Useful Tips In Buying The Best Baby Nail Clippers In 2017

Top 5 Best Baby Nail Clippers In 2019

Children’s fingernails and toenails generally grow faster than those of adults. Adults’ nails grow as fast as 3mm per month. Fingernails are the concentration camps for germs no matter how often you wash or cleanse your baby.

Without trimming her nails, germs will always find a home to live and thrive on in her fingernails. Sooner or later, these germs will find themselves into your baby’s mouth and the bloodstream. You already know what that means for baby, right?


Without the best baby nail clippers, nails can also be hazardous. Children love touching and caressing their body and face with their fingers. With sharp nails, cutting their sensitive soft skin will be as easy as apple pie. This might lead to injuries and wounds and the fact that these nails host dangerous pathogens will worsen the situation.

Long nails can also be cut by cotton threads on the crib mattress or sheets. And if the baby moves the finger or the toe very fast, the fingernail or the toenail might be ripped off. This will lead to painful injuries and wounds. The best baby nail clippers will be the wise solution to prevent such occurrences.

Top 5 Best Baby Nail Clippers Reviews

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#1 Portable Versatile Safe Baby Nail Clippers

Preview Product Rating Price
Baby Nail File, Portable... Baby Nail File, Portable... 59 Reviews $15.45

Top features:

  • One button activation
  • Has multiple speed and rotation controls
  • Soft LED light
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 2 AA Batteries powered

This nail file tops our review for its outstanding performance in clipping baby’s nails. It is a battery powered nail file kit that comes with six different sanding or buffing pads. Three for your child and three for you. This multi purpose nail kit will help you sand, clip and polish your baby’s fingernails and toenails in a very short time.

It is light in weight and compact in design making it possible to operate using one hand. Powered by 2AA batteries, it only uses one button for powering. This makes even a plus for single hand operation. On it is an LED light that will help you safely polish the left out nails without reaching your baby’s sensitive skin.

It is also run by a quite motor keeping the nail trimming process quiet and calm. What’s more, this baby nail clipper offers multiple setting points. These include the speed control which includes high and low speed as well as the rotation control with the clockwise and anti-clockwise controls.

The only issue with this product is that it depletes the battery energy very fast and therefore you would have to replace the batteries more often.


  • A quiet motor runs it. No noise for your little one
  • Soft LED light will allow a safe and quite cut.
  • It is a versatile tool, comes with six cushioned sandpapers that are safe for children and adult use.
  • Offers multiple setting points. These are speed control for high speed and low speed or the rotation control for clockwise and anticlockwise.
  • It has a light and compact design.
  • It is activated by one-button and powered by 2AA batteries, which makes it a single hand clipper.
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  • It consumes batteries fast, and the filing heads flatten faster.

#2 Safety 1st Sleepy Nail Clipper

No products found.

Top features:

  • Curved edges
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Soft handle
  • Emery board slot
  • Emery board

This is another best alternative clipper for your baby. It has curved edges to give accurate, perfect and safe cutting of the nails. It has an LED light to give you an opportune precision to cut your baby’s nails without waking them up safely.

It also comes with an emery slot and board that will allow a steady and smooth filing. It also operates on non-replaceable batteries which have a long-lasting power output. This will make sure that you can use this clipper severally before the batteries run out of power.

This clipper is beautifully designed; everybody loves to touch the soft surfaces. This nail clipper offers an ergonomic soft touch. You will definitely cut your little one’s nails without it tripping. What’s more, this clipper is one of the safest clippers you can ever use to cut your baby’s nails. It won’t leave any sharp or rugged edges on the soft nails. The only issue is that it is normally too big and bulky making it hard to handle when cutting your baby’s tiny nails.


  • Has curved edges which will give a soft and safe cutting on the baby’s nails.
  • The built-in LED light will give a safe and quiet cut.
  • The non-replaceable batteries are long lasting.
  • The handle of this clipper offers a soft and ergonomic touch.
  • It offers an emery board slot and the emery board itself for smooth and unfaltering filing.
  • Does not leave sharp edges of nails.


