Top 5 Best Bath Mats For Baby: How To Buy The Best Product In 2019

Bathing your baby can be enjoyable, but it can turn to be tragic if care is not taken. Bathrooms are filled with slippery floors which became challenging not only for children but also for adults. It is because of this particular need that parents have opted to buy the best bath mat for baby.


Bath mats are suitable for providing traction on these slippery floors. They are made in such a way that they adhere to the tub floor and at the same time provide grip for your baby when she steps on them.

For a concerned parent like you, spending a little money to buy the best bath mat for baby should not be a hard thing to do. Securing your bathroom floors and the bathtub is one great favor you will be doing yourself and your household at large because at the end, we all would wish that our children remain safe and healthy.

You should not worry about the deep research you will have to do to get the best bath mat for baby as we have done that for you and prepared a list of the five best bath mats for your baby. We would only ask you to kindly read this till the end to find out some of the best products currently existing on the market.

Preview Product Rating Price
Gorilla Grip Original Patented... Gorilla Grip Original Patented... 6781 Reviews from $13.99
Epica Anti-Slip Machine... Epica Anti-Slip Machine... 3676 Reviews $12.99
Bathtub and Shower Non Slip... Bathtub and Shower Non Slip... 213 Reviews from $29.99
Tike Smart Extra-Long Bath Tub... Tike Smart Extra-Long Bath Tub... 1449 Reviews from $12.49

Top 5 Best Bath Mats For Baby Reviews

1. The Original GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Bath and Shower Mat

Preview Product Rating Price
Gorilla Grip Original Patented... Gorilla Grip Original Patented... 6781 Reviews from $13.99

Are you looking for a good and large sized drainage bath mat? This could be your perfect match. The original Gorilla grip Non-slip measures 35 by 16 inches with a hexagonal design which conforms with every floor design.

On this bath mat are drainage holes that are strategically spread on the mat surface to allow a sufficient drainage. These drainage holes are essential in that they allow a complete flow of water hence minimizing the chances of molds growing. You don’t want to know what molds will do to your baby’s delicate skin.

If you really value quality when buying your baby products, then this mat meets the quality you are looking for. It is made of latex, BPA, phthalate and toxins free rubber. For hygiene, it is machine washable and antibacterial. It is however not ideal for textured surfaces, and the suction cups have been known to collect some dirt.

Top features
  • Suction cups.
  • Measure 35 by 16 inches (rectangular) and 21 by 21 inches (square).
  • Drainage holes.
  • Anti-bacterial.
  • Machine washable


  • ​The suction cups make it so smooth on bathtub surfaces protecting the baby from slipping.
  • ​Large surfaced for large tub or floor area coverage.
  • Features drainage holes throughout the surface which is good for water circulation hence reducing the chances of molds growing on it
  • ​The antibacterial body and non-toxic material structure make it safe for use by children.
  • Buyer is granted a 10 year guarantee.
  • The bath mat is machine washable hence cleaning it will be very easy


  • The suction cups collect dirt, and it is not suitable for textured surfaces.

2. Epica Anti-slip Machine washable anti-bacterial Bath Mat


Coverage is the most important thing with bath mats. Epica Anti-slip Bath mat excels in this. It provides a full coverage leaving no slippery bathtub area or floor that your baby might step on and slip. It measures 16 by 28 inches which is big enough to cover a larger area of the bathtub.

For a perfect stay on the floor, this bath mat has suction cups which provide it with enough grip even on a soapy and slippery floor. The upper side is textured in such a way that it provides enough traction for your baby’s feet. The textured surface also repels soaps reducing soap deposits and bacteria.

It is good looking and matches with the bath area decor which leaves your bathroom area looking stylish. Apart from preventing your baby from slipping and falling, it is also good for hygiene as it stops the buildup of soap and growth of bacteria.

It is made of a latex-free rubber making it good and safe for bathing. To round it up on its best qualities is that you will not have a hard time cleaning it as it is machine washable. The only drawback associated with this bath mat is that it lacks drainage holes which allow the growth of molds.

Top features
  • ​Rubber construction.
  • Suction cups.
  • Textured upper surface.
  • Treated with anti-bacterial formula.
  • Machine washable.


