Top 5 Best Baby Wash Products In 2019

Nothing can be compared to that amazing bath time when you see your baby enjoying the warm water and trying to splash it on you. A moment like that is unlikely to happen without the best baby wash. A baby wash is a must have baby product, that is indisputable. However, it is stressing to find the best product in today's flooded market with a variety of baby wash products.


There are a few things that you will need to understand before you can be qualified to buy the best baby wash. An ideal baby wash should be able to provide your baby with a lot of benefits apart from just cleaning him. The health of your baby’s skin will mostly depend on the quality of the baby wash. This is why it is essential to get it right when buying a baby wash for your baby.

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Johnson's Bedtime Baby... Johnson's Bedtime Baby... 63 Reviews from $11.79
Weleda 2in1 Gentle Shampoo +... Weleda 2in1 Gentle Shampoo +... 714 Reviews $10.49
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo &... Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo &... 1112 Reviews from $24.87
Original Sprout Hair and Body... Original Sprout Hair and Body... 163 Reviews from $38.25

Top 5 Best Baby Wash Products Reviews

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You are reading about the best baby wash and shampoo right now; it is price friendly and with great natural ingredients that will wash your baby clean without drying. It is a tear free formula that you can use to clean your baby's hair and skin gently. This lather rich baby wash will rinse your baby’s skin clean leaving a soft and fresh fragrance.

This baby wash is made exactly for infants because it is tear free, soap free and Paraben free. Most parents prefer natural products; well this is one of them. It is made with oat kernel that provides a soothing effect and at the same time nourishing delicate skin. The only issue with this product is that it has been reported to irritate some children. It is therefore important to know the effects it will have on your baby.​

Top Features
  • 18-ounce bottle of baby wash and shampoo. 
  • Tear free formula.
  • Made with oat kernel extract.
  • Soap free.
  • Paraben free.
  • Hypoallergenic.


  • Cleans and washes without drying.
  • It leaves a light, soft and fresh fragrance after rinsing. R
  • Rich in lather.
  • It is tear free, paraben free and soap free, it will be safe for your baby.
  • Made from natural oat kernel extract. It is a natural product.


  • It can cause irritations on some children.

Preview Product Rating Price
Johnson's Bedtime Baby... Johnson's Bedtime Baby... 63 Reviews from $11.79

Sometimes babies might need a wash before they sleep. For great reasons, this baby wash will be the most preferable. It comes with soothing natural aromas that bring that pacifying atmosphere for your little one. It will be a great supplement for your baby’s night time routine.

It will require warm water and gently massage the baby using this product to help the baby sleep better and in a more comfortable manner. This baby wash has been tested and recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists.

This bedtime wash will leave your baby’s skin soft and fresh; forget the dryness and the itchiness. The aroma will also fade after you rinse it, meaning that it will not linger on your baby’s clothes or beddings. It is a bedtime wash and most of all a bath time wash.

Top Features
  • 28-fluid ounce bottle.
  • Soothing aroma.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Clinically proven.



  • The pump is prone to breakage.

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Weleda 2in1 Gentle Shampoo +... Weleda 2in1 Gentle Shampoo +... 714 Reviews $10.49

The Weleda Baby wash is another amazing baby wash that will suit your baby. This shampoo and body wash will be extremely careful on the baby’s skin and the same time nourishing it. It is made from natural ingredients that moisturize and soothe sensitive baby skins. It will add a sense of warmth and protection to your baby like a hug.

This baby wash is carefully formulated with the help of the best dermatologists and midwives. European organization NaTRUE also certifies it. Made from the natural calendula flowers, this two-in one baby cleanser is great in retaining moisture that will leave your baby’s hair and skin soft and moisturized.

It also has a surfactant made from coconut and sugar that renders this baby wash rich in lather with quick washing. Be careful though when using it so that it does not leave your baby’s hair tangled. That is the only precaution to take when using this product.

Top Features
  • Made from hand harvested calendula.
  • Free of sulfates, paraben, phthalates and mineral oils.
  • Tear free baby wash.
  • Two-in-one baby wash.
  • Contains surfactant made from coconut.