  • It is somehow big and bulky to handle when cutting the tiny baby’s nails.

#3 The First Years American Red Cross Nail Clipper

Preview Product Rating Price
The First Years American Red... The First Years American Red... 1454 Reviews from $3.99

Top features:

  • Plastic body
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 4× magnifier
  • Soft and grip handle

Are you looking for a cheap and most efficient baby nail clipper? Here is the First Years American RedCross Nail clipper. Sometimes cutting a baby’s nails requires extra care which leads to eye straining and slowness. This clipper, however, will help you outcome these limitations associated with nail cutting.

It has a 4× magnifier that will increase your precision and confidence when cutting your baby’s nails. The magnifier will also fold away when you are done using it and position itself safely for storage. It also has stainless steel blades. These blades are sized and scaled to offer a safe cut. It also has a handle that provides an ergonomic sure-grip.

What’s more, this baby clipper is ideal to be used on babies who are aged one month and above. This means that you don’t have to keep buying new baby clippers as your baby gets older or if you get another younger after the first child. The stainless steel blades will rarely rust and are very durable.


  • It has stainless steel blades which are scaled and sized for precision on a child's nail.
  • The 4× magnifier will make you see what you are cutting more precisely.
  • The magnifier also folds away to allow a safe storage when done using it.
  • It has a handle that is soft and has a lot of grips to give you an additional support while cutting your baby’s nails.
  • It is suitable for children aged one month and above.


  • The magnifying glass might be so dull to give a precise and accurate cut. The blades are too curved to offer a perfect nail cut in children having slightly harder nails.

#4 Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Clippers

Preview Product Rating Price
Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Clipper Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Clipper 73 Reviews from $6.99

Top features:

  • Rounded tip
  • Protective cover
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Well balanced handles

Are you a left handed mom and you feel left over when it comes to using the best nail clipper to trim your baby’s nails? Well with Piyo Piyo yellow baby nail clippers, you are not left over. It is designed to suit both left and right handed parents and caregivers.

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It has well-balanced handle loops that make nail cutting such a comfortable and blissful experience. Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Clipper also comes with a protective cover that will keep it from getting blunt when it falls. The blades are also made of durable stainless steel which with great care does not rust.

What’s more, this baby nail clipper has blades which have been sized and scaled for cutting children’s soft and sensitive nails. It also has a rounded tip which prevents accidents from taking place when using it to cut your baby’s soft nails.

It is worth noting that its handles have the poorest grip making it hard to hold this clipper securely when cutting nails.


  • The handles are well-balanced making this clipper suitable for use by both left and right-handed parents.
  • The blades are sized and scaled for cutting the nails of children with soft and sensitive nails.
  • It comes with a protective cover that will prevent the blades from getting blunt when it falls.
  • The blades are made of steel hence durable and can last long without rusting if care is taken.
  • This clipper has a rounded tip to prevent accidents from occurring when using it to trim your baby’s nails.


  • The yellow plastic glued on these clippers sometimes may fall off

#5 Fridabbay NailFrida The Snipper Clipper Set

Preview Product Rating Price
NailFrida The SnipperClipper... NailFrida The SnipperClipper... 611 Reviews $12.99

Top features:

  • Curved and overlapping blades
  • Spyhole
  • S-shaped file
  • Light and compact design
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces

If you are looking for a little sophisticated but easy to use baby clipper, this is it. With a uniquely designed look, it has a spy hole that offers an exact and precise look to what you are cutting. The blades, on the other hand, are curved and overlapping to give an accurate and a one-time cut. This will also allow you have a smooth and quieter snipping.

It also comes with a uniquely s-shaped file which is perfectly suitable for newborns. It is light and compact; it weighs only 1.6 ounces. This will be the perfect alternative for the other best four clippers that have been reviewed above.

