Useful Tips To Buying The Best Baby Beach Tent In 2017

Top 5 Best Baby Beach Tents In 2019

Most of the people go to the beach when it is summer time. This is the time the sun is most probably overhead in the geographical region they come from. This means that the sun rays will be hot and burning. For kids, this will be bad days of sunburns. Protecting your baby with sun glasses, sun proof clothing and the best baby beach tent will be a wise thing to do.

The best baby beach tent is the ultimate thing you will need to use to protect your baby from the burning sun rays. Children have low melanin quantities in their skin compared to adults. This melanin is responsible for shielding our bodies from sun rays. The best baby beach tent will, therefore, be like melanin to your baby. It will shield your baby’s whole body while still allowing him to enjoy the beach breeze.

Finding the best baby beach tent is hard, but with the knowledge of things to consider when buying them, you will be in a good position to buy the best for your little one.


Top 5 Best Baby Beach Tents Reviews

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#1 Pacific Breeze Easy up Beach

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Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach... Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach... 3262 Reviews $69.99

Top features:

  • Lightweight
  • Side windows
  • Waterproof floor
  • Side pockets
  • UPF 50+ sun protection fiber

This is a beach tent you won’t be buying your baby alone. You will be buying it for your entire family as well. It is large enough to accommodate you and your baby. A good tent should have a quick set-up. The Pacific Breeze Easy up beach is such a baby beach tent.

It is designed to be set up in a fast and quick way to give you room to enjoy the breeze of the beach. It is lightweight and easy to set-up so you shouldn’t be worried if you will want to relocate in the beach.

It will give an absolute protection to your baby. It is made with UPF 50+ sun protection fabric. For ventilation, it has large windows on the sides. It will also give good protection from the wind and rain. It is roomy enough to be able to host you, your baby and your husband.

On the interior walls, there are pockets for storing personal items. To increase comfort when inside this best baby beach tent, it has a durable and water proof floor. It also has finger glass poles to enhance its support. These poles are however made of plastic and can break anytime so you should be very careful.


  • Offers absolute sun protection.
  • Has ventilation windows
  • Side pockets to store items.
  • It has a water proof floor which enhances comfort.
  • Offers protection against rains and the wind as well.


  • Plastic poles are prone to breaking.

#2 Schylling UV Play Shade SPF 50+

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Schylling UV Play Shade, SPF... Schylling UV Play Shade, SPF... 418 Reviews from $49.99

Top features:

  • SPF 50+ fabric
  • Pops Up
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Tie down pegs and sand pockets
  • Large size

When it comes to protection against the ultraviolet rays, this tent performs very well. It is made of a fabric material that is certified to exceed a Sun Protection Factor of 50 which ultimately shades your baby from the harmful UV rays.

It is light and ideal for backpacking. When setting it up, it just pops up into its dome tent shape. You won’t take forever setting it up. Instead, it will be quick, and you will have all the time to enjoy the beach breeze.

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To ensure that it is sturdy and firm, it comes with tie down pegs and strategically placed special sand pockets for anchorage. When done with your time at the beach, it will also be easy to fold it back and place in a backpack.

It has a perfect size for multiple toddlers who can collectively enjoy their beach time comfortably while inside the beach tent. The only drawback of using this best baby beach tent is the fact that it lacks ventilation windows. This may allow a massive heat buildup in this tent.


  • Offers excellent protection because of its SPF 50+ fabric material.
  • Pops up in seconds making it quick to set-up.
  • Light in weight and portable, you can go with it anywhere.
  • Has extra tie down pegs and sand pockets to offer anchorage and support for maximum protection from the wind.
  • It has a perfect size to accommodate multiple toddlers without any discomfort.
  • It is also suitable for backyard camping.


  • Lacks ventilation windows which make the interior to be too hot.

#3 Monobeach Baby Beach Tent

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Monobeach Baby Beach Tent... Monobeach Baby Beach Tent... 217 Reviews $20.22

Top features:

  • Silver coated UPF 50+ fabric.
  • Pops up
  • Front extension
  • It has a large size, can accommodate two adults and one child
  • Weighs 2.2 pounds

Are you looking for a baby beach tent specially made for your baby? This is it. It is made with a carefully designed 190T silver coated polyester Oxford fabric. It is constructed using a UPF 50+ fabric material that will offer your baby great protection from the sunrays.

When it comes to setting it up, it will quickly pop up and be ready to be used. There is an extension in front of the tent so that your baby will have a good and protected time out of the tent.

It can accommodate three people who may consist of a baby and two adults. It is light in weight and can easily be relocated or carried from one location to another. It is also suitable for backyard camping, sporting events and much more.

It also comes with a case for storage and portability. You are required to be very careful when using this best baby beach tent as it has a flimsy structure that can easily bend.


  • Offers absolute protection from the sun’s UV rays. It is made of a silver coated polyester material that is UPF 50+ rated.
  • Light weight and portable, weighs about 2.2 pounds
  • Pops up for a quick set-up
  • Has a front extension for your baby’s play time protection.
  • It is large and can accommodate two adults and one child. An excellent family tent.


  • It has a flimsy structure which can easily bend

#4 Pacific Play Tents Dome tent for infants

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Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery... Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery... 638 Reviews from $14.99

Top features:

  • Measures 36×36×36 inches
  • UV Treated SPF 30
  • Made using a flame retardant 70 denier polyester material.
  • Meshed and Velcro securing door.
  • Waterproof polyethylene floor.
  • Age limit of 6 months to 2 years.

This dome shaped tent is made to protect infants from the harmful sun rays as they play or sleep while you are the beach, backyard or even in the swimming pool. It is meshed to provide ample ventilation, especially during a hot day. It has SPF 50+ protected wall to shade your baby from the intense and burning sun rays. It is also large to give ample space for your baby’s play time.

