99
Top Features
  • Functional and booster seat.
  • Adjustable tray.
  • Two straps.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Shoulder straps.

This booster seat is mommy friendly. It is popular because of its easiness to clean, carry and store. Its compact design has no spaces for crumbs. The seat is easy to clean; you can dish wash it. Your baby will sit comfortably on a removable and adjustable sturdy plastic seat. It has straps to perfectly hold the booster seat on a chair in case you want your baby to sit on the dining chair.

It also has straps that will keep the baby tightly seated on the chair. This will protect the baby from falling off. It comes along with a tray that you can fit on the chair just in front of your baby. This will provide a good position for feeding your little one or your baby eating from it.

It is also light; it weighs about 50 pounds making it perfect to be carried when being used, cleaned and stored. What’s more, this booster seat can fold compactly when being stored or packed. With the adjustable stray straps, this booster can be comfortably secured to the chair and will also help in securing your baby while feeding.


  • It is easy to clean and has no crevices for keeping crumbs and germs.
  • It is light in weight making it portable for easy moving around the house.
  • It has straps for securing it to the chair and securing your baby while feeding.
  • The adjustable tray gives a good position for feeding.
  • It can fold compactly for storage or packing.
  • Has a removable back seat and tummy adjustment for giving the baby more comfortable feeding positions.


  • The booster seat is not wide enough.

2.Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

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Chicco Pocket Snack Booster... Chicco Pocket Snack Booster... 771 Reviews from $29.88
Top Features
  • Foldable.
  • Three-point harness.
  • Anti-slip, non-marking feat.
  • Sturdy metal legs.
  • Adjustable Feeding tray.
  • 2 Safety straps.

Are you looking for a booster seat that will come along with you even when you go to grandma’s place, the restaurant or vacation? This is one of them. It is entirely foldable, compact and portable. It has a chair like design which features easy to clean surfaces with three height adjustments, three tray positions and three point harness.

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Your baby will be safe in this booster seat. It has two straps that will help secure it on to most dining chairs. Even with the rate at which your baby will be growing, this booster seat will still allow him to sit comfortably. You will just be required to adjust the folding legs up and down to achieve this.

The three positions of the tray will also play the same role in accommodating your growing baby. When folding, you will just need to push a button, and the joints will loosen becoming easy to fold it. What’s more, this booster seat has metallic legs that will offer a sturdy support to your baby.

This will make sure that your baby will always be safe when sitting on this booster seat for eating. The only issue to be worried about when using this product is the flimsy plastic part that might not be suitable for children.


  • It has a quick set up that can easily be folded.
  • Folds to a compact and portable load. You can carry it in a shoulder bag.
  • The metallic legs offer a sturdy support to your baby.
  • The legs also have non-marking feet, and they are anti-slip.
  • The legs can also be adjusted to three levels to give room for growing baby.
  • The trays can be removed and adjusted to three positions to give room for you and older babies.
  • It has two safety straps to hold the booster seat on any dining table


  • The plastic part is flimsy and might not be suitable for children.

3.Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding booster seat

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Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort... Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort... 3511 Reviews from $21.74
Top Features
  • 2 in 1 feeding seat.
  • 2 level height adjustments.
  • 3 position tray.
  • 3 point harness system.
  • Compact fold.
  • Removable cover.

This is an excellent choice for both home and on the use. In addition to the booster seat, there is also an additional cover that is machine washable. This cover provides extra protection from food drops and spit-offs. The booster seats also feature two levels of height adjustment. This seat is a two in one booster seat.

With a tray, it is a feeding seat and at the same time you can remove the tray and place the seat on the dining chair and let your baby feed on the dining table. This tray is completely dishwasher safe and can be adjusted to three positions for your growing baby. It can fold compactly into an easy to carry load and at the same time be better for storage.

What’s more, this booster seat is very safe to use because it also features a 3 point harness system that will ensure your baby’s safe. The only issue to be concerned about when using this product is its scratchy base and weak tray holders. The weak tray holders can let you down when you least expect them to.


  • Its removable cover is machine washable and will protect the baby’s clothes from food drops.
  • The 2 height adjustment will accommodate the growing baby.
  • With a tray, it’s a feeding table, and without a tray, it is a booster seat to the dining table.
  • The 3-position tray is dishwasher safe, and it is removable and adjustable for the growing baby.
  • The compact design enables it to be folded into a portable load for transportation and storage


  • It has a scratchy base and weak tray holders.

4. Peg Perego USA Rialto Booster seat, Licorice

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Peg Perego Rialto Booster... Peg Perego Rialto Booster... 80 Reviews $99.99
Top Features

This an alternative to the high restaurant chair. It is foldable and can be carried in a carrying bag. It only weighs over six pounds. It has a 3-point safety harness that will help you secure the seat at the back or below the dinner chair. To help give the seat an additional grip, the seat is fitted with non-skid rubber pads.

This will hold the chair in position without skidding and also damaging the chair’s finish. This booster will grow with your baby. The seat comes with five position adjustment heights, making it suitable for children of 9 months and above.

