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Top 5 Best Baby Bibs: Professional Tips On Buying The Best One

As your baby grows, you will start realizing the messy part of her. Spitting out of food or taking the food and smearing all on the table cloth or her clothes will be an ordinary routine.

Within no time you will be faced with tons of clothes to launder in a day. Your baby besides being messy during feeding will start drooling. The watery dribbles will wet the clothes, and again the launder load will get fatter and fatter.

The best baby bibs will help you counter these challenges. They will help you protect your baby’s clothes by keeping them clean and dry. They will instead save your clothes from being drooled and messed up by food drops or spit ups.

By buying the best baby bibs, you will save a lot. The baby bibs will save you from frequently changing your baby’s clothes to reducing your laundering cost. It will also give your baby a good chance of being playful, a plus for growth and development.


Top 5 Best Baby Bibs Reviews

#1 Happy Healthy Parent’s Waterproof Silicone Bib Easily Wipe Clean

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Silicone Baby Bibs Easily Wipe... Silicone Baby Bibs Easily Wipe... 3543 Reviews from $17.97

Cleaning stains on your baby’s clothing is tiring and hard but with Waterproof Silicone Bib easily wipe clean, you will have a bliss when cleaning your little one’s messy food drops or drool. It offers a wide stay-open front pocket that will hold all the food drops and spit ups for you. This will save your baby’s clothes from getting stained.

From the name, this bib is 100% waterproof. Your baby’s clothing will not get soaked in water. This bib is an absolutely hassle free bib you will ever have. You can wipe it to clean it, and it will still work perfectly. The super color tendency on this bib will render you and your baby overwhelmed and thrilled.

What’s more, it also comes with a lifetime guaranty that will make sure that you are free to return this product to the seller to get another one for free it has any faults. The only issue to be concerned about when buying this product is that a playful baby can easily rip it off. 

Top features:

- 100% food grade silicone

- Big and wide front pocket

- 100% machine washable

- Waterproof

- Lifetime guarantee.


  • Will cut you laundry and water. It is wipeable.
  • It is easy to wash. The material is 100% food grade which resists stains and doesn’t absorb water.
  • With you using this bib, feeding will be easy.
  • It has an extensive stay-open pocket to hold the food drop without staining your baby’s clothing.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee that will bring your money back in case you are not satisfied with it.


  • It can easily be ripped off by a playful baby

#2 Bumkins Waterproof Superbib

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Bumkins SuperBib, Baby Bib,... Bumkins SuperBib, Baby Bib,... 1845 Reviews $14.41

This is indeed a super Bib. First, it is a 3 pack, has a significant coverage, is lightweight, and it won’t strain your little one. It is wipeable and machine washable. This will give your baby a superb protection from drools and spills. It is perfectly designed to fit children between the ages of 6 to 24 months; it will grow with your baby to the age when she will stop drooling.

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You will not have a hard time collecting the food drops or trying to wipe the food spills. They have made things easy for you; the super bib has catch-all pockets that will contain the spills and the food drops. This bib will service you during any mealtime. To spice things up, they have added a Velcro closure that will give you a tight fit around your baby.

What’s more, this product has a stain odor resistance that will ensure that it does not produce any bad odor despite all the stains that might be spilled on it. With its Velcro closure, you will comfortably wrap it around your baby very easily. Something to be worried about, it can easily become moldy after being used for some months. 

Top features:

- Waterproof fabric

- Stain odor resistant

- Adjustable Velcro closure

- Catch-all pockets

- BPA, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate, and Lead-free

- 10’’ across and 9’’ from the neck down


  • Your baby will be safe on this super bib. It is free from lead BPA, phthalates, Vinyl and PVC
  • It is wipeable and machine washable which makes it easy to clean
  • Your baby will be as dry as a bone on this bib. It is waterproof and has absorbent material.
  • It is designed to fit babies of ages 6 to 24 months
  • You will have Velcro closure that will help you wrap it around your baby with ease and will provide a tug-proof fit for your baby.
  • The catch-all pockets will contain all the spills reducing your laundry load.


