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Top 5 Best Baby Washcloths: Editor’s Guide of 2019

Bath time for baby is one of the best times you can bond with him. It’s not just a boring ritual but a crucial one, especially from your child’s perspective. And since it’s one of the endearing moments of your day, it only makes sense to make it as fun and memorable as possible. That’s the reason you should learn how to choose from the best baby washcloths.


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Luvable Friends 12 Washcloths... Luvable Friends 12 Washcloths... 447 Reviews from $4.99
Le Petit Bamboo Baby... Le Petit Bamboo Baby... 88 Reviews from $25.72
Baby Muslin Washcloths -... Baby Muslin Washcloths -... 396 Reviews $11.99
Brooklyn Bamboo | Baby... Brooklyn Bamboo | Baby... 972 Reviews from $14.98

Top 5 Best Baby Washcloths Reviews

#5 ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths

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The ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths is one of the best-selling washcloths today. It’s not a surprise considering the fact that it’s made from bamboo. It’s soft, it’s super absorbent, it dries easily, and it’s all-natural. That means it’s free from chemicals and is also hypoallergenic.

Each ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths is 10” x 10” in size, and is large enough to for bath times, as well as feeding time clean ups. It’s machine washable, too, but what parents love about this towel is that the more you use it, the softer it gets.

What you will love about it:

  • It’s very soft and safe to use even for cleaning crusty eyes in the morning.
  • The softness of this cloth does not wane at all over time.
  • It doesn’t stiffen after hanging it to dry.

What you may not like about it:

  • You’d wish it was sold in packs of seven so you could have one towel per day.

#4 Luvable Friends Washcloths

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Luvable Friends 12 Washcloths... Luvable Friends 12 Washcloths... 447 Reviews from $4.99

Luvable friends present you with this set of 12 fun and colorful baby washcloths. Each towel is made of 75% cotton and 25% polyester and is designed to be soft and durable at the same time. They also come in different colors, which will surely appeal to any baby out there.

Since each towel is made of cotton, you can expect them to be very absorbent and ideal not only for baby’s bath time but for cleaning up tough spills, too. Packaged nicely in a reusable bag, it’s perfect both for personal use and as a gift for baby showers!

What you will love about it:

  • It’s machine washable
  • It comes with a bonus bath toy.
  • You get twelve pieces of towels for a meager price.

What you may not like about it:

#3 Le Petit Bamboo Baby Washcloths

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Le Petit Bamboo Baby... Le Petit Bamboo Baby... 88 Reviews from $25.72

Here’s another bamboo washcloth on our list. It’s made of 100% bamboo, so you can expect it to be softer and more luxurious looking than its counterparts. Each cloth is also 10” x 10” big and is specially designed for sensitive skin and skin suffering from eczema.

And unlike regular washcloths, Le Petit washcloths are thicker and are made to last longer. They come in a beautiful package of 6 towels, each rolled elegantly and secured with an attractive ribbon. If you’re a fan of organic baby products, you might fall in love with this set of bamboo washcloths by Le Petit.

What you will love about it:

  • It has the right thickness that’s perfect for both baby and adult use.
  • It lets you choose the color of towel you want depending on the gender of your child.
  • It does absorb water very quickly.

What you may not like about it:

  • You need to be careful when removing the ribbon or you might pull some threads out.

#2 Mukin Muslin Washcloths and Towels

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Baby Muslin Washcloths -... Baby Muslin Washcloths -... 396 Reviews $11.99

Muslin is high-quality cotton, and that’s what Mukin has to offer with its baby washcloths and towels. Each washcloth is made from all-natural material and does not contain formaldehyde, decolorizer, heavy metals, and other elements that may cause any harm to you and your child.

Since it’s made from muslin cotton, it’s ultra soft and very comfortable to the skin, perfect for babies suffering from eczema, cradle cap, or baby acne. But while it’s gentle on your baby’s skin, it’s also perfect for removing your makeup after a busy day from work.

What you will love about it:

  • It’s ideal for both baby and adult use.
  • It’s thick and holds water well.
  • It’s perfect not only for washing your child but also for wiping runny nose or drying a sweaty back.

What you may not like about it:

  • It has a tendency to be linty after washing.

#1 Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Washcloth

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Brooklyn Bamboo | Baby... Brooklyn Bamboo | Baby... 972 Reviews from $14.98

We really love bamboo washcloths, so here’s the third and final one on our list. This time, it’s from Brooklyn Bamboo , one of the first companies to produce washcloths made from 100% bamboo. Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Washcloth are specially designed for use on sensitive skin and are ideal for both body and facial skincare

 They are also perfect for little ones suffering from eczema since they’re made from hypoallergenic bamboo. If you’re in search of a brand of baby washcloth that you can use either for bath times, feeding times, and travel, the Brooklyn Bamboo Washcloth might be what you’re looking for.