This best baby nail clipper snips quietly and is therefore ideal for those parents who like clipping their baby’s nails when they are sound asleep. Your baby won’t even notice that her nails are being cut. She will continue enjoying her sleep while you take care of her nails.


  • The spy hole offers a safe cutting of the nails.
  • It clips and snipes quietly. Thanks to the overlapping and curved stainless steel blades.
  • The S-shaped file offers a quick and smooth filing of baby nails.
  • The curved and overlapping blades cut effortlessly.
  • It is light in weight and compact.


  • Its s-shape and slanted shape make it hard to maneuver.

Wrapping Up

We must acknowledge the fact that there are so many best baby nail clipper brands available on the market currently. This makes it hard for parents who want to buy the best products for their babies to choose which product to buy. With that in mind, this comprehensive review article has tried to solve this puzzle as much as possible.

The above Clippers are the best when it comes to offering their service of trimming and smoothening your baby’s fingernails. They were picked based on their functionality, popularity alongside their ratings.

Portable Versatile Safe Baby Nail Clippers is better than the rest because of its ability to offer a broad range of features and services. It comes as a kit with accessories like files and buffing pads for you and your baby. It is light in weight and compact in design making it possible to be operated on one hand.


It is powered by 2AA batteries. On it is an LED light that will help your safely polish the left out nails without reaching your babies sensitive skin. With all these amazing features, we would like to recommend that this is the product you should give the priority while buying the best baby nail clipper.

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What Is The Best Way To Trim Your Baby’s Nails?

  • Most parents find it hard to know when exactly to trim their young one’s nails. I say it “depends”! First, you need to know your child in and out. For instance, you need to know when your baby is in a bad mood and is likely to kick or punch you away when you try to clip his or her fingernails.
  • You also need to know that time when your baby is happy and joyful and will give in for anything. It is important to do your timing right to avoid a struggle with your baby which might lead to accidents.
  • Other parents prefer trimming the nails when the baby is deep asleep. For this kind of trimming, it is important to buy a fast, soft and quiet clipper that will not wake the baby in the middle of slumber. Nail cutting can be done by both parents as well. Doing so will be important because as one parent keeps the baby busy playing, the other will be trimming the nails.

What To Look For In Nail Clippers

Nail Files Or Emery Board

Some nail clippers come with files or emery boards. They are important accessories that you should look for in the best baby clipper. They will help you smoothen or grind down your baby’s clipped nails. They will also contribute to smoothen the sharp edges that are left after cutting your child’s nails.

For newborns, nails files can be used instead of clippers to simply grind down the nails. You should be careful however not to overdo it.

Precision Helpers

When cutting little one’s nails, it is important that you become as accurate and precise as possible to avoid cutting the nail skin or toe skin. You should look for features that will help you become accurate and to the point.

Good clippers will come with precision helpers like LED light, spy holes or magnifying glasses. Make sure to look for these features before buying your baby the best nail clipper


You will admit that accidents do happen, but they can be prevented. When using clippers, one of the things that will significantly reduce the probability of accidentally clipping your baby’s finger or toe is the grip. With enough grip, you will be able to hold the clipper firmly. A better grip can allow you to trim the nails of shaky babies conveniently and more efficiently.

If you decided to use a pair of scissors, make sure it has well-balanced handles with a good grip. For nail clippers, they should have ergonomic handles with soft and better grip.

Shape And Aize

One other thing that will affect your ability to trim your baby's nails precisely is the shape and size of the nail clipper. Scissors outshine the normal nail clippers when it comes to convenience and ease of use based on the shape and size. They offer great clarity and focus when cutting the nails.

Normal nail clippers, on the other hand, may depend on how they are designed. Some might seem bulky and too big that they may hinder you from clearly seeing where you are cutting. You should, therefore, look closely on the shape and the size of the clipper as you choose the best nail clipper for your baby.

Your feedbacks and comments will be highly appreciated. Please share this article as widely as possible with all your friends with young kids whose nails should be kept short.

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