  • ​It has a strong rubber construction which is strong and durable.
  • ​The suction cups on the bottom make Epica bath mat perfect for slip protection.
  • ​A good hygiene keeper. It stops soap build-up and mildew growth.
  • ​Measures 16 by 28 inches, this makes it big enough to provide a full coverage of the tub floor leaving no space for the baby to slip.
  • It is machine washable which makes it easy to clean and is also latex free.
  • It is soft and comfortable as it is padded making it good for child’s feet.


  • It has no holes or openings which makes molds to grow on it.

3. FeschDesign Non-Slip Bath Tub Mat


No products found.

If you are that serious parent looking for the best bath mat for baby with some textured surface and modern designs, this could be your first perfect match. This bath mat has a stylish and elegant looking pattern design. This is good for providing surface traction while your baby is showering or playing with water in the bathtub.

On the lower surface, it is fitted with suction cups which are good in providing enough grip hence preventing the mat from moving when you or your baby steps on it. This is very important because your baby may slip and fall if the bath mat is not firmly secured to the floor using the suction cups.

It is a multi-use mat which is perfect for bathtubs, saunas and gyms. It can also be used by both adults and children. It is made of rubber that is latex, phthalate, cadmium, bromine and BPA free. This makes it safe to be used by your baby. It measures 28 by 16 inches which is a relatively large size for a good baby and adult bathtub coverage.

It can be periodically cleaned using detergents; machine washed and rinsed off using water. It also lacks drainage holes which is a letdown.

Top features
  • Large suction cups.
  • Textured surface.
  • Made of latex and PVC free rubber.
  • Mildew-resistant.
  • Stylish and elegant look.


  • ​Features an ingenious grip tight structure which includes large suction cups.
  • ​The textured surface makes it anti-slip which is good for preventing your baby from falling when in the bathtub.
  • ​It is elegantly designed which leaves it stylish and fashionable.
  • ​It is constructed using materials that make it safe to be used by children. It is latex, BPA, phthalate esters, cadmium, lead, and bromine free.
  • When laid on the bathtub or bathroom floor, it does not allow bacterial growth.
  • With a stylish and neutral color, it is elegant enough making it good for bathroom décor.
  • It is also machine washable and can be easily rinsed off.
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  • It lacks drainage holes.

4. RiteGrip Best Anti Slip and Shower Mat


Preview Product Rating Price
Bathtub and Shower Non Slip... Bathtub and Shower Non Slip... 213 Reviews from $29.99

Made for children, adults, disabled and the aged, RiteGrip Best anti-slip and shower mat provides a good bathroom area safety with its well-designed upper and lower surfaces. The lower surfaces are designed with multiple suction cups which are rightly positioned to ensure that they offer a distributed grip across the floor surface.

The upper part is textured so that your baby’s legs can get enough traction even on the soapy water. The mat material, on the other hand, is good for your baby’s skin. The material; is free from PVC, anti-bacterial additives and any other chemical treatment. The material is also soft and will be nice to the body.

The mat measures 16 by 28 inches making it sizable enough for bathtubs and showers. Regarding hygiene, it is machine washable and odorless. The only issue to be worried about when using this bath mat is that after machine washing it, the suction cups will sometimes fall out.

Top features
  • Suction Cup arrays.
  • Patterned upper surface.
  • Free of PVC, antibacterial additives and chemical threats.
  • Measures 16 by 28 inches.
  • Machine washable.


  • ​Each pattern designs have been intentionally created to bring a conjoined traction to the feet and the mat.
  • ​It is extremely careful to sensitive skin as it free from PVC, anti-bacteria additives and toxic chemicals.
  • ​It has a convenient size which is good for installation and coverage.
  • Made of high-quality material that has been proven to last long.
  • The mat is machine washable and odorless.


  • The suction cups fall out after the mat is machine washed.

5. Tike Smart Extra-long Non-slip Bathtub Mat


Preview Product Rating Price
Tike Smart Extra-Long Bath Tub... Tike Smart Extra-Long Bath Tub... 1449 Reviews from $12.49

Buying a bathtub that does not only stop slipping but also adds life to the bathroom is good. This turquoise colored mat is good for such needs. Made with a rough and comfy structure, if offers enough traction for your baby while taking a bath. With 200 suction cups, this mat is anti-slip which leaves it with a firm adherence to the tub floor.

