Top 5 Best Baby Memory Books: Reviews, Rate and Buyer’s Guide of 2019

Every event in the course of our lives comes with good or bad memories. They are all supposed to be captured for the future. Your baby will one day want to see what she did and how she looked like while young. The only person who makes the memories available for them is you.

Many moms cannot come over the demur of not documenting their little one’s growth time especially after seeing one at friend’s home. The best baby memory book should help you record the funny moments, the sad and challenging times. They should enable your capture them in photos and writing.

There are so many important events that should be recorded when a child is growing up. They include baby announcements, baby shower, arrival dates and birthdays. Such moments will one day be golden and will need to be cherished.

A memory book will be the only link between you and these events. You should, therefore, choose carefully when buying the best baby memory book.


Top 5 Best Baby Memory Books Reviews

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First Year Baby Memory Book &... First Year Baby Memory Book &... 183 Reviews $29.97

This is a memory book that will not only capture the memories but will harbor your love for your little one. Made by a family of four, who are dedicated to ensuring you recall the precious moments. “Clean water for every child” memory book is 57 pages and with over 80 photo boxes colored by playful animals.

It is so roomy to accommodate all your memorable moments during your pregnancy, the day of birth, your little one’s first 12 months and other beautiful moments worth capturing that you and your baby will come across. Nothing keeps memories more than writing. This memory book provides fill-in lines below the 4*6 photo boxes so that you can write down any writable memories.

They have even gone further to ensure you have a great space for birthday memories. People want to remember as much as possible during this day. You will have 4 pages for this day. The letters, the wishes, and the photos will be captured here. It is with no doubt that this book was designed for you.

Top Features
  • Gender neutral illustrations.
  • Inside guide for you.
  • Plenty of space for photos.
  • Over 80, 4*6 boxes.
  • Extra pages to capture the birthday.
  • 57 animated animal pages.


  • Lovelysprouts first year Memory Book is beautifully designed with clear and understandable illustrations. You will love it.
  • The mixed balance between scrapbook, journal and photo album will make you capture the precious moments worth documenting.
  • It has an inside guide that will guide you as you capture your baby’s important milestones. You will be able to capture various unforgettable moments like the first tooth, first meal, family vacation and many other major holidays.
  • You will have other individual pages to capture your baby’s growth to a toddler from the 1st -5th year.
  • This memory book has plenty of space. You will have nearly every memorable moment captured in this book. It is a perfect baby shower gift. It is gender neutral and will be loved by many.
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  • Contains irrelevant pages that you might not need.

Preview Product Rating Price
Lucy Darling Baby's First Year... Lucy Darling Baby's First Year... 413 Reviews $34.99

Are you running away from the tiring work to make your little one’s memory book look aesthetic? Lucy Darling little Artist Book have you covered. It is beautifully designed so you will only need to add photos, writings and anything worth capturing.

Here is what makes this blooming book amazing memory book; you will have 2 pre-baby pages for photos to capture your pregnancy time and document the times your baby kicked after hearing that great song or her father’s touch.

Not forgetting the ultrasound results that will show you if he is a boy or she is a girl. You will also have over 40 pages to capture other unforgettable moments throughout the growth of your little one.

Top Features
  • Eco-friendly, soy-based inks.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 9×9 square.
  • Responsibly printed.
  • It has around 48 pages.


  • This book has a beautiful floral design. You will not need any other aesthetic decorations to make it look awesome.
  • It provides a simplified way to document memorable moments.
  • You will have specified pages to record the must be captured moments. Like birth, first meal, first tooth and first words.
  • It offers plenty of space to document a major piece of writings like child birth announcements, baby shower dates and hospital bracelet.
  • With Lucy Darling Little Artist memory book, you can document out of family conditions like how your little one’s products cost.


  • Storing extra items like cards will be hard, and it also has small photo boxes making storing extra-large photos hard.

Preview Product Rating Price
C.R. Gibson Grey 'Linen Tree'... C.R. Gibson Grey 'Linen Tree'... 180 Reviews from $11.99

This memory book will offer you a simple and interesting way to document your little one’s amazing moments. It has pages with guiding letter heads like; All about mommy and daddy, It is about to happen, Showers of Best wishes.

You will have pages to input hospital bracelet, homecoming, and adventures of parenting. This book will offer you plenty of space to write down the celebrated moments. You will have pages to write down your little ones 1st to the 12th month.

These bodacious events include; all of my Firsts, My first haircut, my first Vacation, Holidays and my first day of school. This is a memory book that will guarantee you a lifetime storage of these moments.

Top Features
  • 5 years Letter headed pages.
  • 1st to 12th-month milestone recording pages.
  • Blooming memory book.
  • Pre-Baby event/writing pages.


  • It is a decorated memory book your little one will love when she grows up.
  • Lots of pages that will give you room to record every worth-capturing moment as your baby grows.
  • Everything you will write in this book will last long to even after your baby’s teenage and adulthood.
  • This book has an adaptable design that will guide you through every stage of your little one from the labor moments, ultrasound, the day of arrival and baby shower, to even the first day of school.
  • You will not only have a space to fill yearly milestones but also monthly milestones from the 1st month to the 12th month.
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  • Some pages might be irrelevant.

