Want To Know What The Best Baby Bath Tub Is On The Market (Read This To Find Out!)

Top 5 Best Baby Bath Tubs of 2019

Your little one is ready for his first real bath, but the question is, are you? At three weeks, your baby’s umbilical cord should have fallen off, and that’s the time you should be starting to consider getting a bathtub for him. This post will help you pick the best baby bath tub for you and your baby.


Top 5 Best Baby Bath Tubs On The Market

Today Now that you know what to look for in a baby bath tub, it’s time that you take a closer look at our top 5 choices for the year 2017.

#5 Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

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Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub -... Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub -... 746 Reviews from $100.98

The Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub is an International Red Dot Design Awardee. It’s the perfect choice for parents looking for a fast and straightforward way to bathe their child. It features smooth curves and comes with a bum bump that’s designed to support a baby during the first few months.

The base comes with rubber feet, too, which prevent the tub from slipping. The tub has a slim design, but parents can rest assured that it has plenty of room for baby to enjoy longer baths.


  • The tub provides just the right angle for reclining and sitting up without the baby slipping or sliding down.
  • The design of the tub is rather straightforward; it comes in one piece that’s lightweight and yet solid.
  • The tub has a slim design and can easily fit in small spaces.
  • The tub can be used from birth to 12 months.


  • There is no provision for dirty water to flow out during bath time.

#4 Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

For parents who worry that their baby may grow quickly, the 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub by Fisher Price may be a great option. It’s designed to accommodate a baby from birth to early toddler months. It features a mesh sling to accommodate your baby during his first months.

The sling can then be removed and replaced by the stage 2 baby stopper insert once your child is big enough. When your baby is ready to sit up, the insert can be converted into a stage 3 Sit-Me-Up Support, which can then be removed to provide more space as your child turns into a toddler.

#3 The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub

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The First Years Sure Comfort... The First Years Sure Comfort... 3886 Reviews from $17.99

Some baby bath tubs simply lack enough features, while others are filled with it, even the unnecessary ones. The Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub by The First Years rank somewhere in the middle.

It has just the right features your baby needs to have a safe and convenient bath time. The tub has an ergonomic design intended to hold your child better for bathing and comes with a mesh sling with a padded headrest for extra comfort.

Once your baby grows and can sit up on his own, he can sit and enjoy his bath on the straight back side of the tub.


  • The height of the sling is adjustable; the sling is also removable and is very easy to wash and clean.
  • The tub is easy to drain even while baby is still in the tub.
  • The tub is well built and very durable, perfect for your next child to use.


  • The tub is not deep enough, so most of your baby's body will stay above the water even with the sling lowered all the way.
  • The tub doesn't come with a hook for hanging.

#2 Angelcare Bath Support

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Angelcare Baby Bath Support,... Angelcare Baby Bath Support,... 1082 Reviews $24.99

The Angelcare Bath Support is an excellent choice for parents who want to do things rather quickly. It doesn’t come with a lot of extras so what you see is what you get. It’s a one-piece tub with the mesh bath support integrated seamlessly to the body of the tub.

The support is made of soft, durable rubber that keeps your baby comfortable while providing him from sliding down during bath time. With no assembly required, it’s ready to use straight out of the box.


  • The tub is indeed mildew-resistant as the product claims since it doesn’t have crevices where mold could grow.
  • It’s very easy to use; when bath time is over, just hang the tub up to dry.


  • The tub is a bit wide in the midsection and may get in the way if you’re using it in a small space.
  • It doesn’t come with a lot of extras and may not be a good choice if you and your child are the types who want to bond over bath time.

#1 PRIMO EuroBath

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PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White 1917 Reviews from $24.99

Dubbed as the largest baby bath tub on the market, the Euro Bath by PRIMOis designed to accommodate babies from 0 to 24 months old. It has a uniquely contoured shape that supports baby’s back, arms, and legs while preventing him from slipping under the water.

One end of the tub offers a reclining position for babies 0 to 6 months old. The other end offers a sitting position and is designed for toddlers 6 to 24 months old. The tub features a minimalistic design, which makes it easy to rinse and dry.