It measures 39 inches by 16 inches which makes it long enough for a complete cover of the tub floor. Even with this substantial length and area, it performs well in soapy water. The textured surface adds extra traction to your baby’s feet. For a smooth flow of water and dirt, it is filled with 174 drainage holes. These drainage holes are also useful for keeping the mat clean and mildew free.

A thick vinyl material which weighs 1.75 pounds has been used to make this bath mat. It lays flat on the bathtub floor, and its weight adds a good force for it to stick on the smooth floor. It is, however, very vital to note that this mat is not suitable for textured floors.

Top features
  • 200 suction cups.
  • 174 drainage holes.
  • Heavy-duty material construction
  • Weighs 1.75 pounds.
  • Measures 39 inches by 16 inches.


  • ​Made with 200 suction cups which are good for traction.
  • ​Has a large length and floor area coverage.
  • Made of a heavy-duty vinyl material which is durable.
  • It has 174 drainage holes which are good for circulation of water making it mildew free.
  • It is textured on the surface which provides a good grip to the feet even in soapy water.


  • Some come with a strong scent.

Wrapping up

The safety of your young baby is always paramount, and you should never take anything for granted when your baby’s safety is concerned. Buying the best bath mat for baby is such a wise decision to make. However, buying the best bath mat is always a headache. This article has however highlighted most of the things you need to know when planning to buy one.


While all the five products discussed above will meet all your expectations as a parent, The Original GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Bath and Shower Mat is our number one pick for you because of its multipurpose ability to be used as both a shower and bath mat. It is also large-sized, measuring 35 by 16 inches and has suction cups that are hexagonally designed making them conform to any tub floor design.

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It also has drainage holes that are strategically spread on the mat surface to allow a sufficient circulation of water when used as a shower mat and bath mat. It is made of latex, BPA, phthalate and toxins free rubber and is also machine washable among other great features.

What To Look For In The Best Bath Mat For Baby

Before looking at some of the best products, here are some of the features that you need to pay keen attention to in your quest to buy the best bath mat for your baby. The features discussed below are just a tip of the iceberg; you need to make a step further to find other more features to consider.

Suction Cups

Bath mats are supposed to be placed on the slippery floor. For the bath mats to provide sufficient firm grip, they should be mounted with suction cups. Suction cups create a tight pressure between the floor and the mat. This will help in holding the mat to the floor such that it can’t move. You should, therefore, look for those mats with suction cups.

Besides the mats with suction cups being good at providing enough grip, it is good to know that they do not work on textured or tiled floor. This is because the textured floor has ridges and spaces which are not good for leaving vacuum spaces for the suction cups.

Drainage holes

While looking for the best bath mat for your baby, look for one with drainage holes. The higher the number of drainage holes, the better the circulation of water inside and over the bath mat. This will reduce the chances of mildew and molds growing on the bath mat. Molds and mildew will not be perfect for your baby’s general health.

Drainage holes are good for both bath and shower mats. For shower mats, drainage holes are useful in allowing dirt to flow smoothly into the drainage system without any difficulties.

Surface area

The size of your baby’s bath mat will depend on the size of the bathtub. Those that will cover more area will be safer for your baby. Look for those that provide full coverage as they are good for grip as well. A large surface area will have more suction cups and hence more grip.


It is so obvious that the main reason why you are looking for a bath mat is for the safety of your baby. These mats can tend to be harmful not in terms of not being anti-slip, but for being toxic to the sensitive skin. Most of these bath mats are made of rubber, and others are of vinyl. Those that are made of rubber should be latex free.

Look for the absence of toxic chemicals like bromine, lead, cadmium, phthalates and BPA as they are responsible for causing a lot of side effects on young children.

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Do you have a baby bath mat in your house? Which bath mat brand are you using currently? Have you ever used any of the bath mat brands that we just discussed in this comprehensive review article? If yes, how can you describe its performance? Which brand are you planning to buy among the five brands examined in this article?

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