4 Things You Should Know About Postpartum Exercise

4 Things You Should Know About Postpartum Exercise

After a natural birth without complications, light physical activity can begin after six weeks. In the case of the cesarean section, the waiting period is eight weeks. In both cases, you need to get the approval of your gynecologist that you can start exercising. Initially, the training should not last more than thirty minutes, three to four times a week. You can start some light treadclimber exercises. Probably, you’re still not prepared for going to the gym so buying a treadclimber for the home workout is always a good investment because it can be a benefit for the whole family... After three months of childbirth, you can start with a more intense workout, but you need to keep in mind that our body is still recovering.

​How to choose your exercises

​How to choose your exercises

In the first part of your recovery, it is very important that you listen to your body and not strive for a quick boost of your fitness level. Your goal should be to enhance the recovery of pelvic muscles as well as the deep muscles of the abdomen. It is very important not to do classic abdomen endurance exercises, as well as all the exercises that put extra pressure on the muscles of the stomach and lower back.

Various fast walking techniques are used to achieve weight reduction. In addition, the entire complex of ground floor exercises is based on the principle of resistance and hydraulics. Go for a light walk or use a treadmill. Your training should end with specific stretching exercises, after which you will feel more energy, which, with a cheerful mood, is a sign that the exercises were appropriate.

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​Baby and exercise

Of course, you can exercise during breastfeeding, but the intensity of your workout must be moderate. You should always breastfeed your baby before training. Sufficient fluid and nutrient intake are important. As time goes on and you slowly start improving your fitness level, your training will also become more demanding.

As the baby grows so does your selection of exercises, because after three months your child can be an active participant. In the fourth to sixth month (which is a turning point if you persist) your results will rapidly start to show because of all that exercise. That is why it is very important not to give up. During this period you will feel the taste of victory by being able to fit into your old jeans again.​

​The most effective exercise is from 5 to 10 months postpartum

​Intense training is not recommended in the first 4 months because of the potential harmful impact on your body and lactation quality. That is why it is very important for women who intend to return to their previous weight to take advantage of the period between the 5th and 10th months. The experience of losing weight at this interval is fantastic. After 10 months, the return to physical status before pregnancy is more difficult.

​In practice, this means that after 10 months, it will take you much more time to achieve a massive reduction in your weight, and it will take longer to make the muscle fibers compact. If you start light exercises earlier, you will have enough energy and strength for all obligations that follow in the life of childbirth.

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​Don’t start too early

​Don’t start too early

Although physical activity is generally good for health, doing exercises the wrong way, especially when the body is weak after childbirth, can do more harm than good. Some women feel they have to lose their weight and tighten their belly immediately after giving birth. It is because they see all those celebrities who have allegedly succeeded in doing so. Because of this, they do endurance training, tummy tucks and similar training that can exacerbate certain conditions resulting from pregnancy - for example, abdominal muscle splitting.

​Every pregnancy, whether a woman gives birth naturally or by cesarean section, puts pressure on her pelvic muscles and potentially damages them. Therefore, no woman should do intense training for at least four months after giving birth. But with light exercises, you can start almost right away.

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