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Top 5 Best Baby Hair Brushes of 2019

“Hair today, gone tomorrow.” Regardless of how your newborn’s hair looks now, it surely won’t last as it will be replaced with a new one at around six months. Nevertheless, it’s important that you take care of it just as much as you take care of yours. That’s the reason you should know how to look for the best baby hair brush.


Top 5 Best Baby Hair Brushes Reviews

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Wooden Baby Hair Brush Set... Wooden Baby Hair Brush Set... 385 Reviews from $25.29

This is a classic example of a wooden baby hair brush with goat bristles. It comes in a set of two brushes, one with goat bristles and one with wooden bristles with round tips. The brush with goat bristles is designed for brushing the hair while gently massaging the scalp, while the one with wooden bristles is for detangling hair. It also helps stimulate the scalp and increase circulation to help your baby relax.

Meanwhile, the handle of each brush is made from natural beech wood, which gives the brush an elegant finish that’s comfortable for both mommy and baby to hold. Made with eco-friendly materials, you can rest assured that this set of hair brush is safe for both your baby and the environment.

What you will love about it:

  • This set has one of the softest bristles available today.
  • The wood is smooth, so you won’t have to worry about splinters.
  • Each brush is clearly sturdy and well-made, so you can be sure they’re going to last a long time.

What you may not like about it:

  • Just like any other hair brush with goat hair bristles, this one sheds slightly.

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OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby... OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby... 477 Reviews $21.45

Just like the Royal Infant hair brush set, this set by OCCObaby comes with a pair of wooden hair brushes. The only difference is that the OCCObaby hair brush set comes with a bonus wooden comb! This makes it a 3-in-1 baby hair brush set! Each comb is made from all-natural materials and does not contain any formaldehyde-releasing glue.

They also don’t contain VOC finishes that are often found in bamboo products. Each comb is also made from beech wood, which is water resistant and does not crack at all even after several repeated washes. The bonus, on the other hand, is made from solid maple wood with no finish.

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What you will love about it:

  • The goat hair brush is well made, and the bristles stay intact even after a long time.
  • The goat hair brush does an excellent job treating cradle cap.
  • The bonus comb eliminates the need to buy a separate one.

What you may not like about it:

  • The goat hair brush is too soft and only rides on top of the hair.

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LotFancy Baby Hair Brush Set -... LotFancy Baby Hair Brush Set -... 61 Reviews from $11.88

Another set of wooden hair brushes on our list is this one from LotFancy. Instead of goat hair bristles, however, this set comes with extra-soft nylon bristles. One advantage of this type of hair brush is that the nylon bristles do not easily fall off. They are also water resistant and are easier to clean.

Despite being made with nylon bristles, though, you can be at peace to know that these brushes are free from phthalates and latex, so you can be sure that they won’t cause any irritation on your baby’s skin. If you’re looking for something that provides a combination of natural and synthetic elements, this is definitely the one for you.

What you will love about it:

  • The nylon bristles are very soft and gentle on the scalp.
  • Each bamboo brush comes with a smooth finish but is easy to handle.
  • The packaging is excellent and comes with a bubble wrap, so you can expect it to arrive on your doorstep unscathed.

What you may not like about it:

  • The round tipped bristles may tend to break or get detached from the brush.

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Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush And... Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush And... 270 Reviews from $6.22

Safety 1st provides you with this unique hair brush and combo set. Both the brush and comb are made of a combination of plastic and rubber construction that’s BPA- and latex-free and are perfectly safe for your child’s hair and scalp. On the other hand, the bristles on the brush are made of soft nylon material.

Meanwhile, the comb comes with dual-density teeth that adjust to the dampness or thickness of your child’s hair. The handle on both the brush and comb also comes with a silicone piece that gives you a better grip when brushing or combing your child’s hair. A bit on the cost-effective side, this is an excellent set if you’re looking for something that’s not too expensive.

What you will love about it:

  • ​The brush has a bit of weight into it that helps apply just the right amount of pressure on your baby’s hair and scalp.
  • ​The silicone piece does a great job providing excellent grip.
  • The durable construction assures you that this set is for long-term use.

What you may not like about it:

  • This set may not be ideal for babies with thick, curly hair.

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The First Years American Red... The First Years American Red... 239 Reviews $3.99

If you’re looking for something that’s not too costly, then this set of comb and brush from The First Years may be a perfect choice. It’s an officially licensed product by the American Red Cross so you can be sure of its overall quality and that it’s perfectly safe and gentle for your baby’s use.