  • It is naturally made from calendula; it will be safe for your baby.
  • It is tear free and leaves the skin and hair moisturized.
  • Contains surfactant from coconut and sugar that makes it to lather and cleanse without drying.
  • Suits dirty toddlers and kids. You will only be required to leave the suds in the hair for a few minutes and then wash it off.
  • It is certified by European Organization the NaTRUE. It is entirely safe for your little one.


  • It may leave the hair tangled after use on baby’s hair.

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Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo &... Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo &... 1112 Reviews from $24.87

This product has been made with great love for your baby’s safety, health and happiness. This two in one baby cleanser will suit your baby in almost all aspects. It is made from organic ingredients which make them suitable for thin and sensitive baby skin. This baby wash will make you and your baby’s bath time full of fun. It lathers, softens and gently cleanses the skin.

It also comes in a pack of three with 12 ounces bottles. It is tear free and with soy proteins ingredients. The baby wash and shampoo are made with a natural fragrance that carries lots of benefit to a baby’s skin.

For instance, it is made with buttermilk to keep your little one’s skin moisturized, Shea butter for softening the dry skin, Aloe Vera as well as coconut oil to soothe and make the skin more natural It is also 99.9% organic which means that it has less of those harmful chemicals.

Top Features
  • Tear free baby wash and shampoo.
  • Pack of three.
  • Each bottle is 12 ounce.
  • 99.9% organic.
  • Free of phthalates, paraben, SLS or petrolatum.


  • Made from organic ingredients, it safe and effective on baby’s skin.
  • The organic supplements soften, nourish and soothe the baby skin.
  • It is pediatrician tested baby wash.
  • Can be used for all parts of the baby’s body from the head to the toes.
  • It is a tear free shampoo.


  • It waters down and develops rashes in some children.

Preview Product Rating Price
Original Sprout Hair and Body... Original Sprout Hair and Body... 163 Reviews from $38.25

If your baby has developed skin dryness, baby acne, psoriasis, eczema, heat or diaper rash then this baby wash will wash all these undesired conditions away. You will find rinsing and cleaning effortless with this amazing baby wash. It has a pH level of 6-7 which is suitable for the hair and the body. This baby wash will leave your baby skin feeling smooth, soft and spotlessly clean.

This completely organic, vegan, hormone disrupts, and gluten free baby wash will work well for you and your entire family. It will offer complete luxury and worry-less feeling to your entire house hold. This baby wash is made by a family run business which blends ethics and elegance to their products. They have come up with a product made by professionals and loved by moms.

If you are not a fan of strongly scented or too thick baby wash products, then this product will disappoint you a little bit. This is because it has a very strong scent and is very thick at the same time.

Top Features
  • Has a pH of 6 to 7. 100% natural.
  • Non-toxic and gluten free. 
  • Hormone free.
  • Can be used by adults.


  • It is a hair and body cleanser.
  • It is gentle for babies. It has a moderate acid and base level.
  • It washes skin dryness, inflammations like skin irritation, baby acne, cradle cap, eczema and psoriasis.
  • It rinses quickly and leaves the skin moisturized.
  • This baby wash will offer your entire family luxurious and worry-less feeling.


  • It is too thick, and the scent is so strong.

Wrapping Up

It is important you look for a baby wash that is price friendly and with great natural ingredients that will wash your baby clean without drying. It is also worth considering those with the tear free formula.

A good example of such a product is Aveeno Baby Wash & shampoo. This is because it is made exactly for infants and is tear free, soap free and Paraben free. It is a natural product, with ingredients like oat kernel that provides a soothing effect and at the same time nourishing your baby’s sensitive skin.

6 Things To Consider While Buying Your Baby Wash

Chemical free

There are a lot of baby wash products in the market today. These products are made by different manufacturers using various means and ways.

You must be a good label reader for you to find the safest baby wash for your bundle of joy. Some of these baby wash products come along with chemicals that are allergic and may lead to rashes.

