23 Things That Will Change After Having a Baby

Our lives really do a 360 when we have children! All the things that are a priority prior to having children no longer seem that important.

We certainly grow up quickly and learn to be selfless. All the decisions we make have an impact on our children and the way they grow up.

Be at peace with the changes and learn to love them.


Our bodies

There is likelihood that it’ll never be the same again. The sooner we come to grips with this, the happier it will tend to make us.

A good diet and plenty of exercise will help to lose the excess weight. It is however, the width of our hips, belly and breasts that will take collateral damage. Learn to love your body and appreciate it for the strong remarkable thing it is!



Your clothing is likely to change particularly if you are a stay at home mom. You will tend to opt for comfortable everyday clothing and save you nice things for special occasions.

This doesn’t mean that your comfortable clothes need to be frumpy. Comfortable everyday clothes can be stylish and cool too.


Heels get traded in for flats.


You will tend to trade your Victoria Secrets bras in for nursing bras.

Nursing bras have come a long way in recent years. Don’t feel like you have to compromise and settle for grandma bras! Nursing bras can actually be beautiful and fun to wear. You will feel the extra lift, shape and support in a quality maternity bra.

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You are likely to opt for comfortable briefs. The sexy G-strings and lacey underwear will be saved for date night.



You are likely to start looking after yourself better after having a child. You need to live a long healthy life and need to be strong.


You will be more diligent with health check ups.

Me time

You will have little me time.

It is important however, to make sure you do put some time aside each day to reward yourself and to do things that make you happy.


Your priorities will change. Your day will revolve around your family and in particular your children.

New routine

Getting into a routine early on will help to reduce stress levels and will help to create a safe and secure environment for your children.

A routine will also help to keep you sane.



Your relationship with your partner will change. You will have less alone time with each other.

It is important to keep date night and to remind each other how much they mean to you.


Your friendship circles will change. You tend to gravitate towards other like-minded people, who tend to have children too. Your single childless friends will still be important to you, but less time will be spent with them as your interests do evolve.


Your relationship with your parents will change. You will probably develop a newfound respect.

Less sleep

You will learn to function on less sleep and to take catnaps in the day where possible.

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No need for an alarm

Your baby and young child will wake you up bright and early.

Be silly

You have the perfect excuse to be silly and indulge in a little make believe.


Christmas, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny bring on a new meaning as you enjoy the wonder your children will experience.

Stay in

Your idea of a fabulous night is a quiet night on the sofa watching a movie.


You watch the same G-rated movies over and over again.


You listen to nursery rhymes and abc’s


You indulge less in novels and more in bedtime stories.


You trade your two-door sports car in for a family friendly wagon.



Your priorities will change and that trendy apartment close to the city suddenly becomes less desirable.

Moving to the suburbs has charm and some real advantages.

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