  • The tub is really huge and can take up a lot of space.
  • Due to its size, it’s a bit of a challenge to bring it with you when you’re traveling.

Our Number 1 Pick

We were tempted to go for the EuroBath at first because of its simple yet elegant design. When we considered the size, however, we had to think twice because it might be too big for most parents. We considered the one by Shnuggle as well because of its minimalist design and the fact that it’s an award winner.

What held us back was the price. We believe most parents would agree that it’s a bit expensive for a baby bath tub. That left us with three choices, but in the end, we picked The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub.

To make it easier for us to determine which baby bath tub on our list is the best, we based our decision on the three considerations we’ve discussed earlier. Aside from its convertible design, what makes the Sure Comfort a winner is the fact that it’s both functional and stylish.

From the ergonomic design to the comfortable mesh sling to the form-fitting netting, every part of this tub seems to be aimed at making bath time effortless for both you and your child. What sealed the deal, though, was its price.

It’s not too expensive that parents would say it’s too much for a simple baby tub, but it’s also not too low-priced that parents would think it’s cheap. For what the tub has to offer, the price seems to be just right.

Here’s a video of a proud mom giving her son his first bath ever using - you guessed it - the Sure Comfort Deluxe Bath Tub by The First Years!

Why Use A Baby Bath Tub?

There are two main reasons that parents should use a baby bathtub when giving their newborn a bath, and those are safety and convenience. Newborns don’t need a bath until after ten days when their vernix caseosa - that waxy coating on your baby’s skin that serves as moisturizer and cleanser - has completely disappeared.

Once your baby is ready to transition, you can rest assured that using a baby bath tub will eliminate the need and the hassle of bending over or squatting down to give your child a bath. For mothers who’ve had a C-section, using a baby bathtub can truly be of great help.

It’s also a safer option than bathing your newborn in an actual tub or even bathing him in a sink, something some parents do for fear of a bathroom accident, not knowing using the sink for washing baby also has some risks.

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Safety In Using A Baby Bath Tub

Talking about risks, while it’s safer to use a baby bath tub, it also does have some dangers to it. Such things can be avoided by observing safety practices such as the following.

Make Sure The Baby Bath Tub Is Stable. One advantage of a baby bathtub is that it allows you to bathe your baby on top of a counter. The danger, however, is that the tub could tip, causing serious harm to your child. When bathing your baby, always make sure the tub is placed balanced and stable on top of a flat surface and not too near the edge.

Never Leave Your Baby Alone Even For A Few Moments. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Your child can be happily lying down comfortably and enjoying his bath one moment and then falling down from his tub the next. To avoid unwanted circumstances, never leave your baby alone in his tub even just for a few seconds.

Set Everything You Need Within Reach. This is in relation to the previous advice. To avoid leaving your baby’s side when giving him a bath, make sure you have everything you need for your child’s bath time within an arm’s reach.

Meanwhile, here’s a very informational video showing how you can give your newborn a bath the safe and healthy way:

What To Look For In A Baby Bath Tub

Not all baby bath tubs are the same. Some have extra features, and some do not. Regardless of the brand and model of the tub you want to get for your little one, always put the following three factors into consideration.

Convertible Design. It’s good to consider a convertible tub because it can be adjusted to your baby’s size as he grows. Most convertible tubs come with a removable hammock that keeps your child higher in the water. It can eventually be removed to create more room for your baby later on. Aside from the removable hammock, it should also have a gentle incline where your baby can lie at an angle instead of flat on his back.

Hard Plastic Material. A good baby bath tub should be made of hard plastic that’s not only durable but is also easy to clean and maintain. Look for one with a plug at the base, too, so you can drain out the water easily after baby’s bath time. A tub with a suction cup that allows you to hang it on the wall when not in use also makes things a lot easier.

Portable Design. Some tubs come with a foldable design that makes it easy to store or carry around. It’s perfect when you’re traveling with your little one, although you should also keep in mind that foldable tubs are not always as sturdy and reliable as non-foldable models.

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