You will not have to worry because its elegant and ergonomic design gives it a beautiful modern look and at the same time making it foldable and compact. Along with it is a removable and dishwasher tray. They also come in three different unisex colors that will perfectly suit your kitchen. With this booster seat, you shouldn’t be worried whether your baby is a girl or a boy because it is ideal for both boys and girls.

If you have a slightly heavy child, then you need to be worried because your kid won’t be comfortable on this seat. The chair is also flimsy while fitting and removing the tray is also not an easy task. But these are minor issues that should not stop you from buying this product.


  • It folds into a compact load that can be carried and stored easily.
  • It comes with a carrying bag that you will store it in while carrying it.
  • It can be adjusted to 5 different positions to accommodate the growing baby.
  • It has a three-point safety harness to hold it on the chair and back of the chair.
  • It has rubber pads on the base of the seat that will protect your dining chair’s lovely finish.
  • It’s a classic modern design that will give an easy and compact fold.


  • The chair is flimsy and may not be comfortable for heavy children. The tray is also hard to fit and remove.

5. The first year Disney Booster Seat

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The First Years Disney Booster... The First Years Disney Booster... 223 Reviews from $49.99
Top Features
  • Plastic.
  • Imported.
  • Contoured.
  • Adjustable and dishwasher safe tray.
  • 3- Point harness.
  • Foldable.

This is a simply designed mouse themed booster seat that will give your little one a boost to reach the dining table. It has a seat back that depicts the iconic mouse ears. On it are also straps that will help you mount the seat to an adult chair.

It also has an adjustable tray with a cup holder. This one is not also left out as it is completely foldable for easy transportation and storage. It worth noting that even though it is made using plastic, this should not fool you into thinking that it is less durable and low quality. As a matter of fact, it is very durable and the quality of the plastic used is top notch.

What’s more, this booster seat can fit most adult standard chairs and will save you from buying different boosters when you change your chairs. The process of clipping and unclipping the booster chair is a little bit of a challenge. That is the only thing to be worried about when buying this product.


  • It is has a seat back that depicts a mouse, making it attractive to children.
  • It can fit most standard adult chairs.
  • The three-point safety harness will keep the booster seat firmly on top of any dining chair.
  • It has a contoured surface that offers great comfort to your little one.
  • The tray is dish washable and comes with a cup holder.


  • The tray is a little bit hard to clip and unclip to the booster chair.


Buying the best booster seats for eating is not just a walk in the park. It is an uphill task that can go wrong if done poorly. This is why this article has outlined what you need to have at your fingertips when shopping for these products.

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The five products that we have reviewed are among some of the best currently available on the market. For uniqueness and popularity among other users, Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat the winner. It meets all the features that the best booster seats for eating should have.

We, therefore, recommend that you should consider buying this booster seat. It has been used by many and has been praised for its durability and efficiency. It is plastic, lightweight and the surfaces can be cleaned by just wiping.

6 Features To Consider While Buying Your Baby A Booster Seat For Eating.

There are literally hundreds of booster seats with different features that will need a thorough research to find the best and durable one that will boost your baby. There are a number of things you should consider when buying your baby a booster seat.

Ease of cleaning

The health of you baby is important. Babies are generally messy when it comes to meal time. A good booster seat should be easy to clean. For example, the seat should be easy to wipe, should not have crevices that will hold crumbs and cause an uphill task while cleaning. If it has a cover for your baby, it should be machine washable. The tray should also be dishwasher safe.

Ease to use

You will need a baby booster almost anywhere your baby will go or encounter a dining table. You baby should not be left alone. It means, therefore, that for you to have your baby dine with you wherever you go, the booster should also move with you. An easy to use booster seat should be first of all foldable; it should fold into a compact load that will allow you to carry it, store it or pack it.

It should have a height adjustment system that will enable the booster to adjust to almost regular dining tables. It should have more than two height adjustment levels, a three-point harness and straps to hold the seat on the dinner seat.


Most booster seats are plastic made. Others have combined plastic and metal frames for extra support. Most parents complain about the booster seats being flimsy.

This is because they miss considering the construction of the booster seat. If it is plastic, it should be thick and firm so that it can support your baby.

If it is metallic, it should not be subject to rust when cleaned or have sharp ends that may lead to injuries.

Size of the booster seat

Most parents also complain of the sizes of the booster seats that they bought their young ones and didn’t fit. It is important to have your baby’s sitting size and compare it against the booster seat you will be buying. You should give a small allowance, to accommodate your growing baby.


Comfort is a key thing for babies. You will easily tell if you baby is not comfortable or will hate something you have bought. The booster seat should offer features like tummy adjustments, back seat for straight up sit or should also be padded so that your baby will have a cozy and comfortable meal time.


Safety is a priority. Remember your baby will be sitting in a booster seat and a high dinner chair. The booster seat should have more than one safety straps including a safety belt for your baby. It should also not have sharp buckles that may poke the baby will sitting on it. Watch on the strength and firmness of the chair to minimize breakages that may lead to accidents.

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