The Best Baby Bottles – So What Do Moms Use Nowadays

Top 5 Best Baby Bottles – So What Do Moms Use Nowadays?

While I’m an advocate of breastfeeding, I also believe that bottle feeding is a healthy alternative to providing your child with the nourishment he needs. However, what I always tell mommies who can’t breastfeed and have opted to bottle-feeding is to never go for just any brand out there but to pick from only the best baby bottles available.


Top 5 Best Baby Bottles Moms Prefer Today

You will notice that most of the names on our list are well known, but that’s because these brands have already established a reputation among moms, and we also believe they are the best available. Without further ado, here are our five best baby bottles for 2018.

#5 Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck Bottle

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Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck Bottle,... Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck Bottle,... 1921 Reviews from $4.38

Long before there were anti-colic feeding bottles, there was the Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Bottle. This bottle was designed by pediatrician Dr. Brown himself. It features a patented built-in vent that lets babies feed without ingesting air bubbles. It is also designed to decrease vacuum effect that usually causes fluid buildup in the ear. Most importantly, it has a positive-pressure design that mimics breastfeeding, so if you plan to use both breastmilk and formula, this would be an excellent choice.

What you will love about it:

  • It does prevent colic very well.
  • You can directly pump into these bottles even with a different brand of adapter.
  • The 2-piece internal vent and the rest of the bottle’s parts fit on most standard bottles, so you won’t have to worry in case you forgot the actual Dr. Brown’s bottles.

What you may not like about it:

  • The amount of time it takes to clean and set up the bottles is quite considerable.

#4 Philips AVENT Natural

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Philips Avent BPA Free Natural... Philips Avent BPA Free Natural... 750 Reviews from $21.26

Who hasn't heard of these feeding bottles before? They’re among the most popular and the most preferred by moms for the past decades now and for a good reason. The Natural series, in particular, offers a great option for moms who are looking for an all-around feeding bottle. It features nipples that are very soft and compliant and promote fast and comfortable latch-on.

The twin-valve venting system also works great in preventing colic and gas. What babies will love about this bottle is that it has a wide nipple base that promotes a breast feel. The wide neck also encourages easier cleaning. Overall, this is an excellent choice for everyday use.

What you may not like about it:

  • Over the years, it seems that AVENT has been using thinner plastic for their bottles.

#3 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature... Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature... 1482 Reviews $19.50

For moms who would want to switch between breast and bottle with ease, the Tommee Tippee  would be an excellent option. It has nipples that indeed replicate that of a real breast as they elongate and retract quite well during feeding. The nipples are also convex and quite wide, ideal for breastfed babies. And Just like Dr. Brown’s and AVENT, this bottle offers an anti-colic vent. Tommee Tippee bottles are quite short, have wide bodies, and provides a nice curvature for better grip.

What you will love about it:

  • The shorter and wide body means easier cleaning.
  • The shape of the bottle makes it very easy for you and your baby to grip.
  • Both the bottle and the nipple are very durable.

What you may not like about it:

  • The nipple offers only a single vent that easily gets covered by the lips, chin, or cheeks, preventing it from doing its job.

#2 Comotomo Natural Feel

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Comotomo may be a relatively new name for some, but it has been making a great impression among moms for the past several years now. Its Natural Feel Baby Bottle is designed with a 3-inch nipple base and a natural nipple shape, making it an ideal choice for moms who want the flexibility of switching between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

It also features a vent system, but instead of a long tube, it has two small vents located at the nipple base. What contributes to its slowly growing popularity, though, is its squeezable bottle that allows you to mimic a letdown when feeding.

What you will love about it:

  • The wide nipple base makes it very easy to clean.
  • There's a small tab at the green base that lets you open and close the base effortlessly.
  • It’s a huge plus that you could squeeze the bottle.

What you may not like about it:

  • The bottle’s translucent design makes it a bit difficult to see the number labels or check how much milk is inside.

#1 Medela Breastmilk Bottle

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Medela Breast Milk Storage... Medela Breast Milk Storage... 1670 Reviews from $12.91

Considered by some to be the best breastfeeding bottle, the Medela Baby Bottle is indeed designed with the breastfeeding mom in mind. You can use it for both breastmilk and formula, but aside from simply being a feeding bottle, it also serves as a storing bottle.