  • They become moldy after some months of use

#3 Baby Bandana Drool Bibs 3-Pack And Teething Toys 3-Pack

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This pack of bandana bibs will serve your baby in keeping her clothes dry from drool. Your baby will enjoy drooling while at the same time chewing or gnawing the teething toys that are attached to the bibs. They are absolutely safe for your baby. They each come with nickel- free snaps which are used to adjust the bibs.

These trendy and stylish bandana bibs have the latest design quality that will make them look beautiful and classy while on your baby. The teething toys will soothe your baby’s growing teeth pain. They will be a great baby gift to buy your loved one.

Did you know that this best baby bib is also super absorptive? This will make sure that this baby bib will absorb all the water or wet substances that your baby may spill on it. Its design is also very trendy and of a high quality. The only let down with this product is that it is flimsy, and is poorly constructed using a poor quality material. 

Top features:

- Super absorptive

- Nickel-free snaps

- Trendy design and top quality

- Innovative design

- 100% polyester fleece.


  • The dual cotton on the front and the polyester fleece at the back make this bib super absorptive.
  • Has nickel- free snaps that will make the bandana bibs adjustable so that they can fit your baby.
  • They have a trendy and stylish modern design and made of top quality product. Your baby will love it, and it will last.
  • It is suitable for both newborns and toddlers. You are not cut out.
  • It is great for teething babies. Your baby will have the teething toy at disposal to assuage the teething pain with.


  • The teething toy is flimsy, with poor material and construction

#4 Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Infant Bibs, 10 Count

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green sprouts Stay-dry Bibs... green sprouts Stay-dry Bibs... 2315 Reviews $17.59

This product is made by a company with an experience of over 35 years. The company is guided by the principles of keeping babies safe and healthy. They have researched and came up with a bib that will give your baby’s clothing ultimate protection from drool and spit-ups. They are very convenient and easy to use. It has a hook-and-loop closure that will enable you to wrap it around your baby’s neck.

This bib’s waterproof inner layer will keep your baby’s clothes as dry as a bone. To add on this amazing functionality is the variety in color which will match with any of your baby’s outfit. It is also tender and soft, no irritation on your baby’s skin.

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If you always want your baby to be smart when having his bib on, this is the best bib to buy because it comes in several colors and will match almost all your baby’s outfits. 

Top features:

- Cotton Terry

- Imported

- Waterproof

- Soft and absorbent

- Adjustable hook-and-loop.


  • The three waterproof inner layers will protect your baby’s clothes from being soaked by water or drool.
  • The soft and adsorbent material will give you the ultimate protection from spit ups.
  • The adjustable hook-and-loop closure will allow you to put it on or off your baby's neck easily.
  • This bib is water and machine washable, making it easy to clean it along with other dirty laundry.
  • They also come in a variety of colors that will match with your baby’s outfit.


  • They will start ripping off after a few washes

#5 Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib(6-24 months)

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Bumkins  Sleeved Bib / Baby... Bumkins Sleeved Bib / Baby... 932 Reviews from $11.55

This is a bib that you will enjoy using again and again. It is bright and colorful and will always perform its functions well keeping the drool out of the equation. With your baby on a pool of drool, she will still look beautiful in this bib, forget the disgust fullness. This is a great bib and at the same time will still keep your wallet fat.

This full coverage bib features elastic cuffs that will enable you to adjust the sleeve length and back tie that will firmly hold the bib around your baby’s neck. Its core material is 100% polyester that is coated with a waterproof coating. Your baby’s drool will not soak the clothes. It is decorated with lots of catch-all pockets that will capture the drool and the food drops.

If you are worried about how you will be washing your baby’s bib, this particular one is machine washable so you shouldn’t worry about such an issue. The only thing to be worried about is its size. It is always oversized and will somehow make your baby feel uncomfortable. 

Top features:

- Fit ages of 6-24 months.

- Waterproof fabric.

- Machine washable.

- Measures approximately 14’’ across chest,

- Measures 13’’ from the neck down and 32’’ cuff to cuff.

- BPA, PVC, phthalate, and lead-free.


