5 Tips to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

5 Tips to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

As heart-warming as it is to see the excitement on your child’s face when they lose a tooth and know they can expect a visit from a certain fluffy and generous bunny, it is best to keep these times to when they lose teeth naturally and not from lack of proper oral hygiene. Here are 5 tips for keeping your kids teeth in squeaky clean condition.

Teach Them

Find a fun way to make learning about oral hygiene entertaining for your little ones. The younger ones need to learn to use less toothpaste until they are able to rinse properly and not just swallow the paste, the older kids can use a more generous amount. If you child’s teeth are already touching then you can also teach them how to floss properly and rinse with mouthwash. Once they get into their routine it is vital that you firmly stick to it, be a role model for your kids and they will do as they’re shown.

No Bottles During Naps

Putting your toddler down for a nap with a bottle of milk or juice can lead to tooth decay from the sugar clinging to their teeth and feeding the bacteria in their mouth. If you have to give them a bottle before or during nap-time, make sure it only has water in it. It is also important to wean your child off bottles completely at a certain age.

Go For Check Ups Regularly

The more you send your child for regular check-ups with Sandy dental, the faster they will get used to going to a dentist. This will prevent any drama when they’re older and have to go for their biannual visits. Talk to your family dentist about any concerns you may have, like thumb sucking or whatever else concerns you. Once you find the perfect dentist that you children love, it will get easier and easier with each visit.

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Ditch The Dummy

There are many valid reasons to use a pacifier when your baby is younger but as they get older make sure you stop using pacifiers. Start weaning them off at around age 2 so by the time they are 3 years old, their “shu shu” is all but forgotten. Pacifier use in older toddlers can lead to nightmare teeth problems when they are older.

Be Patient

Your child will be able to brush his or her own teeth from around age 3 or 4, but they will require supervision until they are at least 6 or 7. Don’t wait until it’s too close to bedtime to brush either, getting a sleepy or cranky kid to comply is not an easy feat! As for flossing, you can expect your child to be able to do this from the time they are around 10 years old or so - be prepared to be an advocate for oral hygiene for a long time.

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