The floor is made of an entirely easy to clean polyethylene fabric. It is absolutely safe for your baby. It is supported by durable shock-corded poles and a flame retardant high tech 70D polyester material. To keep your baby away from the outside disturbances when sleeping is a Velcro secured door. This tent can be set and brought down within minutes.



  • Has flimsy poles that can easily break is used carelessly

#5 Kidco Pead

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KidCo P4012 Peapod Plus Infant... KidCo P4012 Peapod Plus Infant... 320 Reviews from $81.25

Top features:

  • Meshed side walls
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds
  • UV protection fabric
  • Anchoring straps
  • Front zipper
  • Sleeping pad floor
  • Age limit 1 year to 5 years

This is a multipurpose baby beach tent. It is suitable for the beach, camping, picnics, parks, and travel. It is lightweight and packs down to a simple and small stuff bag which can be packed alongside travel clothes. It weighs about 3.5 pounds. It will completely shield your baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays and has anchoring straps on the sides.

It is suitable for children who are 1 to 5 years old. If you have a new born, then this one should be your number one choice. The meshed sides will increase air flow giving your baby a cool and breezy outside atmosphere while at the beach.

Well, at times the weather might change to become windy and dust will be all over the place. The Kidco Pead will still have your baby covered. To ensure that your baby remains free from dust, the door panel uses a zipper which can be opened or closed wherever you feel your baby needs protection from the outside elements.

The floor is also padded to ensure that your baby sleeps comfortably. The only drawback associated with this best baby beach tent is the time taken to refold it back when storing it.


  • Meshed for smooth air flow
  • Protects against UV rays.
  • Has anchoring straps for support and anchorage when outside.
  • The front zipper gives access to your baby and protection from outside elements.
  • It is light and portable.
  • It is a multi-purpose baby tent.


  • It is hard to refold back and has some issues with the zipper

Wrapping Up

With this informative review, we believe that you have found the best baby beach tent that will help you protect your baby from the scorching sunrays. All the products reviewed above will work wonders in making sure that your bundle of joy is safe even as you enjoy your time at the beach.

You can try out all the five products to find the one that will work best for you. We, however, recommend that you go for a popular and multi purpose tent like the Pacific Breeze Easy up Beach which has useful features. For instance, it is large for you and your baby and is designed to be set up in a fast and quick way. It is made using the UPF 50+ sun protection fabric material for an absolute protection from the sunrays.

For ventilation, it has large windows on the sides. It will also give excellent protection from the wind and rain. It is roomy to be able to host you, your baby and the baby daddy. On the interior walls, there are pockets for storing personal items. To increase comfort when inside this tent, it has a durable and water proof floor as well as finger glass poles for quality support.

This and other best baby beach tents will give you a happy and delightful beach time with your baby.

6 Important Factors You Should Consider When Buying The Best Baby Beach Tent


There are so many styles of baby beach tents in the market today. There are those that come with floors and those that do not have one; others will come with padded and waterproof floors. You should, therefore, look for the ones that will best suit your baby. If you have a toddler, she will need some time for play, meaning you should buy a tent with no floor so that she can build sand castles while inside it or play with the sand.

You should keep in mind that if you are going to go to the beach with a newborn of more than a year and less than 3 years, a special tent will be appropriate since kids of this age do not require much play, they might spend most of their time sleeping. A beach tent with a padded floor should be a good choice.

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Some tents will tend to have extensions in the front. These extensions are for your baby to at least have a taste of the outside experience while being protected from the UV rays. Such features will significantly add value to your time at the beach.


Size is another key factor you should consider. A sizable beach tent will be of importance. It should give you and your baby enough room and if big enough should also accommodate the daddy. Your baby should not be left alone while you bask in the sun or swim. It is supposed to be a family time experience.

A good tent should, therefore, ensure you enjoy the privilege of being with your baby in a nice and cool environment. A small tent, on the other hand, will be quick to set up and bring down as well. Size will also determine portability and storage or backpacking.

The fabric material

Baby tents are supposed to give protection and at the same time last long enough. You should consider buying your little one a beach tent that is made to protect her from the harmful sun rays. The material should at least have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30.

This will mean that the fabric can shield 30% of the sun rays which at this point will be weak and may not cause sun burns. The material should also be waterproof and strong enough to protect against wind and rains. It should be safe to be used by children and free from toxic chemicals.


Temperatures can quickly build up in close compartments especially in a hot day. Having a well-ventilated baby tent will reduce the heat buildup. Your baby’s tent should have meshed walls or windows for a smooth air floor. This is also an important factor for infant tents. They should be ventilated to ensure that they have a cool and comfortable environment for their nap time.

Easy set-up and Use

A visit to the beach is supposed to be an enjoyable time not a time to figure out how things work. It is supposed to be a moment of utmost peace of mind. Most parents find their time ruined when they try to set-up their baby’s tent but it is too complicated.

A good tent is supposed to have a quick and simple set-up procedure. Most baby beach tents have popped up design which allows the tents to quickly set into shape within no time. An easy to set-up and use tent will come with straps or pegs for anchorage.

Remember the tent will be used on the beach where winds are unpredictable. The winds may change direction and strength any moment. Your baby’s tent should, therefore, be firm and strong enough to avoid being carried away by the wind.


Poles are the pillars of the tent. A strong and firm tent will have good poles. Most babies’ tents tend to be ineffective because of the supporting poles. Most of these tents use finger glass frames which might tend to be a little bit flimsy and bend when packing the tent. Tents with aluminum or steel poles are strong and durable.

They, however, come with a limitation of being heavy and expensive compared to those with finger glass poles which are cheap and light.

Here are our top five best baby beach tents that will meet the above conditions and might be your choice.

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