  • Full coverage bib, your little one will have little exposure to drool.
  • It is made of waterproof fabric; your baby’s clothes will not get soaked.
  •  The back tie will give a comfortable and a custom fit.
  •  It is fitted with catch-all pockets which will couture and store the drool and the food drops or spills.
  • It will cut your laundry load. No more stained clothing.
  • It is machine washable and dries quickly when hanged to dry.


  • It is oversized, and your baby may feel uncomfortable in it


There are so many best baby bibs available on the market of late. They come from different brands and these brands are always trying to convince customers to buy their products. The brands have come up with different marketing strategies to outdo the rest in selling their products.

This makes the whole process of buying these products a headache most of the times. You are therefore required to know one or two things involved when buying the best baby bibs. Luckily enough, we have made everything so easy for you. We have highlighted everything that you need to know when buying a baby bib.

After doing our thorough analysis, we have recommended the Happy Healthy Parent’s Waterproof Silicone Bib Easily Wipe Clean! to be the best product among the five that we reviewed. This is because it meets a lot of features that an ideal perfect baby bib should possess. It is waterproof, machine washable, made using a food grade silicone material among other great features.

Why Does Your Baby Need A Baby Bib?

Children like playing and will play with anything they find attractive. Be it that yummy food you cooked for her or the toys you bought her to have fun with. Sometimes during feeding time, they tend to spit out foods despite them enjoying the meal.

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Without a baby bib, you will be faced with a huge number of clothes to wash every day. But with a bib, you will only need to wash the bib and perhaps clean the baby.

Baby bibs also protect your baby’s clothes from drool. Most kids between the ages of 6 months to their early toddler age will drool. To protect them from wetting their clothes with drool will be baby bibs. They will absorb the drool and the same time make your baby’s clothes waterproof.

6 Things To Consider When Buying Baby Bibs

Size Of The Bibs

Oversized bibs will be uncomfortable for your baby and will only be suitable for feeding. A tiny bib will be comfortable and will be suitable for drooling. A smaller bib will lead to a wet clothing.

Your baby’s bib should be moderately sized so that your baby can wear it for a long time without getting uncomfortable with it.


Bibs are generally cheap. You might consider buying a few cheap bibs and increase your baby’s bib closet or buy one expensive bib and keep washing and drying it. An expensive bib though will save you a lot. They are the most efficient and will last longer. So try to find a balancing point for your budget for bibs and buy your little one the best bibs.

Neck Room

Your baby’s bib should offer a tug-free closure on the neck. It should not be too tight that your baby will be uncomfortable when on it. Some will come with a Velcro closure and others tie closures, it will all depend on what suits you and your baby.


Will your baby love and look beautiful on it? A good baby bib should be attractive and trendy. Your baby should look stunning on it and even when drooled on. It should still maintain the cuteness. You should consider buying a stylish bib to keep your baby happy and beautiful.


Nearly all bibs are waterproof, but they will hold the water over a certain limit and then your baby will be wet again. A good bib should be adsorptive and should retain the water or the drool for a long time without getting your baby’s clothes wet.

Pockets And Washable

Many parents tend to ignore this part. Bibs should have catch-all-pockets on them so that they can contain the spills and food drops. If your baby’s bib has pockets, then the next thing to look on is whether it is washable and if so, will it be moldy after some months of washing?

Looking for this feature is very important to you because your baby bibs will be useless if it will get moldy after a few months of washing and you will be forced to buy another one.

3 Types Of Baby Bibs You Should Know

Drool Bibs

These are specifically designed for drool. They are small and tiny. They are also lightweight since the baby will have to wear them around. They will absorb the baby’s dribbles and keep your baby’s clothes clean and dry.

Feeding Bibs

They are made for feeding time. You will be required to put them around your baby’s neck as you feed her. Most of the time feeding a baby will be messy; these bibs will be there to hold the mess up for you. They will come with pockets that will catch the spit ups.

Long Sleeved Bibs

These bibs will cover most of your baby’s body parts hence completely sealing your baby’s clothes. They are the most suitable for messy babies.

These bibs will turn feeding time into a play time. They are open at the back so that they will be easy and swift to take them off your baby.

We hope that you will make the right choice the next time you will be planning to buy a baby bib.

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