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Yes, you can store milk with this one and that for the long term, thanks to its safe design. You also sure can utilize it with every Medela breast pump if you’re using one. It’s dishwasher safe, it’s made without BPA, and it doesn’t come with many parts, which means it’s the ideal bottle for parents who are always on the go.

What you will love about it:

  • Since it’s compatible with Medela breast pumps, it’s a pumping, feeding, and storing bottle in one.
  • Its straightforward design makes it easy to use, clean, and store.
  • These bottles are very durable and last for a very long time.

What you may not like about it:

  • The prints on the bottle have a tendency to fade and disappear after repeated washings.

Our Pick Of Baby Bottle

All these baby bottles on our list are designed to provide the best feeding experience to both mommy and baby. Each has also been found to do its job perfectly well. However, regarding overall design, durability, and effectiveness, we found that Medela Breastmilk Bottle are still winning the hearts of many mothers and their kids. Its unique internal vent system is simply of top quality.

There’s Comotomo that’s slowly catching up, but for now, Medela Breastmilk Bottle is still numero uno. If you knew beforehand that your baby is colicky and wouldn’t want to take any chances, then Medela Breastmilk Bottle should be your top choice. To seal the deal, here’s a quick video showing why parents all over the world love our top pick.

A Short History Of Baby Bottles

  • There is evidence that bottle feeding is an ancient practice that goes back to thousands of years. Mothers used to feed their babies not only through bottles but cups and jugs, as well. Other devices used for feeding babies even included perforated cow horns with soft leather attached to them.​
  • The early design of milk bottles was good enough to provide proper nutrition to babies, but they were not hygienic, which often resulted to the milk being contaminated. This was the reason there was such an alarmingly high infant mortality rate during those periods in children aged 2 and below.
  • Of course, things are lot different now. Thanks to modern technology, we now have milk bottles with innovative designs, intended not only to deliver nutrition but to provide comfort to babies and convenience to parents.
  • Before we proceed, allow me to share this page with you. It’s going help you learn more about the history of baby bottles. According to the description, it will take you on a journey through history to discover how babies have been fed during the early months of their lives.​

Insider Tips In Choosing a Baby Bottle

One of the downsides of bottle feeding is that you won’t know if your child will like his milk bottle until he has tried it. A good way to minimize blunder is to ask your mommy friends what their babies prefer. Pick three suggestions you think would suit your child’s needs the most and then try each one by one.

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You’re lucky if he gets used to it right away, but if not, you will have to go through some trial and error. I know that sounds expensive, but that’s what all parents who want to bottle feed their baby have to go through, and it’s also well worth it for your sanity and your child’s comfort.​

Newborns take in small amounts at a time, but they can increase their eating quickly, so it would save you more money if you decide to go for bigger bottles right away.

Now, if you plan to pump, opt for bottles that complement your breast pump, ideally of the same brand. You’ll save time that way because it means you can express milk directly into the bottle.

Regarding timing, you would want your baby to get used to breastfeeding first before introducing him to a bottle. This process could take up to six weeks. However, make sure you don’t wait too long either, or your child might refuse the bottle.​

As to what to look for when shopping for a baby bottle, brand name plays a huge part, but regardless of which brand you prefer, make sure you put these four factors into top consideration:

Shape - Milk bottles come in different shapes and sizes. Some are straight, while others are wide or contoured. If you want a bottle that’s easy to clean, go for one with a broad neck.

Nipples - Nipples, on the other hand, come in different levels. You need to replace them as your baby grows and is ready for a different size. Also, replace the nipple right away as soon as you notice that it’s discolored, cracked, or thinning. Most moms prefer silicone nipples, too, instead of latex, since they are firmer and last longer.

Material - Not all bottles are eco-friendly. If you’re looking for something that won’t hurt the environment but is unbreakable at the same time, opt for BPA-free glass, stainless steel, or plastic bottles.​

Features - Colic has no known cause, but bottles with special venting features and angled tops have been found to limit the amount of air the baby takes in, reducing spit-ups and gas.​

What about you, guys? What brand of baby bottle do you and your little one prefer? Let us know by commenting below! And please don’t forget to share this article if you know it’s going to help other moms as well! Thank you!

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