What you will love about it:

What you may not like about it:

  • There’s a chance you might snag the fabric while removing the ribbons.

Our Pick of Baby Washcloth

Bamboo washcloths are what most parents prefer nowadays, and based on our research, we found the ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths to be the best washcloths in terms of overall quality. There are a lot of bamboo washcloths available on the market, but unlike its counterparts, ULTRA SOFT seemed to have perfected the art.

For instance, Spasilk Washcloths are lightweight and do not get that heavy even when wet. They’re also very soft and provide a delightful sensation when being rubbed on the skin, particularly on the face.

Most importantly, each towel has a really high absorbent rate but dries out quickly after use. And unlike regular towels, they retain their softness even after several uses, a quality that is highly sought after from washcloths.

Baby Washcloths Versus Regular Towels

“Why use a baby washcloth when you can use any towel at home?”

This is one of the most common questions new moms ask regarding the use of baby washcloths. If you come to think of it, there seems to be no significant difference between the two and that a regular towel appears to be capable enough of cleaning a dirty child.

The truth is that you can actually use a regular towel for washing your child if you want to. However, you have to keep in mind that your baby’s skin is not as tough as yours. In fact, it’s very delicate, and you don’t want just any object to come near it, or you might hurt it.

The number one reason baby washcloths exist and that you should use them instead of a regular house towel is that they are designed for a newborn’s skin.

Unlike regular towels, baby washcloths have fabric that’s softer and best suited for a child’s sensitive skin. They are also more absorbent and are ideal not only for bath time but for other situations that your little one needs some cleaning.

Aside from that, there are other advantages and benefits of using baby washcloths instead of regular towels:

  • They are just the right size. Regular towels are usually oversized when used for newborns.
  • Since baby washcloths are small, they are perfect for cleaning a baby’s body parts that are otherwise difficult to clean when using a large towel, such as the nose, ears, and neck.
  • Baby washcloths, especially those made of terry cloth, are very soft, and yet are capable of scrubbing off dirt without hurting your baby’s skin.
  • Baby washcloths are definitely more economical and environmentally-friendly compared to disposable wipes.
  • This is not always the case, but the more you wash a baby washcloth, the softer it gets.

4 Tips When Using A Baby Washcloth

You want to treat your newborn’s skin gently when bathing him, and one way you can do that is by learning how to use a washcloth properly. Here are some useful tips you can apply when using washing your child with a washcloth.

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Avoid using hot water. This is a no-brainer, but still, some parents use hot water when washing their babies. Hot water is never good for a baby’s skin as it will dry it up and may cause irritation, or worse, injury. 

Scrub your child’s skin gently. Use firm but gentle strokes when scrubbing your baby’s skin, particularly the face.

Use a clean cloth every time. Dirty washcloths can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure you use a fresh cloth every time.​

Wash and clean the washcloths properly. Never leave a used washcloth unwashed for a long time. Wash it right away after use and hang it to dry properly, preferably under the sun if you don’t have a dryer.

How To Shop For A Baby Washcloth

You can always make your own washcloths at home like the one in this video:

If you’re buying, though, you need to understand that the purchase of a baby washcloth is no rocket science. Here are a few things you need to do when doing your shopping.

Check The Material

​Baby washcloths can be crafted from different types of material. Flannel, nylon, and cotton are the three most preferred because they are more absorbent and are very gentle on the skin. Whichever type of material you opt for, just make sure it doesn’t cause the towel to stiffen or turn rough after several washes.

Consider The Size

The good thing about baby washcloths is that they have been designed to be of the perfect size for a newborn’s needs. However, some brands may be bigger than others. It’s up to you how you’re going to choose a towel size as long as it’s going to work perfectly for you and your child.

See If It’s Machine Washable

You’ll be dealing with a lot of cleaning and washing with your little one so be prepared to wash a mountain of washcloths on a daily basis. In line with this, find a brand of baby washcloth that’s machine washable and would work with just about any laundry detergent.

Go For Hypoallergenic

Most baby washcloths nowadays are made from very soft fabric, but that doesn’t mean all brands are hypoallergenic. Take some time to find out whether or not your washcloth of choice has the potential to cause allergic reaction to your child’s skin.

Look For The Highest Absorbency Rate

The most important quality of a baby washcloth is its ability to absorb wetness. Find a brand with exceptional absorbency rate. This will make cleaning time fast and efficient.

We know you have your own favorites, too, so why not share them with us in the comments section below? And don’t forget to share this post if you liked what you’ve read so far. Knowing that you share our work motivates us to create more awesome posts!

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