It is important to check whether the baby wash was made using organic ingredients or if they have been chemically tested and certified to be fit for baby use. Harmful chemicals to watch for are parabens, phthalates, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), petrolatum and sulfates. These chemicals will have severe effects on your baby’s skin. A safe and healthy baby wash should be free of these chemicals.

Irritants free

Infants have sensitive skins. When exposed to fragrance and dyes, their skins will get irritated. It is, therefore, crucial to again read the labels of the baby wash you are going to buy your little one before buying any. By reading the labels, you will be in a position to know if the baby wash has any irritants or not.

Irritation causes lots of discomfort to the baby; the baby will always want to scratch the irritating parts. This may lead to bruises on the skin among other negative effects. The irritation may be due to allergies. As you read the labels, watch for terms like hypoallergenic. This will mean that it has been tested that is rarely allergic to babies.

Organically certified

An organically certified baby wash means that it is entirely free from synthetic chemicals or additives. These synthetic chemicals are not always friendly to your baby, they will always have some adverse effects on your baby’s skin and it is advisable to avoid them.

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Most parents are nowadays using organically certified baby wash products as opposed to those full of chemicals. Make sure to read the label to find the term carefully.

Two in one factor

A two in one baby wash will kill two birds with one stone. It will be a baby wash and at the same time be shampoo. Who wouldn’t want a product that is multi-purpose anyway? As you look for a baby wash, be careful to consider this factor. This is because it will save you a lot of money as compared to just buying a baby wash and shampoo separately.

Scent and no scent

Many baby wash makers will tend to add some aromas to their products to add a little taste and preference. These will however not add any value to the way the baby wash works. Do not be fooled by the scent and forget the wash itself.

Some of these washes are over scented until they become smelly all over your baby’s clothes and beddings. It is important to buy an averagely scented baby wash whose scent may only last when used and will not linger on your baby’s clothing and beddings.


Most people normally disregard this factor, but it plays a very significant role on the type of product that you’ll buy. Budgeting is important especially for a parent with a newborn. There are whole lots of baby gear you will need to buy. Watching on the cost of the baby wash and at the same time weighing with the quality will be important. The rule of thumb still applies here though cheaply is expensive.

6 Valuable Tips On Baby Wash

As you look for the perfect baby wash, you should note the following;

  • Babies who suffer from dry scalp need a highly moisturizing baby wash or shampoo. This will reduce itchiness and make strands soft.
  • Babies who suffer from cradle crap need special baby wash or shampoo that is rich in oils. This will slough off the flaky skin on the head.
  • If your baby suffers from a sensitive scalp, it is important to buy her a baby wash with few supplement or ingredients, especially fragrance. This will minimize the itchiness.
  • If your baby suffers from Eczema, ensure that the baby wash you buy is organic and with less fragrance. They should be organically certified and with lots of ingredients like oatmeal which is good in reducing irritation and inflammation. It also softens and nourishes the skin.
  • It is important for you also to note the products or the taste that your baby is allergic to. If your baby is allergic to one brand, try another until you find the perfect one for your little one. It is nonetheless advisable to use one brand of baby wash or shampoo on your baby.
  • Always exfoliate your little one’s scalp once in a while. This will reduce the flaky skin or the greasy skin and leave a brand new one on it. It will also minimize the clogging of the skin pores improving respiration.

Preview Product Rating Price
Johnson's Bedtime Baby... Johnson's Bedtime Baby... 63 Reviews from $11.79
Weleda 2in1 Gentle Shampoo +... Weleda 2in1 Gentle Shampoo +... 714 Reviews $10.49
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo &... Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo &... 1112 Reviews from $24.87
Original Sprout Hair and Body... Original Sprout Hair and Body... 163 Reviews from $38.25

The next time you will be shopping for the best baby wash, you should have all the issues that have been discussed here at your fingertips so that you can buy only quality products. Counterfeit products are being sold on the market; you should be careful enough to avoid buying them. We would like to hear what you have to say about this issue ; please share your views and comments with us using the platform given below.

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