Preview Product Rating Price
Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron... Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron... 1256 Reviews $16.99

Do you love color? This memory book is available in different colors from blue, neutral gray and pink. This book has it all. If you will need to document your little foot size, Pearhead Chevron Baby has convenient and effective clean-touch ink pad for that. Your baby’s foot will leave it as clean as a slate.

It has 50 fill-in pages that are acid-free. You will have plenty of space to write your little one’s milestones as well as store photos. This is a journal-album kind of memory book. This book is an incredible keepsake your family will count on and cherish for many years to come.

This memory has some few shortfalls like being less detailed. This is something that should not bother parents just need simple memory books. Other than that, this memory book will work perfectly well for both you and your baby.

Top Features
  • It is an album-journal in one.
  • Has 50 fill in pages that are acid-free.
  • Has a clean-touch ink pad.
  • Ink pad is 100% baby safe.
  • 2 Imprint cards.


  • 100% safe ink pad will enable you to capture the size of your little one’s hand or leg.
  • The ink pad can print hands and feet of up to 3.5’’ long and 2.25’’ wide. Your little one’s blessed hands will fit it without a doubt.
  • You will have plenty of space to keep your little one’s memories and milestones.
  • The all-in-one memory book will be a great family emblem.
  • It also comes with step to step instructions that will guide you on how to use the ink pad.


  • It is not very much detailed.

Preview Product Rating Price
Little Blossoms by Pearhead... Little Blossoms by Pearhead... 76 Reviews $15.99

Little Blossoms Vintage Baby Memory Book is an all in one book. It is made of an over 40 pages journal that is entirely fill-in and a photo album. Its pages provide a classic and cute look that will be easy to draft a memorial out of.

The nicely patterned cover is roomy enough to house your little one’s 3’’×3’’ photo. You will also have a clean-touch ink pad that you will use to capture the size of your little one’s fist or foot. The ink pad is baby safe and clean, no ink stains on your baby’s feet or clothing.

The only issue with this memory book that you should be worried about is the light writing ink. This makes seeing the foot or hand prints very difficult.

Top Features
  • It is a well-guided journal.
  • All in one memory book.
  • Over 40 fill in pages to document milestones.
  • Comes with a “clean-touch” ink pad.
  • 3” × 3” cover.


  • The ink pad is 100% baby safe and clean.
  • The 40 fill-in pages provide plenty of space to document this memory book into an extraordinary family keepsake.
  • The medium sized cover can cover the foot and hand print alongside other important, memorable pictures.
  • It is a well-guided journal that will help you never to skip the worth capturing moments.
  • This beautiful book is great for new parents wishing to share and document their amazing first child parenting experience.


  • The writing ink is so light that seeing the footprint or handprint is difficult.


Books remain up to date to be the best storage media for print information. Memory books fall into this category. Happy and cherished moments should be guarded and preserved for the future because if they are not, there is no need for documenting them in the first place.

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We must accept that getting the best baby memory book is a headache due to the very many brands available on the market. This is why this comprehensive review article has been written to equip you with a skill or two regarding this. You must be able to buy a product that will give you the value for your money.

Now that you know what important factors to consider when purchasing the best baby memory books, don’t ever get it wrong again. While all the memory books reviewed above are great products, we would love to recommend the Lovelysprouts First Year Baby book. This product has very many attractive features that are worth considering. It will be a significant emblem of storing your little one’s memorable moments.

5 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Memory Book

Customization. People are inspired by uniqueness, and since your little one’s memory book will be a precious emblem, it has to stand out. A good memory book should give room for customization. You should, therefore, watch for this property before you buy one.

Quality. A memory book is supposed to last for decades. Since it will be used to remind you of a stage your little one went through. It should be made of a high-quality paper material for it to last for a long time. It should also be free from acids or lignin.

Cover.  A book cover does not only provide beauty but is also critical in protecting what is inside the book. A good cover should be hard and waterproof. Did you know that prolonged exposure of white paper to air will turn it yellowish?

When a paper is exposed to air for a long time, lignin gets oxidized turning it yellowish. You should, therefore, make sure that your little one’s memory book is well covered. This is to avoid hardly seeing or reading it when you revisit it because of turning yellowish.

Format. Keeping records of events in a book is hard without a clear and organized format. Your little one’s memory book should have an organized format with a step by step guideline.

It should have a monthly fill-in pages where you can write and place monthly photos as well as yearly photos. It should also capture important events like a baby shower, birthday and holidays like Christmas and important national holidays.

Pockets There are many important things to keep as baby memories. They don’t necessarily narrow down to photos and writings. You might want to keep a toy part that your little one tore apart and got mad at you the whole week because of it, or anything sizable enough to be kept alongside photos. A good memory book should have pockets to store such items.

Without much hubbub, here are our top reviewed memory books that meet the above factors and will help you keep the precious memories for your family’s future emblem.

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If you would wish to recommend another product apart from the Lovelysprouts First Year Baby book as the best baby memory book, please tell us which memory book is the best for you and why that particular one. Just tell us about your preferred memory book in the comments section below.

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