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The brush features soft, nylon bristles that are gentle on the scalp, while the comb comes with comfort tip teeth designed for tangle-free combing. Both brushes are perfect for all types of hair, so whether your child has straight or curly hair, thick or fine hair, you can expect this set to meet your baby’s grooming needs.

What you will love about it:

  • Both the brush and the comb is ergonomically designed and are comfortable to handle.
  • The comb is well designed and is not too harsh on a baby’s tender scalp.
  • Since this set is made of plastic/rubber material, it’s easier to clean and maintain.

What you may not like about it:

  • The bristles on the brush are too soft and don’t seem to have any effect on babies with a lot of hair.

Our Pick Of Baby Hair Brush

Our vote for the top baby hair brush set goes to no other than the Royal Infant Wooden Hair Brush Set. We just loved the fact that it’s an all-natural baby product and is therefore perfectly safe for your newborn to use. Not only that, but it’s also environment-friendly. It's also clear that this is a well-made set of hair brush that’s made from premium quality materials.

The goat bristles, for instance, are soft and doesn’t cause any irritation on the scalp at all. In addition, unlike most goat bristled-brushes, the Royal Infant hair brush seems to ride well not just on the surface but deep down to the roots, too. Even the packaging will tell you that this is no ordinary set of baby hair brush, but one that’s well-thought of.

Most importantly, we loved the fact that the company is mission-driven and gives 5% of its sale to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. It means that with every set of Royal Infant Wooden Hair Brush you purchase, you are doing something wonderful not only for your child but for other people at the same time!

5 Awesome Reasons To Brush Your Baby’s Hair

Newborn babies have hair that’s soft and delicate. Some may have very thick hair when they come out while others may have been born without hair at all. All of this is a matter of genetics, or as a recent study suggests, has something to do with prenatal hormonal environment. Whether your newborn has lots of hair or little hair at the moment, expect her to have a new set of locks in a few months. Until then, you can start caring for her hair for the following reasons:

To Stimulate The Scalp. Brushing your baby’s hair stimulates her scalp. This increases blood flow, stimulates the hair follicles, and promotes hair to grow healthily. You can expect her to have beautiful hair if you brush it regularly from day one.

To Massage The Scalp. As you brush your child’s hair, you can also give her a gentle massage on her scalp. You can even rub her shoulders and neck while doing so. Doing this will help stimulate your child’s nervous system and help her develop a healthy brain and a strong central nervous system.

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To Minimize The Appearance of Cradle Cap. Diligently brushing your child’s hair is also an excellent way to get rid of cradle cap. Since it stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth, it can both reduce the appearance of an existing cradle cap and prevent more from forming in the future.

To Style The Hair. Brushing your child’s hair will help it grow shiny and silky. You may not be able to style it as much as you want to now since it’s still short, but if you are diligent in making sure it’s well kept, you’ll have an easier time doing so when it’s longer.

To Comfort Your Little One. Since brushing the hair massages the scalp, it’s also an excellent way to calm your child and keep her relaxed before going to sleep. You’ll find it easier to put baby to sleep after you’ve massaged her scalp since brushing has a comforting effect.

If massaging her scalp doesn’t work, try this technique instead:

4 Tips In Buying The Right Baby Hair Brush

You can’t just use any brush for your baby’s hair. Even with baby brushes, not everything you see is the same with the others. When shopping for a hair brush for your little one, here are some factors you should consider.


It’s tempting to pick the first brush you find, especially if it’s cheap and seems to be good enough. However, keep in mind that you’ll get what you pay for when it comes to baby hair brush.

Also, the cheaper the brush, the harsher they are for your baby’s hair and scalp since they have been constructed using cheap plastic material that is actually unsuitable for newborns. I’m not saying you should go for the most expensive one you find. What I’m saying is $2 hair brushes are only good for your daughter’s doll and not for her.


Some baby hair brushes are designed for specific purposes such as treating and preventing cradle cap. Most of these brushes come with plastic bristles that are pliable and gentle enough on your baby’s scalp, but also firm enough to get rid of cradle cap. Unless your child needs something for treating cradle cap, a regular brush should be sufficient.

Bristle Type

Baby hair brushes come with either synthetic bristles or those made from natural sources such as goat or boar hair. Natural bristles are soft and gentle and are excellent for preventing cradle cap. Plastic or nylon bristles are great, too, unless you’re not comfortable with something that’s not natural.


You’re the one to hold the brush when combing your baby’s hair and not her, so make sure you pick one with a handle that’s sized for adult hands. The handle should also be able to provide excellent grip, so the brush doesn’t slip every time you use it.

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