7 Tips For Bathing A Baby

7 Tips For Bathing A Baby

Bath time could be a fun and relax time to share with your little one. However, it is also a careful time carefulness. New parents often feel anxious about bathing their new babies. You do not worry about this frequency because you just need to remember seven bathing tips to keep your kid safe while getting grinding clean.


#1 – The Time for Go Bathing

If your baby does not get an umbilical cord, then you could not give the baby a sponge bath. In other words, you should bath your baby on the sink or on the tube, and hold your baby on hand at the same time. Please keep in mind that you must not leave your baby in the sink or in the bath even if they are toddlers.

With newborns, you could bath for them twice or three times per week in the hot season and once a week in the cold weather only. Because they do not have many sweats and dust like adults. You need to clean their face, neck, hands and diaper areas on a regular basis.

With the toddlers, you might increase this time because they will get dust and sweat from many outdoor activities, especially in the summer.

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#2 – The Proper Temperature in the Tub and the Bathroom

Fill a couple of inches of warm water in the tub (about 75 degrees F). Then, you should check the water temperature before placing your baby in the tub.

The proper temperature in the tub and the bathroom

If you have a thermometer, you will need to use this tool to test the exact temperature. If not, you could use your elbow and dip into the tub water to check.

Continue the temperature testing as you go as it will get too cool in a short-term and the bath time is over.

#3 – Choose the Baby Soap

The products for babies do not contain perfume or dyes to get the irritation on their skin easily. Test the soap in the soft washcloth before beginning. Hold their head on one arm and bathe them with the other. If you are not confident to do it by yourself, another supporter is vital in this situation.

If baby’s hair appears dirty, use a damp washcloth and wet it down with the soap and massage in their head area. You do not need to bring them out the tub to prevent the slipper on the bathroom.

Choose the Baby Soap

When you use the baby soap to clean their hair, tear-free shampoo is recommended. If they have developed cradle cap which is the scaly patches on the scalp, unstick the scales with a baby brush.

#4– Make the Tub and the Bathroom Safely

Once you have a baby, you should make a family tub safe as tubs are extremely slippery. The floor on the bathroom is also slithery, so put some rubber mats around the bath and the floor for more secure standing and seating.

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​A cushioned cover or hand towel wrapped in the hand knob could protect hurtful bumps and injuries. Additionally, make sure that all of the glass in the shower doors are inbuilt from safety glass.

Furthermore, keep some electricity products away from your child in the bathroom such as hair dryer, shaver, etc. Prepare a safe bathroom is incredibly crucial for every member of your family as well as for your toddlers.​

#5 – Evade Bubble Baths

Most of the parents add bubble baths on the tube for their babies as they think that these products are safe. Nonetheless, bubble baths could irritate the urethra and grow the threat of urinary infections.

Evade bubble baths

#6 – Do Not Use the Towel of Adults for Babies

Sometimes, you forget to take a baby towel before you begin the bathing time for your baby. And you use the towel of adults to dry their bodies and head instead.

In fact, the fabrics made for adult towel are different from baby towels like cotton, microfiber, bamboo, etc. They are tough and hard for baby skin and your baby will be allergic from those materials.

On the flip side, hooded towels for baby you can choose in a variety of size, shape, and price on the hypermarkets as these are popular products these days.

#7 – Do Not Get Toys in the Bathtub

Most of the parents often put some toys on the bathtub for babies as they suppose the bathing time is much more fun.

However, toys with bad quality will have the side effects on your baby. Some toys made from toxic chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) and plasticizers which baby will get these toxins on the body.

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On the other hand, your baby could drink a little water from the tube that contains several bacteria and dirty.

In case your kid still wants to have a fun time in the tube with some toys, you need to check the materials in the toys before purchasing. Discover more information about some chemical materials if you are not sure.

Do not get toys in the bathtub


When remembering above tips, your baby and you will have an incredible experience at the bathing time. Bathing time is another good way to build the relationship between your baby and you.

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